Venice fireworks 2024: Redentore dinner cruise !

Experience the fireworks of Venice in this incredible Venetian celebration: the Redentore Festival! Enjoy the magnificent spectacle of Venice’s fireworks over the lagoon on board an elegant cruise while enjoying a seafood menu of typical Venetian dishes! The Festa del Redentore has been held on the third Sunday in July for five centuries to commemorate the end of a terrible plague epidemic.

The best way to enjoy the spectacular fireworks over St Mark’s basin is by boat, as all Venetians do! Book your front row seat right now!


  • Experiencing Venice’s Festa del Redentore from a boat is truly a unique experience!
    You can enjoy not only the fireworks display but also a lagoon cruise and a fish dinner.
    A very convenient embarkation point: Marittima di Venezia.



199€ per Person

Other practical information

Departures and Returns (please note that it is highly recommended to adhere to the schedule)

At 5:00 PM, at Quai des Zattere in Venice for those departing from the historic center. With a dedicated boat and a transfer of approximately 30 minutes, you will reach Quai Expo Marghera; there, you will board the boat for the cruise. The return to Zattere is scheduled around 1:30 AM. At 5:30 PM, directly at Quai Expo Marghera for those traveling by car; the return is scheduled around 2:00 AM.

On Board

The event will take place on a two-deck motorboat with a panoramic terrace. A welcome drink will be served on the panoramic terrace. Dinner will be served in the air-conditioned lounge – tables can accommodate up to 6 or 8 people each. You can watch the fireworks from the panoramic terrace. Pets are not allowed. Transportation of luggage other than small bags such as handbags is not allowed. Seats on board will be reserved and arranged in the order of confirmation. No responsibility is accepted for personal items left on board during stops.

The Menu

The evening’s menu consists of fish. Any allergies or intolerances must be notified at the time of booking in order to arrange an alternative.

Spoken Languages

  • Italian
  • English

Included / Excluded

Included :

  • Motorboat cruise
  • Dinner on the boat
  • On-board guide and musical entertainment

Excluded :

  • anything not indicated under ‘Included’.

Sales Conditions

  • In the event of cancellation of the experience by the customer, the following penalties will apply: 70% if cancellation is made up to 60 days before departure; full excursion fee after this deadline or in the event of no-show. Any reason for cancellation (including inability to travel to the country/area of origin) cannot be recognised. We therefore recommend the issue of a private insurance policy to be paid by the customer.
  • In the event of the boat not departing, due to technical reasons such as breakdowns, particular hydrometric conditions of the rivers or otherwise force majeure beyond our control, the organising company has the right to revoke the current bookings by postponing them to a date to be mutually agreed upon or refunding the cost of the excursion previously paid for.
  • In the event of cancellation of the event due to COVID, the ticket will be 90% refunded, postponed to the following year or converted into a voucher.
  • At the unquestionable discretion of the Captain, the chosen routes may be subject to variations imposed by particular environmental conditions or situations occurring during navigation.
  • In the event of bad weather or any other situation beyond the organisers’ control, the evening will never be cancelled, except in the event of very adverse weather conditions, which will be indisputably assessed by the Captain on board. If the weather conditions do not allow the regular running of the evening, the Municipality of Venice (organiser of the Fireworks Show) may postpone the starting time of the performance, before announcing the possible cancellation of the show. In the event of the show being cancelled after the departure of the motor vessels, any right to reimbursement of the ticket will be forfeited. In the event of cancellation of the fireworks display due to any reason beyond our control, the event will still take place on board with navigation and dinner, and passengers will be entitled to a refund of 15% of the purchased ticket.


Saturday July 20th 2024


about 7 hours


  • Child Friendly
  • Accessible with public transport

The Festa del Redentore is the most spectacular and authentic event of the city that attracts thousands and thousands of people in town. This celebration happens every year on the third Saturday of July and it is worthless to visit Venice during this occasion. It happens in the area of Zattere the third Sunday of July and is the favorite party of the Venetians.

The day has two dimensions, the religious and the spectacular, and is a full day full of activities! The festival of the Redeemer begins with a solemn church dedicated function and ends with a spectacular fireworks show in the Giudecca canal. This is the famous, phantasmagorical night-time firework display that lights up the night over the San Marco basin.

Feast of the Redeemer Venice 

On Saturday, the eve of the festival, fireworks are let off. Preparations begin early in the morning when people begin to decorate their boats, or the small wooden terraces on rooftops from where they can admire the fireworks. At sunset (6.00 pm), Saint Mark’s basin begins to fill with up with boats of all kinds, festooned with balloons and garlands, and thousands of Venetians await the fireworks while dining on the boats.

At around 11.30 pm, from pontoons placed nearby on the island of San Giorgio Maggiore, the Venice fireworks begin and Saint Mark’s basin becomes one of the most atmospheric stages in the world. The fireworks last for around 45 to 60 minutes, illuminating the night and amazing both Venetians and visitors.

Venice fireworks 2024: Redentore on a boat like a Venetian!

On 20th July 2024, Vivovenetia offers you a night on a boat with a panoramic view over the entire evening and a delicious dinner on board!

We will sail in the Venetian Lagoon, skirting the islands of San Clemente, San Servolo, San Lazzaro degli Armeni, Lido, the watery mirror of St. Mark’s Basin, the Arsenal, and then return to the vicinity of St. Mark’s Basin to watch the fireworks display.

We will dine in the air-conditioned lounge cheered by the magic of the Redentore night and admire the world-famous fireworks display from the panoramic terrace.

Redentore Venice: cruise program and menu of the dinner

Two boardings are scheduled for this Redeemer’s cruise.

At 5:00 p.m., at the Zattere Pier in Venice for those departing from the historic center. With a dedicated boat and a transfer of about 30 minutes, you reach the Expo Marghera Pier; there, you board the boat that will perform the cruise. The return to Zattere is planned around 1:30 a.m.

At 5:30 p.m., directly at the Expo Marghera Pier for those traveling by car; the return is scheduled around 2:00 a.m.

While awaiting departure, scheduled for 6:00 p.m., we will enjoy the welcome drink on the panoramic terrace.

Redentore Venice: cruise with dinner

Seafood Menu for the Redentore cruise

Aperitifs: Prosecco, non-alcoholic beverages, savory snacks, Ascolane olives, fried vegetables, finger foods, mini-pizzas, bruschetta, and assorted appetizers

Starter: Anchovies, sardines in “Sarde in Saor” Venetian sauce, and swordfish carpaccio with orange.

First course: Seafood Lasagna;

Main Course: Mixed fried fresh fish from the lagoon and golden squid;

Side dish: Seasonal fresh vegetables;

Wines: Prosecco of Veneto; Water: Natural and sparkling;

Dessert: Fruit, Venetian Sweets, Coffee and Liqueurs.

Redentore Venice 2024 on a cruise: the motorboat and services on board

The motorboat has two toilets (men’s and women’s) and a restaurant on board with its own kitchen where dishes will be prepared; dishes will be served at the table by the service staff.

The air-conditioned lounge offers tables that can accommodate 6 or 8 people each. Individuals can reserve a single spot; however, please note that reservations will be grouped into tables of 6 or 8 people. If you prefer a private table for 6 or 8 people, it’s also possible to reserve this option.

Redentore Venice: history

The ‘Redeemer’ (as it is referred to by the Venetians), was started in the sixteenth century as a result of a vote the Venetian Senate  (doge Alvise Mocenigo) made in thanks for the city being saved from a terrible plague. This event commemorated the end of the plague and the Venetians commissioned Andrea Palladio to construct the Church of the Redentore.

Celebrated for the first time in 1577, it is considered one of the most respected traditions, both for religious reasons and as an occasion for popular celebration. The island of Giudecca has preserved these celebrations for almost five centuries with the pilgrimage to the Redentore church.

The date of the Feast of the Redeemer is always the third weekend in July. This very special fireworks display attracting thousands of visitors from all over the world is not just a religious event, but a big party too! The Redeemer Festival in Venice is known for the incredible fireworks spectacle that is provided for venetians and visitors alike in the evening.

The stage of the St Mark basin comes to life! A votive temporary bridge of barges, built to connect the Zattere with the church, allows the faithful to go on pilgrimage. Venetian people decorate their boats and participate actively at the festival.

Redentore Venice: online booking

If you want to make sure that you are among the lucky ones who will witness the amazing fireworks display from a boat in St Mark’s Basin, we recommend you hurry up and book your place. Make your online reservation for the Redentore in a few simple steps and then relax … the countdown to the Redentore begins and you will have your place in the front row.

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