Canyoning Dolomites – Enjoy Val Zemola!

A fun summer activity for everyone that will allow you to walk down beautiful rocky canyons through long water corridors, natural slides and pools of emerald water! You will dive from waterfalls in the pristine and fascinating environment of Val Zemola, a few kilometers from Belluno!


  • You can descend the valleys through waterfalls and streams, following the path of water!
  • To have fun in total safety, thanks to the assistance of expert mountain guides.
  • You will discover some of the most beautiful canyons in the Dolomites, right in the mountains of Belluno!



85 euros / per person

Other practical information

  • Val Zemola Canyoning is recommended only for advanced/expert canyoners!

It is necessary to send to the Guides the weight and height of each participant for the size of the wetsuits.
– Summer sportswear (it is necessary to bring a towel, swimsuit already worn and underwear change, a pair of sneakers to be able to wet, in addition to your own -no shoes- a plastic bag for wet clothing, contact lenses if with marked problems of vision)
– Please advise the Mountain Guide of any physical problems, allergies or other.

*The Alpine Guide has the right to interrupt the exit if the weather conditions are prohibitive to the continuation of the exit. In this case, the exit will be postponed until a date to be determined.
*In prolonged periods of absence of precipitation, the canyon is not accessible due to lack of water.

Spoken Languages

  • Italian
  • English

Included / Excluded

Included :

  • Accompanying Alpine Guide specialized in canyoning
  • Liability Insurance
  • Technical equipment (helmet, harness, wetsuit and neoprene socks, floating jacket).

Excluded :

  • Anything not expressly described above

Sales Conditions

In case of cancellation up to the last two days before the service, a penalty of 20% will be retained.
In case of cancellation within 48 hours before the date of booking of the experience, a refund with a penalty of 60% will be granted.
In case of bad weather, the experience will be postponed or refunded with a 5% deduction.
There is no refund in the case of NO-SHOW, which corresponds to a missed presence at the agreed place and time.


From June to October


4 hours


  • Sustainable

A truly unique experience, a canyoning trip which allows you to get in touch with the Dolomites as otherwise would not be possible. It is really fun to let go and follow the river of water that over time has carved real canyons on the side of the mountain, thanks to experienced mountain guides you can live this incredible experience. The canyoning in Val di Zemola will surprise you with its long waterway where you will find yourself facing, in complete safety, different natural obstacles: from long water corridors, to thunderous waterfalls, from rocky bottlenecks to emerald pools!

The Dolomites are a unique place in the world, declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The location is perfect because it is close to many other natural beauties to experience such as: Lake Garda the largest lake in Italy, Tre cime di Lavaredo one of the most photographed mountain peaks in the world and The Road of 52 Tunnels a foot path which winds through the mountains via 52 individual tunnels!

Canyoning Dolomites in Val Zemola: dive into a new adventure!

We will never tire of telling you how many surprises and wonders the Dolomites have in store for you, adventurous minds, sportsmen, or simply nature lovers and tireless observers.

Not far from Belluno, reachable in two hours from Venice, Val Zemola is another of our places of the heart. We offer you a canyoning route a short distance from the Vajont dam. Water and mountain lovers will be delighted.

 “The excitement of being able to embark on an adventure, surrounded by nature and immersed in water is something simply unique!”

Canyoning Dolomites: immerse yourself in a natural water park!

The activity is structured in three distinct parts: the first part is technical with some short differences in level, the second easier in one of the most beautiful rocky corridors of the north-east and the third challenging, with its rocky arches: real natural sculptures!

Once equipped with the technical equipment to practice canyoning, you will walk along a flat stretch until you reach the beginning of the gorge where you will find a long traverse in the middle of precipitous walls equipped with wire ropes. From here the descent begins with short descents and a few dives, until you reach an environment of only rock and water. Towards the end you can see the bridge of S. Romedio, which owes its name to the homonymous sanctuary on the rock in turn surrounded by breathtaking views of the Val di Non.

Here the valley opens and will begin the last part where you will pass under two rocky arches and you will make 4 characteristic descents, finding yourself at the end of the adventure. If the nature of the canyon does not allow it, or if you do not want to make a possible jump, you will be lowered safely with the rope of the mountain guide, who will be at your disposal throughout the path.

“It’s an experience for everyone that allows you to enjoy the beauty of the mountain from a completely new perspective!”

Useful information:

  • Val Zemola Canyoning is recommended only for advanced/expert canyoners!
  • A minimum of water is required. On the descent, no more than one metre of water is required.
  • Difficulty of the route: Easy
  • Experience from a minimum of 2 people to a maximum of 15
  • To arrange a transfer from the train station, please contact us!
  • As soon as the purchase confirmation has been received, you will be asked to send an e-mail to the weight and height guides of each participant for the wetsuit size and to inform the Alpine Guide of any physical problems, allergies or other.

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