Redentore Venezia 2022

Il Redentore or Redeemer festival is the more favorite Venice Events for Venetians, followed by the Historical Regatta and the Vogalonga. You could be surprised that Venice Carnival is not included in this list! In reality Venice carnival is now much more appreciated by tourists than by venetians themselves. The Festa del Redentore lasts for 2 days and has a rich and various program of events. Here you will find all the information about festa del Redentore, edition 2022: time and place of the events, historical explanations and ideas on how to celebrate it.

Giudecca Canale - Night view from Zattere

Festa del Redentore 2022: events calendar

The Festa del Redentore 2022 always take place on the third sunday of july in Venice. It  offers 4 main events, two of them taking place on Saturday the 16th and two on Sunday the 17th with the following program:

Saturday the 16th of July 2022

  • 7.00 pm the votive pontoon bridge connecting Zattere to the church Redentore on Giudecca island is opened and the crews participating in the Sunday regatta are presented.
  • 11.30 pm Firework show above the San Marco basin.

Sunday the 18th of July 2022

  • 4 pm: start of the Regattas of the Redeemer: the route winds along the Giudecca Canal.
  • 4 pm. regatta on pupparini with two oars – young people
  • 4.45 pm. regatta on pupparini with two oars
  • 5.30 pm regatta on gondolas with two oars
Fireworks display redentore venice

Firework displays

The Redentore celebration is animated from Saturday afternoon and goes on all night on boats, along canals and in historic palaces. Everyone magically stops at 11.30 pm and everybody lift their head to see the spectacular fireworks above the calm waters of st mark basin, illuminating Venice’s wonderful frame.  After this unforgettable experience, you can decide if you want to keep on partying or just walk home and prepare for the second day of the celebrations!

Redeemer festival: history

The Redeemer festival is a Venetian tradition from more than 400 years old. It remember a very happy event for the city: the liberation from the plague that devastated the city until July 1577. The main events of the Festa del Redentore 2022 still take place along the historical itineraries of this ancient feast. The opening of the bridge connecting the main island of Venice to the smaller Giudecca island where the Redentore church lies, is a secular tradition. If you want to go over the bridge by foot, prepare for a crowded path and a slow walk, but you can also reach the island by boat, although it’s wise to book earlier: there is a limited number of watercrafts available for the event.


Redentore 2022: Venice fireworks

You can properly enjoy the Redentore only by boat.If you have Venetian friends who keep you a precious place in the boat, you are really very lucky!

In any case, Vivovenetia invites you to our redeemer boat cruise. A boat experience with dinner on a panoramic terrace! We offer a gourmet experience with Valencian paella, fried fresh fish. And to not spoil anything, we confess that we have a reserved place on the shore near San Marco that guarantees us to have a truly exceptional place to see the Venice fireworks displays.   

Private Boat Party Venice

Private boat rental

If you are a group and you want to rent a boat for the redeemer to organize your event as you want, we can certainly help you. Many of our partners have boats of all kinds: bragozzo, ecological boat, sailboat, etc.. Know that you need to organize yourself in time if you want to have the choice. If you’re a last minute, maybe we can still get something out of your hat ?