Pastry course Italy: learn the art of pastry making!

Enter the world of pastry making and choose the class that suits you best! Cookies, cream puffs, tarts, pralines, etc. Discover the secrets of professional pastry chefs and learn how to bake high quality pastries.


  • A fun day to learn the secrets of italian pastry making
  • Put your hands in the dough and indulge in desserts!
  • Enjoy an amazing natural place and take a walk to Santa Croce lake, just a short walk away



60 EUR/person;

Other practical information

Individual or group classes for a maximum of 6 people
Adults and families are welcome
Each class includes raw materials, apron and tools

Spoken Languages

  • Italian
  • English

Included / Excluded

Included :

Raw materials for each lesson, apron, equipment and tools.

Excluded :

Whatever is not specified in “Included”.

Sales Conditions

Should you cancel up to 2 days before the chosen class date, a 20% fee will be withheld.
Should you cancel within 48 hours before the chosen class date, a reimbursement will be allowed with a 50% penalty fee.
There will be no refund in case of a NO SHOW, i.e. not attending the experience at the time and place agreed for the experience to be carried out.


Each day apart Monday, at 10am and 3 pm


2 hours.


    Pastry course in Italy

    Italian pastry is an internationally recognized delicacy. Through this training course, we will teach you Italian pastry making techniques. A professional course to learn the secrets of the white art! An award-winning confectioner, will be teaching on this course. The experience is suitable for everyone, from adults to children, for a day full of taste and fun.


    Pastry course, Belluno rewards white art

    “Determination and practical skills” these are the winning elements of a pastry étoile!

    Welcome to Puos d’Alpago, Cristiano Gaggion, owner and professional pastry chef will open the doors of his home and culinary academy!

    The craft of pastry making was started in 1968 by his parents, and is carried out with pride and professionalism. Cristiano is always looking to the future and for new ideas and techniques. This is why the chef who has always been committed to improving his culinary arts and knowledge has been trained in international schools, organizing events that combine the Italian confectionery with tourism. Winner of gold and bronze medals in the field of confectionery, this master will guide you to making delicious flans.


    Pastry course, Veneto in the oven … between cakes and biscuits!

    Let yourself be enchanted by the intense aroma of freshly worked chocolate: tablets, pralines or cremini. Taste the freshly baked frolle, made with the recipe from forty years ago. Lose yourself in the intense taste of cakes, whose flavors will take you back to another ea.. Soft Panettone with candied fruit, with natural leavening.

    These culinary courses are ideal for those who want to try their hand at high-end pastries, perfect the techniques and improve the presentation of their desserts. They are also suitable cooking courses for those who are fascinated by this art, but have never had confidence with sugar, eggs and flour.

    Treat yourself to a day at our top culinary school in Italy with the cake boss! Learn how to make chocolate, how to decorate cakes or how to make baked cookies. In fact, the chief pastry chef is also a lecturer at the hotel institute, a balanced combination between the experience of a school teacher and a longtime artisan.

    Practical information about the pastry course

    From breakfast brioches, to chocolate, to cakes for ceremonies, put your hands in dough and learn the art of pastry with us!

    We offer various courses in our historic pastry shop in Puos d’Alpago:

    • basic course of biscuits
    • chocolate processing course
    • cake making course


    All using the best fresh ingredients (here is the first and most important secret of pastry chefs!) We will customise the course according to the requests of the participants.

    After having ventured into the art of pastry, we recommend a walk to the lake of Santa Croce, a few steps from the workshop.

    The activity is also available for children, do not hesitate to contact us for more details!

    Our courses:

    • Basic chocolate processing course
    • Basic biscuit course
    • Torte filling and decoration course

    Duration 2 hours

    Cost: 60 EUR / person

    Participants: 2 to 6


    Practical information:

    Suitable for both adults and families

    Each course includes all ingredients that we will work with, an apron and equipment.

    If you are interested in this experience on other days and / or times or would like to know if there are any groups in the program do not hesitate to contact us!

    It is also possible to create your own personalized course! For more information, click on the “Contact Us” button on the right!


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