Visit a Murano Glass Factory: Venice and the Glass Revolution

Glass has always been the passion of Davide Salvadore. Like very few others, he has been able to challenge its limits thanks to his creativity. His artworks are the result of an infinite exploration into the essence of a visionary and alchemical world.


Discover a contemporary Artist who made a revolution in Glassmaking

Admire a unique collection of works, explained by the sons of the Artist

Visit the Glass Factory where inspiration renews itself every day



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60 € supplement for interpreting service in French or Russian

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Visit and explanations

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Supplement for interpreting service in French or Russian

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Monday to Friday at 9.00 am and at 2.00 pm


1 hour


  • Child Friendly


Are you  passionate about art? Fascinated by glass blowing? Then you must visit a Murano glass factory, Venice has many to offer but  the Salvadore factory is one of the best.

Meet a living legend in the art of glassmaking. Take a trip to Murano and have a member of the family guide your factory tour.


He will tell you how the factory works, you will attend a glass blowing demonstration and you will learn about the unique story of Davide Salvadore. In the factory showroom glass shop you will see a collection of beautiful glass objects that will simply overwhelm you.

Glass factory Venice – an Artist who pushed the Limits of Glass Blowing

“This did not exist, was not conceived, before my father, he was a pioneer, no one thought that glass could be worked in this way” (Marco Salvadore)


Davide Salvadore was born in a family of glass blowers. He started working in the family site works factory with his father when he was still very young.

With his mother’s encouragement, Salvadore developed his own personal style of making lamp-worked beads, and these beads are still featured as part of his sculptural pieces today;  a tribute to his mother’s talent and support. In 1987, he opened his own studio, Campagnol & Salvadore, where he continued doing lampwork and further developed his glassblowing expertise and talent.

His mother was a glass artist too and created glass beads for fashion firms. Davide would spend many years as an apprentice before becoming a glass master himself, but he was curious and inspired. He was not afraid to push the glass blowing technique to the limit to design his own works. When he started doing it, he revolutionized the art of glass making.

Salvadore’s career

In 1997, Salvadore became one of the founding members of “Centro Studio Vetro” in Murano, a non-profit cultural association whose purpose is to cultivate and promote the culture of glass art in Italy and abroad. Centro Studio Vetro published the international  “Vetro” four times annually with distribution reaching 10,000 subscribers but in 2003 this organization disbanded.

In 1998, Salvadore made a conscious decision to turn away from traditional functional glass work. At approximately the same time, he began demonstrating his unique murrine technique at Corning Museum of Glass, Pilchuck Glass School, Pratt Fine Art Center, and others in the United States.  It was then that he was introduced to the American Studio Glass movement, of which Salvadore embraced and became an active part.


Davide major sources of inspiration were Africa and music: he would create music instruments in blown glass and colourful statues of Egyptian look. At the time no other glass artist knew how to make similar works. His results are still inspirational fo the current generation of Murano glass blowers. The style of Salvadore has become iconic to the point that fashion houses and design firms ask for him to work with them.

What will you see during the Visit to the glass factory

Don’t miss the chance to take this visit to a Murano glass factory venice. Venice is just 10 minutes away by water bus public transportation and you will experience something amazing: you will watch the form of beautiful glass sculptures and designs being created in front of you.

Marco Salvadore will guide you in the factory showroom and to the actual factory. He will tell you how glass work is organized, how a work team cooperates in the creation of a glass object like a lamp or a vase, which techniques are used according to specific products. You will discover a world with its own rules, strict rules … that the true artists are always challenging,

How can you book the visit to the Glass Factory

The visit to the Salvadore glass factory is available from Monday to Friday at 9.00 am or at 2.00 pm. We suggest you book well in advance as staff are dedicated primarily to manufacturing during busy periods.

The visit is in Italian or in English but it is possible to include interpreting in French or Russian at the time of purchase.

You can get there by public transportation.The factory is close to ACTV water bus stop “Murano da Mula”. You can reach it by line n.3 from Santa Lucia Train Station or by line 4.2 from “Fondamenta Nuove” stop.



Murano glass is a special product and there are many glass-related activities that you can do on the island of Murano: for example, we do suggest that you attend the international “Venice Glass Week” in the month of September. If you are a creative person, what about taking a Lampworking Class to create gorgeous Murano Glass Beads? Or, you can create a charming, customized Murano Glass Jewel by taking a Jewel Composition Workshop on the island: check our booking agent page Murano Glass Jewellery Venice Italy!

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