Monte Grappa bike day: let’s go cycling !

Would you like to discover the wonders hidden in the area of Asolo and Monte Grappa? What is the best way to do such thing? A bike! Come to our shop to rent one from our large selection of city bikes, mountain bikes, road bikes and electric bikes.




ROAD BIKE Medium (Wilier Gtr Team disc or similar): 40 EUR/day
ROAD Bike TOP (Willer Triestina 110Air o similar): 60 E/day
MTB Medium (Wilier 503 or similar): 24,50 EUR/day
E-BIKE MTB Top (Wilier e803Trb or similar): 50 EUR/day
TRAILER for Kids: 12 EUR/day

Reduced tariffs starting from 3rd day:
Road Bike TOP: 54 E / day
Road Bike Medium: 36 EUR / day
MTB Medium: EUR 22 / day
E-BIKE MTB Top: 45 EUR / day
Trailer for children: EUR 10 / day

Bike delivery / pick-up service:
13 euros every 10 km compared to the headquarters in Paderno del Grappa. When selecting the pick-up point you can check the km reference for your service.

Other practical information

Our headquarters are in Paderno del Grappa.
Bike drop off is due by 19.30.
HOW TO BOOK: plase select the desired bike model, the duration of renatl and the heights of participants (H) in centimeters. Next to H you find corresponding size and frame for Road bikes.
Pick -Up service: Add “1”, regardless of the number of bikes. By selecting the pick-up place you can check the km of reference for that. If you don’t find a place in the list, select “other” or contact us!
Pedals: available on request are normal pedals – Shimano SPD for Mtb – Look Keò – Shimano SPD SL. You can bring your own pedals as well.

Spoken Languages

  • Italian
  • English

Included / Excluded

Included :


Excluded :

Bike delivery service in other locations than our offices/shop
Anything that is not specified in the “Included” section.

Sales Conditions

In case of cancellation by the user up to 72 hours before the experience, there is a penalty of 20% of the final price.

Within 72 and 24 hours, a penalty of 30% after which no refund is provided.
There will be no refund in case of later cancellation and in caso of NO SHOW, i.e. not attending the experience at the time and place agreed for the experience to be carried out.
In case of bad weather, an alternative date is agreed upon to recover the experience.




One day minimum


    Veneto and the Dolomites are among the most visited places in Europe for mountain biking. Our bike rental service offers a complete service to tourists who visit our wonderful veneto area. Discover the beauties of Asolo, Bassano, Monte Grappa and the surrounding area. The bike is the best way to travel here and ideal for discovering the beauty of the territory of the high Treviso, Vicenza and Belluno.
    We supply various types of bikes: E-bike, MTB, Road bike, City bike. Carts for children are also available. We recommend the bikes suitable for the most diverse terrain, your skills and your level of training.

    Rent your racing bike online

    Choose your bike model and the number of days you wish to rent it. When booking, you will be asked for your height, in order to check the availability of bikes in your size.
    For pedals, normal pedals, Shimano SPD for Mtb pedals, Look Keò pedals, Shimano SPD SL pedals are available on request. You can also bring your own pedals we will help you attach them during bike delivery.
    The bike rental service is available on a daily basis and the bikes must be returned before 19.30.

    Racing bikes in Bassano del Grappa: delivery service

    We carry out the delivery and collection of the bike both at our rental point and at our base.. For a surcharge the bike can be delivered to your accommodation. We deliver our racing bikes to Bassano del Grappa, Asolo, Treviso, Castelfranco, or other places on request. On average we will cover up to 50 km away from the Grappa area. You can also indicate a different point for pick-up at return the end of the rental period.

    Discovering Asolo, Bassano and Monte Grappa with a Guide

    To explore the beauties of the Veneto plain on two wheels, it is possible to request a guided tour by bike. Asolo, Bassano del Grappa, Conegliano, Marostica the hills of Prosecco and, of course, Monte Grappa, are certainly worth a visit. The assistance of a guide will enrich the experience and will allow you to vary your routes by. Depending on the performance of the day, the energies and the curiosity, you can let yourself be taken on alternative routes. You will not have to worry about which route to choose, or fear having opted for a route that is too demanding. With a guide to make your way you can fully enjoy the beauties of the landscape!


    Monte Grappa cycling

    You can count on the experience of our partners to find the best bike for you. You will receive ideas for personalized tours based on your wishes and your fitness levels. You might even want to try the infamous climb to Monte Grappa! If you want to tackle Grappa with a racing bike, we will show you the ten routes for cyclists ranked according to difficulty.

    Ascent Monte Grappa, racing bike


    Monte Grappa is for experienced cyclists only. There are ten climbs that allow access to the Cima Grappa area (1775 m.s.l.). For those that complete them all within a year there is even an award, the patent of the Grappa!

    From Romano d’Ezzelino to Cima Grappa – Strada “Cardona”: the easiest
    From Semonzo to Cima Grappa – Strada “Giardino”: with a gradual increase in difficulty
    From Fietta to Cima Grappa – The goat jump: presents 600 meters climb with max slope. 20%.
    From Possagno to Cima Grappa – Strada degli Alpini: challenging
    From Cavaso del Tomba to Cima Grappa – Strada del Tomba: very demanding
    From Pederobba to Cima Grappa – Strada della Monfenera: challenging
    From Alano di Piave to Cima Grappa – Strada del Grappa: challenging in the second part
    From Seren to Cima Grappa – Strada Chiesa San Luigi: very demanding
    From Caupo to Cima Grappa – Strada Cadorna: the longest, 28 km
    From Cismon to Cima Grappa – “Col dei Prai” road: maximum gradient 20%


    On the page Monte Grappa you can find all the technical details of these climbs. You will find information on the length of the route, the average and maximum gradient, and the sort of terrain to expect.
    If you want to try the Grappa challenge contact us for the best suggestions. You will receive useful advice based on your fitness and the type of bike you have.


    Cycling in the Grappa area: when is best to go?


    The cycle tourism season in the Monte Grappa area is usually from April to October. Spring and autumn are undoubtedly the most spectacular from the landscape point of view. It is slightly cooler then and ideal for cycling. There is no lack of cycling competitions and gatherings for bike lovers. The Monte Grappa Bike Day, usually held at the end of May is a big one. From year to year the event attracts a growing number of members. You can go with your own bike or with your rental racing bike in Bassano del Grappa and surrounding areas.

    Would you like more information? We’re at your service. Contact Us!

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