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Isole di Venezia

San Francesco del Deserto island - Excursions from Burano

from 11.00 €
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Venezia centro storico

Venice sightseeing Tours - Discover the marvels of Venice

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Treviso, Asolo e le colline del prosecco

Rent yourself a Vespa and enjoy the enchanting Prosecco hills!

from 69.00 €
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Good to know
17 febbraio 2017
Venice Carnival: Once upon a time…
Il Leone di San Marco, simbolo della Serenissima

We all know what the Venice Carnival is. However, since traditional Carnival masks have quite an ancient look, we can imagine that the event dates back to past centuries. But

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Things to do
1 febbraio 2017
Venice Carnival 2017
Carnevale di Venezia 2017: credit to Diana Skok Corridori

Venice Carnival 2017: don’t miss the party of the year! A true enchanted city is hosting the greatest Italian event with its calli and campi packed with people wearing modern and traditional masks and

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Discovering Venice & Veneto
14 giugno 2016
With the eye of VivoVenetia

Venice, the “unlikely” city, should inspire itself from its history and inhabitants’ culture in order to achieve, once again, the impossible: build a new cooperation model, not only to protect

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