Learn Italian cooking in Italy: choose Venice!

Learn how to prepare traditional Italian recipes. Mix theory and practice to enjoy and appreciate the regional differences, and improve your knowledge of Italian with this fun experience.





  • Adult: € 79 p.p.
  • Children only over 10 years old can participate at the activity together with at least one adult

Other practical information

Experience for a minimum of 3 persons to a maximum of 10
Experience suitable for 16-year-old people and more
Cooking class is on Thursday afternoons only (from 5 pm). Class on Saturday starts at 10 am with shopping and a drink. Then, after an afternoon break, it starts again in the evening with the supper.
As the class is held in Italian, a minimum knowledge of the language is required (A2)

Spoken Languages

  • Italian
  • English

Included / Excluded

Included :

Theory and practice;
All the materials used in class;
Aperitif in Rialto (only Saturday);
Dinner with wine selection.

Excluded :

Sales Conditions

Should the experience be cancelled 7 days before the class date, a 10% fee will be withhold and the rest will be reimbursed. After that period, a 30% penalty will be charged. In case of a no show, there will be no reimbursement.
If the student does not finish the class, there will be no refund. Any unattended lesson or unused services will not be refunded.
The school reserves the right to change the schedule if this is deemed necessary to the smooth running of the Institute activities.


This cooking class is available from Monday to Friday at 10:15 am.


3 hours


    Cooking course Venice – Learn Italian and venetian cooking at the same time!

    Have you ever thought about trying cooking courses in Venice Italy? Have you tasted Venetian dishes in restaurants and enjoyed our varied cuisine? Would you like to learn the secrets of Venetian cuisine and try  to recreate them yourself, while improving your Italian language skills? Learning to cook the way the Venetians do is a perfect way to increase your understanding of the local culture, learn new culinary skills and all in the local language!

    Why not try one of our cooking classes in Venice and make your vacation a cooking vacation!


    Venetian cuisine, from the region of Veneto, has a centuries-long history and differs significantly from other cuisines of northern Italy.

    Cuisine in Veneto may be divided into three main categories, based on geography: the coastal areas, the plains, and the mountains. Each one (especially the plains) can have many local cuisines, each city with its own dishes.

    The most common dish is polenta, which is cooked in various ways within the local cuisines of Veneto. Polenta once was the universal staple food of the poorer classes, who could afford little else. In Veneto, the corns are ground in much smaller fragments in comparison with the rest of Italy: so, when cooked, it tastes like a pudding.

    Cooking classes, Venice gourmet, cooking all specialties

    It is well known that for us Italians food is affection! Coming back home after a vacation means first of all to have tasted the local cuisine and no doubt to be in love with it! Learn how to cook typical Venetian dishes and traditional Venetian cuisine with our cooking classes!

    The Venetian cuisine could not exist without first visiting the Rialto market, where every day you can find fresh fish, vegetables and typical products of the area such as purple artichokes from the island of Sant’Erasmo. Now that you know where the products you are going to cook come from, are you ready for cooking classes in Venice?

    Cooking course in Venice

    We offer you a cooking class in Venice of 3 hours, including smells and tastes of Venetian cuisine! What better way to learn the names of all the ingredients and dishes of the Serenissima? Other information about Italian cuisine in general will be provided.

    Chef Carolyn will welcome you into her cozy home to prepare a delicious meal consisting of a main course, dessert, Venetian wine and coffee.

    To begin with, let’s get to know our chef better. Carolyn was born in California but has lived in Venice for 30 years. She has been working as a chef for at least 20 years and has won many awards in Italy and abroad. Now she has decided to share her passion with all the people who want to get involved like you, and for this reason she has decided to teach how to prepare traditional Italian dishes in cooking schools.

    During the lesson you will have the opportunity to prepare traditional Venetian dishes prepared only with fresh, natural and local products. You will make fresh handmade pasta following the Italian style of pasta making. The main dish will be Italian style ravioli filled with meat or fish and a delicious sauce made with seasonal vegetables. These products are strictly bought in the famous Venetian markets such as the Rialto one.

    A real meal cannot end without a delicious dessert, for one day you will take the role of a pastry chef and together with the chef you will prepare a crème patisserie.

    After preparing all these goodies, when it is ready you can sit and enjoy your meal in the living room and chat with Carolyn over a glass of wine.


    Be sure not to reveal the tricks of the trade to anyone!

    This course is available in English and Italian and may be bilingual if other participants have booked the lesson at the same day!

    This cooking class is available from Monday to Friday at 10:15 am.

    Cooking classes include:

    • explanation of recipes
    • delivery of written material to participants
    • execution of dishes
    • lunch at Carolyn’s home


    • Adult: € 79 p.p.
    • Children only over 10 years old can participate at the activity together with at least one adult


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