Our Partners


ATVO is a joint stock company with a predominantly public capital, consisting of the Metropolitan City of Venice, the 21 Municipalities of Eastern Veneto and private members, which deals with the public transport of people on urban and extra-urban lines and rental services. In particular, it offers transfer services to and from the two airports of Venice and Treviso, transport to the beaches of Eastern Veneto and a line to Cortina. We are happy to be able to count on their collaboration for the integrated promotion of the Veneto region in a vision of sustainability and diversification of the tourism offer.


Confartigianato Imprese Veneto intends to enhance the tourist vocation of craft businesses, with particular reference to sectors complementary to traditional tourism businesses, favoring the spread of a culture of tourist accommodation within craft businesses.


The AITR is an association that works to promote practical actions of "responsible tourism", promoting knowledge, coordination and synergies between the members. VivoVenetia could not fail to share the values and mission of AITR in full, applying and promoting it throughout the Veneto region, so in need of beneficial tourism and integrated with the socio-economic dynamics of its heritage.


The other economy is the economy that does not focus on profit but on relations and cooperation. The AEres association was created to facilitate the synergistic development of the many subjects that, in the province of Venice, operate in the ambit of the other economy. Being a member of AEres means sharing the purpose of promoting a development of the city based on cooperation and democratic participation.


Founded in 2009 by the passion for tourism of its founders, Nuovi Orizzonti is now a reference agency in the field of holiday home rentals; with VivoVenetia it shares the same modus operandi in favor of experiential and sustainable tourism and for the integration of tourism throughout the Veneto region.