Da Vinci Venice exhibition: “Authentic Human Bodies. Leonardo da Vinci”

Leonardo da Vinci Palazzo Zaguri

Palazzo Zaguri in Venice once again has got an amazing exhibition program! From May 2019 Leonardo da Vinci lands in the Doges city. The drawings of the great Renaissance master are displayed in a manner they have never been before! Exclusively for the exhibition “Authentic Human Bodies. Leonardo da Vinci”, anatomy sketches in flesh and blood will be displayed, thanks to the use of the academic technique of plastination. A new episode of Real Bodies hosted in the rooms of a Venetian palace of the fourteenth century will bewilder and captivate you with unexpected and unusual works. The combination of scientific techniques, comparative anatomy, medical studies, drawing and proportion are the basis of this original and unique project. Come celebrate the 500th anniversary of Leonardo da Vinci with this incredible exhibition!

Moreover until September, with the same ticket you can visit the exhibition “From Kandinsky to Botero. All in a Strand“: a word premiere event that present extraordinary works, created throughout the Twentieth Century.

Leonardo Da Vinci in Venice

Leonardo da Vinci has already been hosted in Venice on several occasions–at the Accademia Gallery, the Leonardo da Vinci Museum, and the Scuola Grande di San Rocco, in Campo San Barnaba. We have already seen his collection of extremely innovative machines for his time, as well as the Vitruvian man among others. And who doesn’t remember his paintings such as the Last Supper, the Virgin of the Rocks, the Battle of Anghiari? At Palazzo Zaguri you will not see any of this, for this exhibition aims at being original and authentic. And Palazzo Zaguri’s Venice Exhibition met this goal! Leonardo’s drawings take shape thanks to the technique of plastination, used at the University of Anatomy since the nineties for endoscopy. Ancient sketches become real. Indeed, real parts of human bodies filled with silicone concretely translate the studies of the great Florentine genius from the sheet of paper to three-dimensional anatomic objects. Are you ready to live this befuddling experience between drawing and science?

Leonardo da Vinci in a Venice exhibition at Palazzo Zaguri Da vinci Venice authentic bodies

Once again, Palazzo Zaguri shows us that it aims a being innovative and atypical with the exhibition “Authentic Human Bodies. Leonardo da Vinci” and pays a tribute to the great intellectual of the Italian Renaissance, who has anticipated major scientific discoveries centuries ahead. In this exhibition, scientific studies on the human body are combined with a strong desire for knowledge! Just as Leonardo once shocked his contemporaries with graphic images of unborn human foetuses, internal organs and details that reveal the complexity of the human body from within, the exhibition at Palazzo Zaguri unsettles the visitors and leaves them speechless, through a journey during which the preparatory drawings of the great master become reality in flesh and blood. So it is not a virtual reality but a unique and original Real Body project about human life, studied through corpses. About 500 years later, Leonardo Da Vinci still manages to be the starting point for new studies, new ideas in which art and science coexist! Do you want to know more? Get a ticket to understand closely how anatomy and art combine together in a single exhibition!

Da vinci venice exhibition

Tips to reach the Da Vinci Venice exhibition

Palazzo Zaguri is located at the heart of Venice, in the Sestiere di San Marco, not far from St Mark’s square. You can reach the exhibition on foot or take the vaporetto line 1 and go down at stop Santa Maria del Giglio or line 2, stop Accademia. The Palace towers on Campo San Maurizio with its 5 floor height, so you probably won’t have trouble finding it! The exhibition is open every day from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.. Visitors will be welcomed until 7 p.m. You can purchase tickets at the entrance, or online directly from the site. The ticket is valid until the end of the exhibition! If you are in a group or a school you can benefit of group discounts and educational tours.

Did you know that until September there is another exclusive exhibition held at Palazzo Zaguri? Come and discover From Kandinsky to Botero. All in a Thread”!