Ghosts and legends tour in Venice: evening walking tour!

Venice, emblematic romantic city, has so much more to tell. Crimes, tales and mysteries, discover the hidden stories of the Serenissima. Through this thrilling semi private walking tour you will see Venice from another point of view!


  • Venice by evening: a truly experience where you can explore the floating city from a different perspective!
  • Dive into the hidden history of Venice and its lagoon, discover its stories and legends between truth and myth.
  • It is a unique experience to visit Venice at sunset.
  • You will discover many chilling legends and shocking secrets in unsuspected places in Venice!



  • Shared tour:
    • Adults: 25€/pers
    • Children up to 12 years old: 17€/pers
  • Private tour:
    • Group of up to 4 people: 130€
    • Group of up to 8 people: 160€

Other practical information

  • The meeting point is in Campo San Bortolomio (Rialto).
  • The tour starts at 6 p.m. Please be present at the meeting point 10 minutes before the tour starts.
  • We recommend comfortable footwear and to bring an umbrella in case of bad weather.
  • The experience will also be held in case of rain.

Spoken Languages

  • Italian
  • English

Included / Excluded

Included :

  • Local licensed tour leader.
  • Insurance.

Excluded :

  • Everything not indicated under “Included”.

Sales Conditions

The tour will start upon reaching a minimum number of 2 participants. Otherwise, participants will be notified a few days before the scheduled date and the tour will be postponed or refunded in full.

In the event of cancellation within 72 time before the booking date of the experience, a refund with a 20% penalty will be granted.

Within 72 and 24 hours, 50% refund.

There is no refund for later cancellations and in case of NO SHOW.

The ghost tour in Venice is also held in case of rain (unless weather conditions are deemed prohibitive by the organisers), so in addition to a pair of comfortable shoes we recommend that you bring a parasol in case of bad weather.


Every day, except Thursday and Thursday at 6.00 pm


About 1 hour and 30 minutes


  • Child Friendly
  • Sustainable
  • Accessible with public transport

Venice at night is tinged with mystery – why not take our semi private Venice ghost walking tour and discover what goes on after dark! When darkness descends into the lagoon, the city comes alive with ghosts and strange characters wandering around the winding Venetian streets!

You have been to the Ponte di Rialto (Rialto bridge), had your gondola ride on the Grand Canal, visited the Doge Palace and seen the other architectural gems that Venice has to offer.

Now it’s time to visit the hidden Venice. Explore Venice out of the beaten track with our expert guide!
In the sestieri of San Marco and Castello, there are still visible traces of witchcraft, killings and satanic legends. Ghost stories and legends – fantasy or reality?

Ghosts and legends tour in Venice

Venice by evening is fascinating and intriguing. Venture with a small group into the bygone atmosphere of the Venice mysterious. Seductive and mysterious, Venice hides mysteries, murders and ghost stories in many places in the city that you don’t know yet or that you may have passed through without knowing it!

Myths, stories and legends are widespread among the inhabitants of Venice. However, there is no better way to discover them than going to the places where these things happened and hear about them for yourself. How can we believe in the vision of a ghost, if we do not see it?

Semi private Venice Ghost Tour

Here is a semi private ghost tour in Venice (Italy) that lets you discover secret Venice, and offers you the chance to listen to all the legends, but at the same time follow the narrow passageways in this Venice walking tour and see the places inhabited by these strange characters.

Leave the streets of the centre; in special places, apparently anonymous and often ignored, you will discover clamorous episodes in the history of Venice.

Your footsteps echo distinctly through an unreal backdrop of shadows, narrow alleys open up into unknown passages and the city takes on unexpected appearances.

Let yourself be enchanted by a thousand-year journey into the heart of the Venetian night.

But beware, any time is a good time to get lost in the darkness…

Venice ghost and legends walking tour

The historic centre of Venice has a history stretching back thousands of years and so there are many stories and tales that have entered into legend; that’s why there are different itineraries for this evening tour!

From Calle del Diavolo and the Devil’s Bridge, to the covered Street of the Priests, without forgetting the ghosts of the Island of San Michele, the Parish of San Giovanni in Bragora and Campo Santi Giovanni e Paolo your tour guide will take you in search of the ghosts of corpses that years later reappear from the lagoon!  Your guide will explain everything to you on this ghost and legends walking tour.

We do not want to spoil the surprise for you, but we will give you some small details about some Venetian legends.

Are you curious?

What we are really anxious to tell you is that even apparently innocuous and talented characters, like the good Vivaldi, actually have skeletons in the closet!

The same can be said of the sculptor Cesco Pizzigani, who created grand facades in St. Mark Square. The geniuses of art and music have always some hidden secrets and in learning about this you will see another side to venice and its inhabitants. 

Walking ghost tour in Venice Italy
Ghosts and legends in walking tour in Venice

One such gruesome story is that of the butcher Biasio. All the number 1 ferry stops along the Canal Grande are named after a church or an important monument, except one: Riva de Biasio.

Who was Biasio? At the time of the Serenissima Republic, on this stretch of the shore there was Biagio Cargnio’s shop, famous for his sausages and meat dishes.

One day a worker found on his plate a small portion of a human finger and immediately called the police who found, in the back of Biasio’s shop, children’s bodies that had been killed by the monster in order to add more taste to his sauces. Biasio confessed but it was never established how many children he killed or how he got hold of them.

The serial killer was dragged by a horse to the prisons where he had his hands chopped off and was then tortured and beheaded in St Mark’s Square.

His house and shop were consequently demolished but the name Biasio has been maintained in the collective imagination and that is still the case nowadays when you get onboard or disembark the ferry.

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