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Evening in Venice – Tours, dinner and concert – experience the city at its best!

A romantic dinner, a gondola ride and a lovely concert! Discover what the city has to offer by night, customize your evening according to your taste and spend an exciting night in Venice!


A range of options to choose from

A chance to experience the city after dark

Something for everyone to enjoy!


There are many things to do in venice at night we can offer you a number of Venice tours to choose from. Venice is a city of passion and there are a whole range of  options that you can choose to share in order to spend a truly unique evening!

For hundreds of years, Venice has been a popular destination for music lovers; between the early 16th century and the close of the 18th century in particular, the city was world-renowned for its operas, extravagant masquerade balls, sublime church choirs and master composers such as Antonio Vivaldi and Claudio Monteverdi. As one Frenchman of the 17th century remarked, “in every home, someone is playing a musical instrument or singing.  There is music everywhere.” Today, Venice is still alive with the sound of music, thanks to the many palaces, churches and theatres that still regularly stage all kinds of concerts.

Venice is famous for its classical music concerts which often take place in her grand historic buildings.If you are a live music fan, why not attend a classical music concert played by the most famous orchestra in town, in a beautiful Baroque church which is now a concert venue.


Gondola ride at night

If you are looking for romance then there is no more romantic way to spend an evening than on a private gondola ride. The venetian gondolier will show you the city by night navigating the narrow waterways which are quieter after dark. When the city and its beautiful buildings are lit up at night and those lights are reflected in the water of the grand canal as you glide by,  it is a probably one of the most magical and romantic experiences in the world to experience.This is  a very special venice tour.

Venice cuisine

Venice can be also quite surprising gastronomically speaking; if you want to try a dinner made of specialities di venezia.  Places we recommend to you are frequented  by Venetians themselves, and you will get dinner at a special price! There is obviously lots of seafood available as venice sits on the water. Sardines in saor (a kind of sweet and sour sauce) is one local dish, Baccala mantacato is another. This is a dish of creamed dried cod which is prepared by soaking poaching and blending the fish into a mousse seasoned with olive oil and pepper. but there are plenty of others for you to try. You will also want to try chicetti a kind of Italian tapas which are offered in bacari, the wine bars of venice.

If you’re lucky enough to be visiting during the Carnevale (Carnival) period, then you must try fritole, which are sweet pastry fritters traditionally prepared and eaten as part of the festivities before Lent. Made with a rich batter consisting of flour, eggs, butter, milk, sugar, pine nuts and raisins, they are molded in balls, deep fried in oil and dusted with sugar. Highly recommended for those with a sweet tooth!

Choose your activities and customize your evening!

At 6 pm: Tour in a private gondola (min. 2 persone). Length 30 min. Available at other times on request. Departure from Accademia bridge.

At 7 pm: Dinner, choose between  pizzerias (St. Mark’s area).

At 9 pm: Classical music concert. Duration 1h30. In San Vidal Church, nearby Accademia Bridge.


Would you like to add some extra activities to your evening in Venice? Check the weekly calendar below:

You may want to try alternative evening in venice. Venice at night is beautiful but it can be a spooky place too! Every Tuesday at 8 pm: our Ghost tour in Venice (duration 2 h),is a hair-raising experience during which you will find out about Venice’s darker side. Murder, jealousy and witchcraft are all part of venice myths and legends and you will walk the streets of venice perhaps in st marks square or past the doges palace after dark and learn about the stories of what happened there many years ago. After this Ghost tour, you will never look at Venice the same way!


On Thursday and Friday at 7 pm: Dinner and concert in a Venetia palazzo (duration 3 h). In the heart of Venice, an exclusive and elegant  experience awaits you: listening to a Jazz or classical music concert played by top musicians while enjoying a deliciously traditional Italian dinner!Venice Music Gourmet is an event that combines the excellence of traditional Italian cuisine and a repertoire of classical music performed by internationally known musicians. Experience the distinguished and elegant atmosphere of a soirée the way noble Venetians would during the Golden Age of the Serenissima Republic, surrounded by artworks and history.


Are you spending your holidays at the beach?

You can spend the evening in Venice thanks to local ACTV transportation means. ACTV Route 14 San Marco – Punta Sabbioni ferry operates until midnight.

To get to Jesolo and Cavallino, buy a Quickly combo ticket that combines a ride on Route 14 towards Punta sabbioni (until 10.50 pm) ferry and an ATVO night bus ride towards the beaches. Get more information on Quickly here: Lido di Jesolo from Cavallini

See our night tours:




    Classical music concert: 31 €/person
    Gondola ride: 60 €/person
    Dinner at a pizzeria: 22 €/person


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    Pizzeria dinner includes your menu choice of 1 first course or 1 pizza or 1 salad meal + dessert + 1 drink (1/2 l water or 20 cl beer or ¼ l wine) + service.

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    Anything that is not specified in the “Included” section.

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