Restaurants in Venice: Where to eat avoinding tourist traps?

A holiday in Venice is not only about discovering the city, its palaces and the lagoon in which it is immersed, but it is also about exploring its gastronomic specialties, which we recommend you to try. Follow us in this culinary exploration! A purely local practice is the bacaro tour, which is a tour of tastings and flavours for the most typical places in the historic centre. This tour is an experience of taste between wine and cicchetti, the real Venetian finger food, and can also be an opportunity to meet local people.

Eating by candlelight: romantic Venice restaurants

Cena in Barca a Venezia

The romantic restaurants of Venice are appreciated and known for their enchanted atmosphere. Venice is a magical city and for this reason it is chosen every year as a destination for couples of all ages, who can be on holiday or on their honeymoon. It is easy to meet in the calli or to see new bride and groom coming from overseas in a gondola through the canals to seal their union in the lagoon. After all, the city of the Doges is well suited as a backdrop for romantic encounters and candlelit dinners set on the banks of the canals. Not to mention the unforgettable gondola rides in the evening. The dim light of the street lamps reflected on the water, the lapping of the boats, the tranquility given by the absence of traffic and cars, are a perfect setting for lovers. What do you say, have we enticed you to make a delicious gift to your partner? In this case, many restaurants in Venice can do the job for you, but remember to book in advance so as not to lose your table! If you don’t think it’s enough for your sweetheart, what do you think about a boat dinner around the lagoon?!

Tradition: Typical restaurants in Venice

The typical restaurants in Venice offer traditional local cuisine. There are so many of them that it is often difficult to find your way around and finally make the most appropriate choice. First of all, the typical style is that of the tavern, or inn, rustic and caciarona, where there is no shortage of chatter and where the innkeeper speaks in dialect and knows many of his patrons. Secondly, there are the local dishes linked to the combination of water and land, which translates into: fish dishes, shellfish and shellfish and meat dishes from the mainland and the countryside of the Serenissima. An example of a young artisan of taste who wanted to bring back to Venice local flavors at zero km is Matteo Tagliapietra. His restaurant in the heart of the old popular Venice, the Castello district, combines creativity and local traditions with a touch of craftsmanship both in the furnishings and in the raw materials. If we want to understand a little more about this gastronomic culture, why not book?

Fish restaurants in Venice and lagoon tradition

Piatti pesce

During your holiday, you must at least once sit in one of the fish restaurants in Venice! Already from the shape the city looks like a fish. If you arrive by plane at Marco Polo airport, you may be able to see this characteristic marine silhouette. Fish is also a fundamental food of Venetian cuisine: it is caught both in the lagoon and in the Adriatic Sea and is then sold at the Rialto fish market or served in the best restaurants in the city, which have specialized in bringing the flavors and aromas of the lagoon to the table. The fish menus preserve: the entire history of trade between East and West, the tradition of a maritime republic and also small expedients of conservation from popular culture. They are an appropriate example of these ancient techniques, the sardines in saor, which you can not avoid to taste standing in the tavern or sitting at the table, or the soft creaminess of cod mantecato.

Star restaurants, the best ones!

Starred restaurants are not lacking for those with a higher budget, indeed there are 7 this year in the lagoon.  Luxury and locations for an unforgettable dinner are not lacking in the historic center. The quality of the raw materials linked to local traditions and a touch of magic of the chef can make live fairytale experiences to your taste buds. That’s not all, because these restaurants are located in wonderful locations, overlooking for example St. Mark’s Square, the basin of the same name, the Grand Canal or the islands of the lagoon. Some can boast of a long aristocratic tradition, of famous signs, where celebrities from all over the world have sat for the Carnival or the International Film Festival of the Lido of Venice. Speaking of restaurants out of the ordinary, we can not forget the perspective of exception offered by the Dopolavoro of the JW Marriott Venice Resort & Spa. This splendid restaurant is located on the island of roses, an exclusive, secluded and natural situation, reachable only by water with private shuttles.

If you don’t want all this glitz, you can make some gastronomic choices of level, maybe in the largest Campo (and not the Piazza) of the city, San Polo or in Castello alto in Campo Santa Marina.

Where can I find a vegan restaurant?

For those who do not eat meat or fish, there is also the vegan restaurant! In Venice you can find restaurants that will satisfy all palates with their menus. In the main streets of the city, fast food, takeaways and much more have multiplied at a glance, but you just need to go a little further, sometimes turn into a side street or go to a more peripheral area of the city (no less beautiful or safe), to discover restaurants, taverns, bacari more secluded and sometimes cheaper! Among these we recommend a restaurant in Santa Marta, an area frequented by university students and especially convenient to reach from Piazzale Roma and the train station. This restaurant is called Tecia Vegana and offers in a vegan-biological key the typical cuisine of Venice. Here you are satisfied even those who do not want to eat animal products and are fed up with the usual salad!

Vegetarian restaurants, where can I find them?

As with vegans, there are many opportunities not to be left with a dry mouth. Even if you sit in a vegetarian restaurant, you can savour the flavours of the lagoon. For example, you can try the vegetables grown on Sant’Erasmo, the island that was and still is the city’s vegetable garden, the main source of fruit and vegetables for the Venetians. In particular, it is advisable to try the violet artichokes typical of this island in season. Some first courses such as “risi e bisi”, “pasta e fasioi”, just to name a few, can be classified as vegetarian and are prepared in various restaurants in the old town centre. All you have to do is order them!

Many restaurants in Venice but pizzerias in Venice are there?

If I want to eat pizza, because I have already tried many delicious dishes of the Venetian tradition and, above all, because you can never say no to pizza, you can come across various pizzerias in Venice, comfortable and tasty, thus avoiding buying slices of pizza take away. There are some very popular and for this reason recommended by the Venetians, especially between the Sestieri di Santa Croce and San Polo, from the railway bridge to reach the Rialto Bridge. The pizzas are of all sizes and all types of dough to meet all the needs of digestibility and appetite!


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