Lido Venice: discover the island

The Lido scooter rental is ideal to embark in the discovery of the Lido and Pellestrina islands. Thanks to the scooter’s agility it is possible to reach incredibly beautiful outlooks on the territory really fast. Some of these paths are inaccessible with cars and too difficult to bike on, while walking might take too long and be very tiring (with a total distance of 25 km). But what exactly can you explore by renting a scooter at the Lido of Venice scooter rental?

Lido scooter rental: what to see and what to do on Lido island

Romanic church of San Nicolò

Every year, the Festa dello Sposalizio con il Mare feast is celebrated at this church. This very ancient celebration is a sort of propitiatory ritual where the Doge, heading a procession of boats, reaches open sea and prays for safe navigation and… abundant fish! The ceremony culminates in the throwing of a precious ring into the waters of the Adriatic Sea.

Liberty style villas

On the island of Lido, a lot of villas in liberty style were built, and to this day art and architecture fans are attracted by the absolute beauty of Art Nouveau

I Murazzi

Murazzi is a venetian word for “walls” and that’s exactly what they are: it’s an odd looking series of levees’ made of stone that are designed to keep the lagoon safe from the mercy of the tides and prevent flooding, especially around Chioggia-Sottomarina, Pellestrina and the Lido itself.

The beaches

Lido island’s beaches are attractive and relaxing, made of fine golden sand. The sea is very calm because of the many docks and dams built over the years to break the might of the waves.

Malamocco’s town

Malamocco was the first settlement of the ancient city of Venice. Of Romanic origin, when it was founded, Malamocco was the port of the city of Padua, to which it was connected by the Brenta river.

Lido of Venice scooter rental: what to see and what to do on Pellestrina island

You can take a ferry boat ride with your scooter and move between Lido and Pellestrina in just 10 minutes. So what should you do in Pellestrina?

Downtown Pellestrina

Pellestrina is an ancient fishing village amazing for the brightly colored houses that populates it. Here it is possible to see inhabitants busy in the fishing activities or maintenance of fishing nets and boats.

The natural oasis of Ca’ Roman

In the southern part of the island lies a protected naturalistic area, a true paradise for birdwatchers. If you want to learn more, visit Lipu’s official site.

Ca’ Roman’s beach

This is one of the lagoon’s most relaxing island, being still wild without human settlements. From the beach you can walk along the paths of the oasis and visit the bunkers from WWII.

(Lido scooter rental: in Ca’ Roman you can observe dozens of bird species, like the colorful European bee-eater)

Lido scooter rental: starting point and practical information

To rent your scooter, you can easily reach our Rental Centre: the facility is 5 minutes walking away from the ferry boats terminal of Lido Island. The Lido island is also easily reachable from Venice’s centre with 15 minutes of navigation (line 17 of Actv), or from Punta Sabbioni in just 20 minutes (line 14 of Actv).

The scooters for rent are for two persons and is suited for transportation of children from 7 years old, as long as they are tall enough to reach the footrests with their feet.

You like scooters? Don’t miss this chance to enjoy the good weather on two wheels also in Chioggia-Sottomarina or to go discover Po river’s Delta.