Brussa Caorle – Fat Bike in Valle Vecchia

Valle Vecchia, is a beautiful nature reserve where you can see pine forests and sandy beaches. Take a fat bike tour around this unique wetland area created by man reclaiming land from the lagoon!


  • A fun way to explore this unique wetland habitat!
  • Relax on the warm white sand!
  • Have a delicious seafood lunch!



Tour prices (includes rental Fat Bike + Guide / instructor / service + cleaning of Fat Bike, bike helmet, transfers if required):

With private transfer from Venice

  • Traditional fat Bike: € 60.00 / person.
  • Electric Fat Bike: €  70,00 / person

Tour without private transfer

  • Traditional fat Bike: € 50.00 / person.
  • Electric Fat Bike: €  60,00 / person

Other practical information

Duration of the tour: 2 hours and 30 min. about
Distance traveled in Fat Bike: 15 km
Experience with a minimum of 4 people, maximum 10 people.
The Fat Bike will be directly available in the start point of the tour.
With a surcharge of 15 € you can also rent a Fat Bike assisted (electric) high quality (mod. Fat Bike of Fantic, Sport version)
For children under 15 years, according to current law, it is unauthorized rental of electric bikes, but conventional;
Experience suitable for children over 12 years.
Experience you can include a private transfer from Venice to the Old Valley, to go to the meeting point of the yolks. The travel from Venice to Valle Vacchia is about 1h drive.

Spoken Languages

  • Italian
  • English

Included / Excluded

Included :

– Rental Fat High Quality Bike.
– Guide / Official Bike instructor.
– Helmet for bicycle.
– Care and cleaning of the bike.

On request:
-Transfer Private from Venice to Valle Vecchia around trip.

Excluded :

– Fish launch (about 15 to 20.00 EURO / person) drinks not included.
– All that is not explicitly referred to as “inclusive.”

Sales Conditions

In case of bad weather you can contact the instructor to select another date.
In the event of cancellation by the customer the refund will be 80% of the total out within 48 h before; no refund in case of No-show or last minute cancellation.


from April to October


2 h and 30 min more or less


  • Child Friendly
  • Private Experience

A great thing to do when you visit venice and the veneto region is to take a bike tour in the surrounding countryside. The vale vecchia, is a natural oasis between the lagoons of Caorle and Bibione. It offers a landscape that is still unique today, just a short distance from the Adriatic coast.
One of the notable geographical features of the Veneto region, are the many “wetland” areas. In fact, its numerous rivers, flowing into the lagoon, create many wildlife oases between the lagoon and the sea. Just the mix of fresh and salt water, typical of the lagoon, creates a unique ecosystem, where very rare species of animals and birds come to breed every year. Welcome to Vallevecchia!

Brussa Caorle -the valevecchia reserve

The Vallevecchia wildlife oasis is located between the Tagliamento and Livenza rivers. Here there are 4 km of sandy beach and completely unspoilt natural coastline. These are completely natural areas where humans and nature are in harmony.
In Veneto, agriculture has played a fundamental role in the economy. This is especially true for past generations. Signs of past human settlements are the casoni: typical straw houses used by farmers and fishermen, both for housing and work.

Part of this area is still dedicated to agriculture today, helping to maintain the equilibrium of this fragile ecosystem. The land covered by brackish water has been made cultivable by land reclamation. The soil is sandy and clayey and is often flooded again.
This tour will take you through different environments  including sandy dunes, marsh and pine forest in among more cultivated areas.
This varied environment makes the area rich in birdlife and is ideal for the keen birdwatcher.


How to get to the valevecchia reserve.

The valevecchia nature reserve is in Caorle in the area of castello di brussa or Brussa village.It is very close to the town as the crow flies but as it is separated by the lagoon’s source called the Canalon  you have to travel 43km in order to reach this oasis by land! But you will see it is worth it!

Vallevecchia is an island which covers about 900 hectares of landand is surrounded by the waters of the sea, the lagoon and the rivers. These water sources come together to create a complex but highly interesting ecosystem. valevecchia  is the perfect getaway for people who love nature, peace and quiet, plus it has a beautiful, natural, sandy, beach!

What you will see at valevecchia

This area was once all lagoon; and it was only after it was drained and the land reclaimed in the 1960s that an island was formed. It is the one remaining stretch of the high-Adriatic coastline to not be inhabited and it is separated from the urbanised world by a unique dune system which we must all help preserve. Take the chance to explore it by bicycle, crossing the fields, the dunes and the pine-woods. Great bird-watching spots are in abundance and you may catch a glimpse of the many non-migratory and migratory bird species, including the red heron and the mallard. Look out for the animal community too,including the fox, the hare and the roe deer. The salty waters are also inhabited by a species of eel which is masterfully prepared on the spit by local fishermen: the Italian name of the dish is “bisato al speo”.

Brussa, fat bike beach

If you are looking for an excursion further afield from Venice or if you are on the Venetian coast, this experience is perfect for you. Treat yourself to a day of cycling, on a ‘fat bike’ in the località di brussa. A fat bike is an off road bike with oversized tyres designed for riding across soft terrain like the marshes of the lagoon!  We will be exploring a border area between Veneto and Friuli. Heading right is all you need to do to find yourself in in Friuli. Fruili is an area of the Veneto with its own particular cultural and historical identity.

The Fat Bike Tour lasts about 2 hours and 30 minutes.
The meeting point is scheduled at the entrance to the oasis. On your bike you will cross the natural environments that the valley offers: the pine forest, the wildlife oasis and the lagoon. This cycle tour itinerary will allow you to observe natural landscapes of rare beauty: huge sand dunes, sunsets in the lagoon, and vibrant colours.
This tour is paradise for nature lovers,as well as for cycling buffs!  
During the tour you can do “birdwatching” or stop at the beach to take a dip in its crystal clear waters. Pick up a bit of a tan and relax in the warm white sand.
The Tour ends on a gourmet note. You will try an authentic local lunch, based on fish in a local tavern. Do not miss the chance to taste spaghetti with fresh clams or crispy fried fish.


We can be flexible!

Would you like a personalized tour, or to go at another time? Do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to help you!

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