Deer mating season in Cansiglio – Excursions

Fall is an exciting time of the year during which visitors can watch one of nature’s great spectacles, that is to say, deer as they engage in fierce mating battles from dusk till dawn.


Si assiste al spettacolo della natura che si manifesta




Deer Mating Season Experience (adult):
1. Evening excursion (lesson and field glasses included): € 25 pp
2. Evening excursion + Excursion at dawn (lesson and field glasses included): € 42 pp

Supper at local restaurant/farm (adult):
1. Simple typical menu base (starter, choice of first or second course, side dish, coffee, beverage): € 22 pp
2. Refined typical menu (starter, first and second courses, side dish, coffee, beverage, dessert): € 35 pp

Accommodation at local hotel facilities (adult):
1. One bed in shared room: € 30 pp
2. One bed in private room: € 42 pp

Rates for kids (from 6 to 11 y.o.):
1. Excursion: € 6 pp
2. Supper: € 12 pp
3. Accommodation: € 18 pp

Optional activities for day 2:
1. Guided natural history tour of the Cansiglio forest: € 20 pp
2. Guided visit of museums or Alpino di Tambre Botanical Garden (entrance ticket not included): € 10 pp
3. Picnic basket of local baked products at Santa Croce Lake: € 12 pp

If you are a photographer or a wildlife enthusiast looking for a customized experience, please contact us to get an estimate!

Other practical information

– We strongly suggest week days Monday to Friday to enjoy the activity the most, as weekends are becoming pretty popular to make this activity.
– Suitable for kids from 6 y.o. Minors must be accompanied by an adult.
– Dogs or any pets are absolutely forbidden.
– The activity will take place even in case of drizzle; guides may decide to cancel the excursion or propose another itinerary/observation spot based on weather conditions.
– You must bring a flashlight/headlamp at evening excursions. We suggest you bring your own binoculars as well.
– Transportation from the Meeting point to excursion Starting point is not included.
– Accommodation and supper are planned at our hotel partners according to availability.

Spoken Languages

  • Italian

Included / Excluded

Included :

Guides accompanying the group.
Field glasses (can be to share among participants in case of groups).

Excluded :

Pick-up service (paid separately).
Supper, accommodation.
Anything that is not specified in the “Included” section.

Sales Conditions

Should you cancel the experience up to 48 hours before the excursion, a 30% fee will be withheld on agreed rate.
There will be no refund in case of a NO SHOW, i.e. not attending the experience at the time and place agreed for the experience to be carried out, or for any further cancellation.


15 September - 21 October 2018. Variable schedule, starts around 4-5 pm (mid-September/end of October). For excursion at dawn, from 5.30 am to 7 am


1h 30min or more


  • Child Friendly

Deer Mating Season in Cansiglio – From September to October

The Cansiglio area is a plateau with one of the best preserved forests in Triveneto; therefore, it is the ideal place where mature stags meet during rut at fall to bellow at other males and fight each other. Mating with as many females as possible is an incredible challenge that translates into very typical deep loud roars. Fierce battles also take place, often at dusk when deer are most active, although these can continue all night long!

From September to October join other walkers and deer watchers and witness one of nature’s great spectacles.

The best time to watch the deer is just after dawn and at dusk. Of course, the more you’ll keep quiet, the higher your chance to observe them, since deer are easily disturbed. Being herbivores and natural preys to great predators, they are vigilant and nervous animals.

Experience The Deer Mating Season in Cansiglio!

Evening Excursion

Late in the afternoon, meet your guide for an introduction on deer behaviour and habitat. Then leave for an excursion at dusk to hide and watch quietly for the action to unfold while listening to deer bellow. Field glasses rental included, but in case of groups they could be for share, so we sugget to bring yours if you have them. 

Evening Excursion + Excursion at Dawn

In addition to the evening excursion, there can also be an excursion at dawn, still with our guides, to continue with the observation and listening to the deers.

Typical Supper, accommodation at Local Facilities 

It is possible to book a typical supper at a local restaurant or farm, featuring a simple menu or a more refined one. Don’t forget to ask for the kids’ menu! You have decided to spend the night in the area to attend the excursion at dawn? You will find plenty of hotel facilities in Cansiglio or Alpago areas where to rest and have a generous breakfast!

Visit The Cansiglio Area!

Following the excursion at dawn, you will have the whole day to discover the area! You will find guided natural history tours of the spectacular Cansiglio forest, or guided visit of Alpino di Tambre Botanical Garden. You can also spend the day exploring the woods of Alpago or organize a picnic by Santa Croce Lake with the best local typical products!

Transportation Services

You can reach the Cansiglio area in various ways. Should you arrive by train or bus in Vittorio Veneto or Conegliano, you can ask the pick-up service to take you to your destination.

Photographers and enthusiasts

You can request a customized excursion, for example if you are a photographer or a fan, especially during the week, by letting us know your needs.

Deer Mating Season – Suggestions for a Successful Observation Experience:

The excursion lasts 1 h 30 m or more, based on the evening, level of animal disturbance, and temperature. You will usually walk the minimum distance to reach an observation spot. The ground is quite rough and uneven and you need to bring a flashlight (or headlamp) for the last section in the dark. Bring warm clothes as it might be cold and humid. Keep in mind that the activity will take place even in case of rain! We suggest wearing many layers since you might adopt a still position for up to an hour while hiding. To increase your chances of seeing animals, here are a few tips to follow:

  • Avoid making any noise; we recommend wearing wool, which provides warmth and a good insulation, rather than technical clothing. Down jackets and windbreakers are NOT recommended.
  • Shoes need to be appropriate for outdoor excursions and muddy ground.
  • Do not wear coloured clothes, but rather dark colours such as blue, black, brown, grey and green that won’t be noticed by the animals.
  • Avoid wearing perfume and garments washed with fabric softener (leave what you will wear outside in the open air for a few days).
  • Mute your devices (cameras, cell phones, etc.) and do not use any flash.
  • Should you have a cold or a cough, plan ahead and bring anything that can relieve the symptoms.
  • Try to make as little noise as possible while walking to the observation spot, step on the grass, and keep your voice down.

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