Shopping in Venice: support local craftsmanship and tradition

What about taking back home glass works or glass sculptures that can surprise you with their high level of refinement? Venetian craftsmanship can also offer you much more: lace, masks, essences. You will feel like you are back in the days of the Serenissima, the proud maritime republic with its trade. If what interests you is high fashion, you will surely find everything and more in the sestiere of San Marco. The alleys that meet in the beautiful square are dotted with designer shops where clerks and orders, impeccable and multilingual, will certainly know how to recommend the right dress. paper


Gioelli di murano glass


Venice: craftsmanship and tradition

Venezia artigianato. Vetro murano

Italian craftsmanship stands out all over the world for its preciousness and is synonymous with undisputed quality. Venice, having always been a crossroads of commercial traffic, has had the opportunity, throughout history, to come into contact with various cultures, which has contributed to the development of a flourishing craft. Unfortunately, today many trades have disappeared or almost all traces of them have been lost. Did you know, for example, that ironworking had flourished in Venice? Over the years, this activity was gradually transferred to the mainland. Murano, on the other hand, with its glass processing, resists stoically despite the invasion of non-original glass objects, which unfortunately invade Venice. But in addition to the master glassmaker, today there is another figure connected to an art once flourishing, now become more niche: the lacemaker of Burano. Of centuries-old tradition, lace was initially the responsibility of women from noble families who only made complicated designs with a needle and thread. Subsequently, other techniques were developed and spread among young women and the common people. In the seventeenth century, Burano’s embroidery was in competition with French embroidery, which lacked refinement compared to the island’s works. Today, with mass industrial production, the work of lacemakers has fallen considerably, even if the patience of this ancient craft still produces valuable objects recognized by true connoisseurs.

Craftsmen Venice, choose the shop that suits you!

Artigiani Venezia - vetro muranoVivoVenetia takes you on a visit to the workshops to share the secrets that are handed down from generation to generation.

For example, in the workshop where coloured glass beads are made, you will have the opportunity to see their fascinating creation as well as the creation of unique pieces of jewellery.

During the visit to a dedicated paper manufacturer, the tranquility of the place will take you into a remote atmosphere made of tools and utensils, which embody all the knowledge of this ancient art.

You can also visit the workshop where are created and taught the engravings techniques on plate. The negative drawing obtained will then allow you to create several copies, equal but not identical to the subject chosen.

The world of Venetian craftsmanship is still alive and pulsating! Choose which one makes you dream the most!

Shopping in Venice

Shopping a Venezia. Maschere artigianali

Venice can almost be defined as the paradise of fashion bloggers. Not only for the suggestive scenery it offers to Instagram fans, but also for the myriad of choices offered by high fashion shops and made in Italy shops.

Shopping in Venice is really a pleasant experience: most shops are like a tiny universe in their own right. From the small shop so full of clothes in which it is almost hard to move, to the large and luxurious haute couture shops that occupy buildings of unique beauty and inside which, between a dusting of Armani and the décolleté of Manolo Blahnik, you can see a stucco or an old floor.

Want some tips?

In the midst of the forest of Venetian shops there are workshops that continue to manufacture manually the masks of papier-mâché, the true symbol of the carnival. Observing the plaster casts accumulated on the tables and the craftsmen grappling with the painting and decoration of the masks, you will not be able to resist the temptation to have one all to yourself. From anthropomorphic to more traditional features, Venetian masks remain one of the most popular must-have among tourists, along with another product: glass jewelry.

The manufacture of colored pearls favors the flowering of many jewelry shops, where a material as simple as glass can reach levels of sophistication unthinkable.

In addition to the beauty of glass, try to get lost in the fragrances of Venetian perfumeries.

Venice perfumes

It has been established that certain perfumes, wherever they are perceived, send our thoughts back to something: a person, a place or a city. Venice will remain in your heart even more if you test the essences it offers, enclosed in antique style bottles decorated in gold. Precious spices and oils are the basis of the Venetian perfumery tradition, which is still perpetrated over time by some famous brands, whose shops are still in Venice.

The Venetian shops will offer you a number of products to turn your head, all lined up and ready to make you brainchild to decide which is the right one for you.

It is practically impossible to leave Venice empty-handed.

Fondaco dei tedeschi

Shopping a Fondaco dei TedeschiIt is likely that the word fondaco is not present in your daily vocabulary and that therefore its meaning escapes you. This term refers to a medieval construction typical of cities by the sea, generally used as a warehouse in the lower part and as accommodation for merchants passing through, in the upper floors. In Venice there are still several; among the most famous you will surely have heard of the Fondaco dei Turchi, which houses the museum of natural sciences, and the Fondaco dei Tedeschi.

The Fondaco (or Fontego in Venetian) of the Germans boasts not only a view of the Grand Canal, but even its proximity to the magnificent Rialto bridge. For a long time it was the seat of the Italian postal service until, in recent times, after restoration work, it reopened its doors to the city under the guise of a luxury shopping mall.

After having winked at the statue of Goldoni, take a few meters and let the door open gallantly to enter this parallel world.

The Fondaco is not only made up of shops, the inner courtyard hosts a refined bar whose comfortable armchairs will surely invite you to rest after your afternoon of “tiring” shopping and the atmosphere and soft lights, will remind you almost a lounge bar. Follow the red carpet and walk through the various environments being tempted by Gucci, Valentino, Dior, and why not Burberry or Cartier. We recommend a treat: if you book in advance you can access the panoramic terrace for free …. you will have Venice at your feet.

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