VIVO srl, legally represented by the natural person Dr Rousset, Cecile Anne, which offices are located at Via Ca’ Rossa 93/A, 30173 Venezia Mestre, (P. Iva 04383730274), is registered at the Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Craftsmanship and Agriculture of Venice (C.C.I.A.A.) Rea n.: VE-381160, PEC:, hereinafter called “VivoVenetia”, is a travel agency “VIVO EXPERIENCE” n.2466/2017, prot. n.54056 del 20/06/2017, with policy insurance Europ Assistance N.9379885.

VivoVenetia organize and sells its own services and advertises and promotes offers regarding events, leisure and cultural services provided by its selected Partners (hereinafter also called “Suppliers”) (for example, theatres, museums, craftsmen, official tourist guides, associations, cooperatives, travel agencies, tour operators, incoming operators, etc.) to consumers who can proceed with booking and purchase steps for the chosen services through the multilingual Web platform and the connected Web sites. 
The present General Terms and Conditions regulate the use of our multilingual Web platform and connected sites by consumers (hereinafter also called “Users”, “Registered Users”, “Visitors” or “End Consumers”), by defining the respective rights and obligations as well as the relationship between the Web platform Users, who book offers, and the Partners who provide them.
We strongly recommend you to carefully read the content of these General Terms and Conditions, since they apply to all our services offered online, by email and by any other communication means.
The present Terms of Service and Use of the Web platform and connected sites must be accepted, without exception and/or modification and/or addition by registered users and buyers, and/or third parties recipient of purchased service on VivoVenetia and its connected sites. Possible amendments to the present General Terms and Conditions will be notified through posting on the Web platform and connected sites, and will apply only to agreements settled after they took effect, unless the amendments to the platform are due to technological updates.

VivoVenetia, by means of its own multilingual Web platform ( and connected sites, allows Suppliers of events as well as leisure and cultural services that operate on the Veneto territory, and that are carefully selected and duly bound by a proper agreement with VivoVenetia, to promote and advertise their offers to Visitors of its Web platform and connected sites, and allows Visitors to book such offers.
Signing up for the Web platform and connected sites will provide access to a large amount of information about the services offered by local Suppliers from Veneto, who will provide their ID and contacts.
Any booking done by a Visitor will result in a contractual obligation between the Visitor and the Supplier of chosen offer that will be legally binding.
Visitors are aware that from their very first access to VivoVenetia’s Web platform and connected sites, VivoVenetia will act exclusively as an intermediary between them and the Suppliers, and will have no further obligations than to send them the booking details and an email confirmation for and on behalf of the Supplier.
VivoVenetia takes on the role of service promoter and advertiser between Visitors/End Consumers and Partners, and does not accept any further obligations. VivoVenetia is neither a contracting party of said legal obligation between Partners and End Consumers, nor does it recommend, promote or support any offer, in terms of quality, service level, or reliability, as its role is exclusively limited to the activity of providing Consumers with offers regarding events, leisure and cultural services, in Veneto.
In order to perform its promotional services, VivoVenetia will disclose Supplier data at its disposal, which contain service details; Suppliers are solely responsible of such data at any time, regarding the accuracy, completeness, precision and legitimacy of contents, including rates and availability viewed on the Web site of VivoVenetia and its connected sites. To this end, each Supplier commits explicitly, under their full and exclusive responsibility, to providing timely updates in case of change regarding dates previously communicated to VivoVenetia. 
Similarly, VivoVenetia will not be held responsible for any mistakes (including typos and obvious errors), service disruption due to failure (temporary and/or partial), repair, upgrade or maintenance of the Web site or other, inaccurate, misleading or false information, or lack of delivery.
Therefore, all Partners are given access to an extranet network (back office or reserved area), for which they are entirely responsible for what concerns the update of rates, availability and other information viewed on the Web platform of VivoVenetia and its connected sites.
The services offered by VivoVenetia are available exclusively for a personal, and not a commercial use. Hence, reselling, using, copying, adding, downloading or reproducing, in whole or in part, content, information, software, product or service available through the platform is not permitted  for any type of activity with a commercial or competitive purpose, except for individuals duly authorized by VivoVenetia. Visitors are informed that information provided on the Web platform of VivoVenetia and its connected sites in terms of terms of service, availability, timing as well as modification, cancellation and reimbursement depend on the Suppliers.

The services offered on the Web platform of VivoVenetia and its connected sites are intended for persons who have reached the age of majority and have the necessary legal capacity to book offers and accept in full these General Terms and Conditions and those published on the platform.

All services offered by VivoVenetia are valid at the proposed dates on the multilingual Web platform and connected sites at the time of booking. Booking date modifications may be performed independently by Visitors in their own reserved area, according to the modification/cancellation policy indicated by the Suppliers. For any other assistance, requests must be sent to Customer Care team of VivoVenetia at VivoVenetia will not add any extra charge for modifying a booking date and does not guarantee the outcome of such request and/or any future modification to the service. If you purchase a service using a VivoVenetia promotional code, or a service at a discount price, both discount and promotion could be cancelled due to the modification request.

VivoVenetia’s platform allows you to view their services without having to sign up. Services are described in details on their own individual page.
Should Visitors be interested in booking a service, they must agree to sign up for the site, create an account and accept the present General Terms and Conditions.  
They must also agree to provide personal data as well as current, complete and accurate information. Personal data and email must belong to the registering Visitor, and not to a third party. This prerequisite is necessary in order to avail yourself of VivoVenetia’s services and the proper performance of the chosen activity.
VivoVenetia reserves the right to refuse purchase orders/bookings, especially if they are not properly filled out.
Visitors are responsible for the privacy and use of their own password and account once registered. They are also responsible for any activity related to their account, and must advise VivoVenetia of any unauthorized use, or alleged use, of their account.
VivoVenetia reserves the unconditional right to terminate/suspend any account and restrict any further access to the Web platform and connected sites, in case of any illicit behaviour, adverse to the principles of good faith and honesty, that could possibly harm VivoVenetia and/or third parties.
Booking is confirmed after payment is made from the Web platform booking kit through an online system (with PayPal or a credit card). The amount will be credited to VivoVenetia, who collects payments in the name of and behalf of the Suppliers for their respective services.
An email confirmation stating that payment was successful will be sent to the Visitors. Upon request, Suppliers can issue a tax receipt or invoice directly to the Visitors, after supplying their services. VivoVenetia is not responsible for providing any tax documents; this falls to Suppliers as prescribed by law.
Upon payment, booking system will send an email confirmation of booking/purchase along with a COUPON that will include all details regarding the service as well as a U.B.C. (Unique Booking Code), which is an alphanumerical code identifying both booking and concerned third parties.
Once printed, the Coupon will need to be signed by the Visitor and handed over to the Supplier before the beginning of the activity. For practical reasons, at the Supplier’s own discretion, another possible option would be to display the Coupon on an electronic device (tablet, smartphone, etc.) and communicate the U.B.C.
For safety reasons, showing a valid ID could be required when handing over the Coupon. VivoVenetia shares all Visitors’ personal data and contacts with Suppliers. In case any damage is caused by Visitors to the Suppliers’ material means, infrastructure, furniture, or goods, or any other belongings, Visitors will be required to pay damages or deductible.
VivoVenetia will inform the respective Suppliers of any purchased activities. 

All cancellations made by Visitors must be performed on the booking Web platform at, in the reserved area, according to the aforementioned instructions. Cancellations that are not performed on the booking Web platform will be considered invalid.
Upon reimbursement of a cancelled activity, VivoVenetia will apply, in any case, a 20% penalty on the service price paid by Visitors for administrative, bank and management fees given that a date or a specific time to perform the activity is planned on purpose for any service promoted and purchased on the platform.
Cancellation and reimbursement policies are defined by each Supplier and reported in the activity profile. Cancellation and modification may not be allowed for certain special rates or promotions.
In the event that Suppliers do not respect the cancellation and reimbursement policies as defined in their activity profile, VivoVenetia will solicit the defaulting Suppliers for reimbursement. Should this prove inefficient, VivoVenetia will reimburse the Visitors the amount due within 30 business days from finding Suppliers in default. Moreover, VivoVenetia reserves the right to demand payback to the default Suppliers.
The following rules apply to count the number of days:
• The day on which the activity was planned does not count;
• Days start at 00.00 a.m. and ends at midnight according to the Italian time zone (GMT +1).
Any credit card payment that is revoked or not honoured before the purchased service is performed will be considered as a booking cancellation, and cancellation fees will apply. 
The service Suppliers of VivoVenetia are entitled to: a) cancel the activity without complying with the cancellation terms and conditions under external and unforeseen circumstances that prevent the activity from being properly performed; b) refuse to admit Visitors, or exclude them from an activity, if they are deemed unsuitable or if their participation can compromise the proper carrying out of the activity; c) slightly modify the program, if necessary, also due to unexpected events.  
For all above, the concerned Suppliers’ terms and conditions, and policies still apply as defined in their activity profile.

Visitors who book an activity on VivoVenetia’s Web platform and connected sites will agree to receive: (A) an email confirmation and a Coupon that includes all details regarding the purchased service; (B) an email notification about the activity when the date approaches; and(C) a post-event email follow-up from the Supplier, kindly inviting them to provide feedback on the service as well as share pictures and videos of their experience. For this purpose, Visitors are requested to read the Privacy Policy Terms and Conditions published on the platform ( well as related FAQ (

For any information during the pre-sale phase, VivoVenetia offers a dedicated multilingual customer service at For any question after purchasing an activity, Visitors will be provided with contact details on the Coupon or through further communications. It is also possible to contact VivoVenetia by phone at the following cell phone number: +39 392 666 9252.

The prices displayed on the platform are per person, unless otherwise specified, and in euros (€). Price conversion to other currencies will be done automatically, but the rate used may not correspond to the one charged on the Visitors’ credit card. Until booking is confirmed, prices and estimates may be subject to change without prior notification.
All rates published on the platform apply to the whole experience and include VAT, unless otherwise specified. They do not include tips, gratuities, and visitors’ tax; fees for passport and visas issuance, personal and luggage insurance, items of personal nature and any other item not clearly specified in the activity profile and promotion.
Offers on the platform can be proposed at a discount price. Such offers may be subject to restrictions and special conditions. Before booking such offers, Visitors are asked to carefully check the offer details for such conditions/restrictions.
Consumers are therefore invited to read carefully the terms of such discount price before proceeding with purchase.

In compliance with Law no 633/1941 and further amendments and additions, the contents, brands, logos, and data related to the intermediary role of the platform are the exclusive property of VivoVenetia. Registered Visitors with access to the platform expressly agree to comply with the present paragraph and declare to be aware of the consequences in case of breach.
For all above, any content displayed on the multilingual Web platform of VivoVenetia ( and connected sites are copyright protected (Copyright © 2015 VivoVenetia. All rights reserved). 

VivoVenetia authorizes Visitors to access and use the content displayed on its Web platform and connected sites exclusively for personal, and not for commercial purposes. Content and information displayed on this Web platform and connected sites are the exclusive property of VivoVenetia or its service providers and suppliers. Visitors agree not to modify any video or printed image of this content, which must always show the following mention: © 2015, VivoVenetia. All rights reserved. They also agree not to cancel or modify any copyright or intellectual property notification included in the platform content; not to reproduce, distribute or make public the content, excepting what is prescribed in the present General Terms and Conditions. Except for various regulations, reproduction, printing, and distribution of the platform content is strictly forbidden when performed without consent (request for consent should be sent to: Visitors commit explicitly to relieving VivoVenetia of any responsibility towards any individual using the site in a way that is not compliant with these General Terms and Conditions, and the Law. Visitors agree not to use this site for possible speculative, false or fraudulent requests, not to use robots or any other automated means to access this site, unless specifically authorized by VivoVenetia. Moreover, they certify that: (a) they have never been previously suspended by VivoVenetia; (b) they are not a direct competitor of VivoVenetia; (c) they do not, and did not, own more than one VivoVenetia account at any given time; (d) they have full authority to accept these General Terms and Conditions of service, and by doing so they do not breach any other contract they have accepted. They also commit to respecting the aforementioned elements in the future. In any case, users are not allowed to publish on the platform or share any illicit, offensive or slanderous content, content detrimental to the privacy, or advertising/soliciting third-party services. Visitors are also not permitted to limit or prevent another user from using the site, and post or make requests of commercial, religious and political nature whatsoever, including invitations to prefer other services that are potentially in competition with VivoVenetia’s services.

VivoVenetia as a mere service promoter and advertiser between Visitors/End Consumers and Partners is not a contracting party between Partners and End Consumers; therefore providing accurate information and performing purchased services are the Partners’ responsibilities, it being understood that upon any legal obligation, VivoVenetia will avail itself of an official travel agency’s technical assistance, with adequate third party civil liability insurance to cover for any damages related to the failure to perform, or failure to perform correctly, services that were purchased. Complete travel agency information, therein including any relevant information should the agency be part of a business network agreement with VivoVenetia, can be found in the footer of as well as in the Partners’ activity profile showing the chosen service offer.
In no event shall VivoVenetia be liable for any of the following damages: (a) loss of data; (b) loss of profits; (c) loss of business; (d) loss of opportunities; (e) loss of start-up or damage to reputation; (f) third-party loss; (g) any indirect, special, exemplary or consequential damages arising out of or in connection with the Visitors’ use or access of the VivoVenetia multilingual Web platform and connected sites, without regard to the form of action. 
In no event shall VivoVenetia be liable for any missed connection regarding clients’ itinerary, for injuries, damages, loss, incidents, delays or irregularity, responsibility or expenses related to people or belongings, due to any type, individual, carrier, company’s failure to comply, and providing services included in the services purchased through the platform. Moreover, VivoVenetia shall not be held responsible, in any way, for any disease, theft, dispute at work, breakdowns, political riots, and acts of war or terrorism, bad weather, vehicle malfunctions or for any possible cause out of its control. The services of VivoVenetia are provided to Visitors “AS IS” and “AS AVAILABLE”, as defined by the applicable Suppliers, and all liability and warranties, express or implied, are hereby disclaimed.

The VivoVenetia multilingual Web platform may contain third party links to other web sites. VivoVenetia has no direct control on such Web sites, which are completely independent. VivoVenetia cannot be held responsible for the content presented through such links. Third-party content and links are included solely for the convenience of Visitors and Users and do not constitute any approval, endorsement or warranty by VivoVenetia. Any linked web sites belong to, and are managed by their respective owner, that is to say independent Suppliers or service providers. Therefore, VivoVenetia cannot be held responsible for their services and terms of use.

The multilingual Web platform of VivoVenetia allows its Visitors to: (A) post or send information material or comments on their own experiences after purchasing services offered on the platform; (B) send booking requests to VivoVenetia for services that are not offered on the site, either by email or using the specific form, both for individuals or groups.
In particular, when it comes to sharing comments, pictures and videos, Visitors must accept that these items will be viewed on the Supplier’s profile page, on VivoVenetia’s app, accounts, social media, Supplier’s Web site and any other partner’s Web site in order to inform other service Users and Visitors about the quality of their experience.
By publishing comments, pictures and videos on the Web platform, you agree to: (A) grant VivoVenetia the right to use without restriction and at no charge your own comments, pictures and videos (Law n. 633/1941), at its sole discretion, and not to hold VivoVenetia liable for such use or disclosure. Such use of your comments, pictures and videos may be for any purpose whatsoever, in any medium and in any manner, including, but not limited to, reading, publication, translation, transmission, advertising and promotional activities by third parties authorized by you to VivoVenetia.
Comments that are inaccurate or irrelevant, or do contain illicit or offensive messages will be deleted, and VivoVenetia reserves the right to report them to the competent authorities, if provided for by law. VivoVenetia reserves the right to delete such comments without prior notice and further reasons, and to prevent the default Visitors from using the Web platform by deleting their account. In case of comments containing offensive, defamatory and illicit messages, VivoVenetia and the Suppliers concerned reserve the right to take legal action.
Visitors commit not to publish or distribute any content that is copyright protected, without the express consent of the owner of such copyright, and at the same time they accept from now on to absolve VivoVenetia of all liability and legal action for any breach of the aforementioned right.
VivoVenetia gives Visitors the possibility to send messages through its Web platform. It is absolutely forbidden to write messages of offensive or illegal nature. On this matter, VivoVenetia reserves the right to modify, at any time, the content of such messages, to change them into legal and inoffensive communications. In serious cases, VivoVenetia reserves the right to delete entirely the message, and carry out an inquiry in order to take proper legal action against the individuals who have breached these General Terms and Conditions.
The following messages from Visitors are considered illicit: messages that are clearly offensive towards the community; discriminatory; that promote racism, zealotry, hatred or physical violence against any groups or individuals; that contain ads, undesired mail or spam; that are insulting or defamatory; that contain instructions on illegal activities such as, for example, how to illegally manufacture or commercialize weapons or to create computer viruses, or that represent a breach of the right to privacy.

VivoVenetia uses an external booking system “booking kit” and is not responsible for interruption, modification or termination of the service.

These General Terms and Conditions as well as the services offered on the VivoVenetia multilingual Web platform and connected sites shall be construed, interpreted and performed exclusively according to the laws of Italy. Any dispute shall be filed only in the courts of Italy. The original Italian text of the present General Terms and Conditions as well as any other documentation published on the platform will be translated in other languages. In case of any dispute or inconsistency between the Italian text and any translation, the Italian text shall prevail and will be considered the conclusive version. Should any part or provision of these General Terms and Conditions be held unlawful, void, invalid or non-binding, that portion shall be deemed severable from these General Terms and Conditions and shall not affect the validity and enforceability of any remaining provisions.

VivoVenetia reserves the right to change, add or delete content, materials or information appearing on or in connection with this Site, including these General Terms and Conditions, at any time without notice to you, should it considers such change necessary for legal or technical reasons, or as a consequence of changes brought to the services offered or to the Web platform layout and connected sites. To this end, VivoVenetia will communicate such revisions by updating this posting, and their acceptance will be required, as prescribed by law.

This contract is governed by the laws of Italy. The parties hereby agree that any dispute arising out of or directly or indirectly relating to these General Terms and Conditions shall be construed, interpreted and performed exclusively according to the Italian laws, and filed only in the court of Venice, Italy, except for the provisions pertaining to the Consumers’ Forum as per the Italian Consumer Code (Legislative Decree 206 of 2005).

18 Privacy Information according to EU Regulation 2016/679 (“GDPR”)

The purpose of this document is to explain the ways in which VivoVenetia uses and manages the personal information of its Visitors / Final Customers in order to fully implement the current legislation aimed at protecting the Privacy pursuant the 2016/679 EU Regulation (“GDPR”). The following information refers to all the multilingual web platforms of VivoVenetia and the sites/services connected to it (,, newsletters, forums, social networks, partners, etc.) .


When you use our services, you accept that our company collects some of your personal data. This page is intended to tell you what data we collect, why and how we use it.

We treat two types of data:

Data provided by the user

If you are a private individual, when you register, enter or reply to an announcement, we ask you to provide us with some address, email and password details.

When you buy a service on the website, depending on the type of product purchased, we ask you to provide us with the following information: name, full address, tax code (for Italians) and telephone number.

Third party data

If you provide personal data of third parties, such as those of your family or friends (especially with the gift purchase mode) you must be sure that these subjects have been adequately informed and have consented to the related processing in the manner described by this statement.

Data of minors

If you are under the age of 18, you cannot provide us with any personal data and you cannot register with VivoVenetia, and in any case we do not assume any responsibility for any false statements that you provide.

Data that we collect automatically

We collect the following data using the services you use:

technical data: eg IP address, browser type, information on your computer, data on the current (approximate) position of the instrument you are using; data collected using cookies or similar technologies: for more information, please visit the “Cookies” section. Your data is stored on a server in France (OVH).

The data you provide within our booking system are managed by the regiondo platform.


We use the data collected to offer you our service, to inform you about our business activities or to offer you a more personalized service.

18.2.1. To guarantee access to our services and their provision

We use them for:

• registration and creation of your reserved area

• communications related to the provision of the service

• messaging between you, vivovenetia and its partners (Messages)

• contact with our information service and through the Chat feature

• activities of administrative, financial or accounting nature, such as those relating to the purchase of services, for which we must issue a regular invoice.

These treatments are necessary to properly deliver our services.

We also use your data to improve and implement the service, through the following treatments:

detection of your current position (approximate) to facilitate the viewing of events / experiences in your vicinity on the map published on the site communications related to services similar to those used by you market research, and activities to measure the degree of user satisfaction. These treatments are based on the legitimate interest of the Data Controller (see point 3.1) and you can object at any time.

The provision of personal data is mandatory only for the processing necessary for the provision of services offered by Vivovenetia. The provision of data is optional for promotional and profiling purposes

18.2.2. To inform you about our business activities

We use the data collected, if you have expressly provided your consent, to inform you about promotional activities that may interest you by email, phone calls, newsletters, through our customer service and after-sales services.

We also do data analysis such as detection of the number of open emails, clicks made on links within the communication, the type of device used to read the communication and the related operating system or the list of unsubscribed to the newsletter.

18.2.3. For profiling purposes

We process the data collected, if you have expressly provided your consent, to analyze your habits or consumption choices in order to propose an increasingly personalized service in line with your interests and to improve our commercial offer.


18.3.1. Data controller

The personal data holder is “Vivo SRL” in the person of the legal representative Dott.ssa Rousset Cecile Anne (C.F .: RSSCLN80R61Z110N in 30172 Venezia Mestre, via paruta 26 (C.F .: RSSCLN80R61Z110N – P.Iva 04383730274), registered with the C.C.I.A.A. of Venice – Rea nr .: VE-381160, PEC: Data processing is carried out by the owner and / or the authorized treatment personnel that ensures the confidentiality and security of data in full compliance with the aforementioned Privacy Policy.

Processing data Responsible

The data controller is Frank Bergère, in charge of the management and operation of the Vivovenetia website. The data entered in our booking system are managed by the online “regiondo” platform.

18.3.2. Subjects to whom personal data may be disclosed

Personal data may be brought to the attention of those in charge of processing and all those subjects to whom communication is necessary for the correct fulfillment of the purposes indicated in points 1.1, 1.2 and 1.3 as well as external collaborators or subjects, to whom VivoVenetia entrusts or could entrust certain functional activities for the consultation and / or management of web platforms and related sites. Vivovenetia is managed by the developer, Franck Bergère for the part of wordpress while for the booking system, the data are managed by  regiondo platform. The customer support we offer is internal; so it’s not about third parties, but always from our team. For analytics services, we use google analytics; by mailing we rely on Mailpoet and for bank transactions on systems managed by regiondo. These subjects will act as independent data processing controllers. The user’s data may be communicated to the Judicial Authority, or administrative or other public entity entitled to request them, in the cases provided by law. Your personal data may be transferred outside the European Union to be processed by some of our service providers. In this case, we make sure that this transfer takes place in compliance with current legislation. Under no circumstances we transfer or sell personal data to third parties.


You can, at any time, view your personal data in your private area. Enter your account and click the “Reserved Area” section. To export your personal data or request cancellation, you can send a request to the email address

Your personal data will be exported within 30 days. The cancellation will be made within the expected technical times and in accordance with the retention period specified in the following point 5.

Any natural person who uses our service can:

• exercise its rights at any time asking for information about the existence of your personal data, the origin of the same, the purposes and methods of treatment, request the update, correction, integration, deletion, limitation of data processing if one of the conditions provided for in article 18 of the GDPR occurs the transformation into anonymous form or the blocking of personal data, processed in violation of the law, including those that do not need to be kept for the purposes for which data were collected and / or subsequently processed.

• object, in whole or in part, for legitimate reasons, to the processing of data, even if pertinent to the purpose of collection and processing of personal data provided for the purposes of commercial information or sending advertising material or direct sales or for the purpose market research or commercial communication. Each user also has the right to revoke the consent at any time without prejudice to the lawfulness of the treatment based on the consent given before the revocation

• receive personal data, provided knowingly and actively or using the service, in a structured format, commonly used and readable by automatic device, and transmit them to another data controller without impediments

• propose a complaint with the Italian Data Protection Authority


The retention of personal data will be in paper and / or electronic / informatic and for the time strictly necessary to fulfill the purposes referred to in paragraph 1, in compliance with your privacy and current regulations.

Your data will be stored for 11 years for tax reasons. For purposes of analysis directed to the development and improvement of the service, your personal data may be subject to the same retention period.


The data are collected by the subjects indicated in point 3, according to the indications of legislation, with particular regard to the security measures provided by the GDPR (Article 32) for their processing by means of computerized, manual and automated tools for the purposes indicated in point 1 and to guarantee the security and confidentiality of the data.

The data entered may be verified for the sole purpose of identifying illegal activities or contents that do not comply with the General Conditions of the Service but will not be processed or communicated for commercial or promotional purposes.


The use of cookies is of two types:

– Cookies c.d. of session that are not stored permanently on the user’s computer and are deleted with the closure of the browser and are strictly limited to the transmission of session identifiers (consisting of random numbers generated by the server) necessary to allow safe and efficient exploration of the Site. In particular, we use session cookies for the following purposes:

– to allow the user to transport information through the pages of the Site and to prevent them from entering the same information more than once.

-to compile anonymous statistics that allow us to understand how users use the Website and to improve its structure.

– Cookies suitable for self-filling forms with data provided by the user on the occasion of a previous access for the purchase of a product / good / service offered by VivoVenetia. Session cookies used on this site avoid the use of other technologies that could compromise the privacy of users’ browsing and do not allow the acquisition of personal identification data.

18.8. Connexion log

VivoVenetia keeps the technical data related to the connections (log) to allow the security checks required by the law and in order to improve the quality of the services offered and customize them according to the needs of users / visitors. VivoVenetia provides, in compliance with the relevant provisions of the law, the registration of log files. This data does not allow identification of the user if not following a series of processing and interconnection operations, and necessarily through data provided by other providers. Transactions that may be carried out exclusively upon request by the competent judicial authorities, authorized for this purpose by express provisions of law aimed at preventing and / or repressing the crimes.

18.9 Facebook plugins

Our website could use the so-called Social Network Plugins (hereafter “Facebook”), managed by Facebook Inc., 1601 S. California Ave, Palo Alto, CA 94304, USA. At the following Internet address, you can find an overview with the relative design of the Facebook plugins: http: // It is possible to identify the Facebook Plugins through the Facebook – Logo or by clicking on the “like” button “. It is also possible to access our website using Facebook Connect by clicking on “Connect with Facebook”; in this way the Facebook Plugin will be activated, which will make a direct connection between the user’s browser and Facebook. This service will recognize the identity and give the possibility to share some personal information such as user name, email address and photos to pre-fill the user’s profile. Facebook Connect also gives the possibility to publish information about the activities of the user on our site on the page of their facebook profile, in order to share them with others within the network. VivoVenetia is not able to verify the data that is transferred during the direct connection to Facebook or how Facebook uses this data. If you are logged in to Facebook, clicking on the “like” button and making comments, this information will be linked to the user’s Facebook account and may be associated with the user’s profile. You can prevent data transfer to Facebook by not clicking on the Facebook button. At the Internet address below you can find the privacy policy of Facebook, containing more information about the collection and use of data by Facebook, your rights regarding this, in addition to the setting options related to security of privacy:



The Chat function is aimed at an immediate communication between the site navigator and the customer service of vivovenetia. The use of the Messages service implies the possibility that the user’s identity (as indicated at the time of registration / delivery