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Venice is the undoubted jewel in the crown of the Veneto but there is much more to this region of Northern East Italy than the fascinating lagoon city.
The Veneto was home to the former Venetian Republic that ruled this part of the world for a millennium, from the seventh century AD to the eighteenth century. The Republic’s influence originated from the marshy lagoon city of Venice, and is filled with a history of power, romance, mystery, culture and intrigue.
Things to do in Northern Italy

The Veneto region has a great deal to offer the visitor. Culture, food wine, countryside and a unique natural environment with a wide range of outdoor activities available from cycling to hiking, climbing and boating. And of course there is the world famous wonder that is the city of Venice.
Within just an hour or two of Venice you will find beautiful historic cities, culture, architecture and history galore. There are also stunning landscapes of the Italian riviera, countryside, lagoon islands, rivers, lakes,mountain villages and of course the stunning mountain range of Dolomites themselves. In short there is everything here that you could possibly want for a northern Italy vacation.


Northern Italy tours – Cities of the Veneto

The veneto has a collection of fascinating cities rich in Italian history culture and art and still busy working cities today. The Veneto is an industrious and quite wealthy part of Italy. We have romantic Verona, a UNESCO World Heritage site, with its Shakespearean connections to Romeo and Juliet and the Two Gentlemen of Verona, along with its 2000 year old Roman arena. Vincenza pays homage to Andrea Palladio who created the grand pillared architectural style which became known as Palladian and can be seen reflected in buildings as famous the White House and Buckingham Palace! Here he created great palladian villas and the Teatro Olympico, the first roofed city theatre in the world.
Stylish Padua is known for the frescoes by Giotto in its Scrovegni Chapel and the vast 13th-century Basilica of St. Anthony with its Byzantine-style domes and notable artworks.Padua, a walled city, is also home to Europe’s oldest botanical garden.
Chic Treviso is home to Prosecco, Benetton and it is here that Tiramisu was invented!These are all cities of art and are all worth visiting in their own right.
Also worth a visit are small towns like Asolo and Bassano del Grappa, mountain settlements with spectacular views of the dolomites.

The veneto is an incredibly fertile region which has a unique range of climactic conditions making it an ideal area for vineyards and wine production.of all types of wine. In fact, the Veneto is the largest wine production region in the country. Probably the most well known wines produced here are probably the sparkling Prosecco, Soave and the more full bodied, Valipolicella. Making up 30 plus miles of the Veneto’s western border is the eastern bank of Lake Garda, Italy’s largest lake. It is east from here where some of the most well known wine zones of the region lie.
But Veneto does not just produce a vast array of excellent wines, it also churns out a huge volume – around 9 million hectoliters per year – from the shores of Lake Garda in the west to the Piave Valley in the east, from the Alpine foothills in the north to the Po Valley in the south. Discovering the Veneto through a wine tasting tour is a great introduction to the region!

Northern Italy tours – Wine making in the Veneto

Northern Italy – the Venetian islands

Venice itself is not the only island on the block. The Venetian archipelago counts 62 islands, and many of them can only be reached using private means.

The Venetian islands are flat and very easy to tour both by foot and by bike.St Erasmo is a beautiful island, quiet and rich in natural and historical beauties: the perfect place for your eco-friendly Venice activity holidays! Another very famous island is the Venice Lido. Tour it with a super comfortable fat bike, which will allows you to ride even on the soft sandy shore! Or you can visit the islands of Murano and Burano famous for their glass artistry and their colourful houses respectively.

The Dolomites are considered the most beautiful mountains of the alpine chain and they run right through the Veneto. You can go cycling or walking here as well as climbing. There are many mountain bike trails through the dolomites or for those who are really into mountain activities you can even do canyoning or frozen waterfall climbing If you are a trained climber you can take a guided tour to climb some of the best alpine ferrata in the Vajont area, with a 300-meter height difference. You can get to a famous dam by climbing rock faces. Our alpine guide will show you the best way to reach the top of the dam, and will tell you very impressive stories about the dam and the lake that used to be there.

The Veneto region is extraordinarily rich in architectural, historical and artistic masterpieces, but there are also unique natural beauties and breathtaking landscapes to admire. Just think of the amazing ecosystem of the Venetian lagoon, the charm of Colli Euganei and their hot springs, the vivid panorama of the Prosecco area, the enchanting alpine foothill region, the unforgettable pink mountain tops of Dolomites, and the beauty of their sunny valleys. Veneto offers a number of appealing destinations. The most satisfying way to reach them is through small group private tours.

Northern Italy – more outdoor activities walking tours

Northern Italy tours – by water

Waterways used to be very popular in this region. Although in ancient times they were fundamental, they are still very important nowadays, and above all they can be sailed to reach other pleasant places, or berth in some famous tourist destinations. The most fascinating waterways are undoubtedly those in the lagoon area: here you can admire the true variety of Venetian archipelago and the uniqueness of each island. A ferryboat allows you to admire the landscape as well, but if you choose a traditional Bragazzo boat you can try true venetian sailing with the boat with its distinct triangular sail. This slow sailing, away from well-known crowded waterways, lets you discover even the most remote islands of this magical marshland. There are lots of options to discover the waterways of the veneto, including being rowed venetian style – or you can even learn to do it yourself!

One of the best ways to enjoy Venetian territory is to rent a two-wheeler, a comfortable e-bike! With the comfort of an e-bike, you can ride through the lively streets of Chioggia and Sottomarina two ancient seaside towns where you can admire old dams and sunny lanes. An e-bike is perfect to visit Lido Island away from crowded streets, and breathe the fresh air while riding through shady gardens and paths. Opting for an e-bike also allows you to enjoy the beauty of the Brenta Riverside, an elegant road that connects Venice, the cradle of luxury, to Padua, a city made famous by its devotion to culture. For years, the Brenta Riverside has been the favourite location of Venetians to build magnificent summer residences, designed by Palladio and his disciples.
Don’t forget Bassano Del Grappa, Asolo, and Valdobbiadene the Euganean Hills, and of course the Dolomites and the city of Cortina.… all places that only cycling allows you to explore with the maximum access. Choose your itinerary and your pace.
Still on two wheels but a little faster you can even rent a vespa, that true symbol of Italy, The most famous scooter in the world is the ideal vehicle to discover the beauties of the Prosecco Treviso area, and the panoramic roads of the Dolomites.

Northern Italy tours – two wheels in the Veneto

Northern Italy farming

The veneto region of Italy is extraordinarily fertile. It is a huge wine producing region, the biggest in Italy in fact. A good way of experiencing the natural countryside of this region is agritourism – that is staying on an Italian farm. This is known as agritourism and is becoming increasingly popular. Through the participating farms the Italian countryside has been able to save valuable farm buildings and preserve traditional farming practices.They are located near the Veneto’s most beautiful cities and picturesque villages.

The veneto region has a great deal to offer the curious holiday maker. Whether culture and history is your thing or whether you are into wine tasting and italian cuisines, or any kind of outdoor activities, then exploring things to do in venice and its region is a first class choice for your Northern Italy tour.

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