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The oarmaker’s workshop: the art of making a Gondola forcola and oar

By visiting the workshop of one of the oldest trades in Venice, you’ll get to know the story behind the art of making a Forcola (Venetian oarlocks) and its Oar. You will learn about the process as well as all the required tools!


  • Discover artisanal Venice: the forcolaio workshop!
  • Because you will immerse yourself in the world of Venetian boats!
  • Because the love and dedication to an ancient profession will amaze you!


Remer Venice: visit the gondola forcola and oar’s shop!

The Venice Gondola , the typical rowing boat is surely famous all over the world! In the Grand Canal and under the Rialto Bridge, everywhere you look, you can not help but see gondolas. But how about gondola’s oars and forcole (the rowlocks)? Have you ever wondered where and how are they made? And above all, who makes them?

Visit the remer (also called forcolaio), the specialist workshop that deals with the construction of forcole, oars and pitchforks. This is a traditional shop, a place where time has stopped, dominated by a brick vault! Among the exposed wooden beams and tools, you will meet a skilled craftsman!

Forcolaio: a typically Venetian craft, originating from 1307!

A city built on water means the need for boats and all the tools necessary to navigate! Visit a workshop that deals with making forcolas, oars and pitchforks. Documented since 1307 by the artisans’ guild, this visit will show you how the special art of Remer continues to this day!

The forcolaio himself will tell you all about the tradition of the rowers and the tools that are used during the processing. The attention to detail and the skills of the tradesmen are the key things which make each object unique and perfect of its type. Observe the care and attention which is needed to create these things and appreciate the skill required.

Remer, Venice moves by rowing!

“My job is that of the remèr (builder of oars and pitchforks). I offer this experience to give people the opportunity to understand what it means today to build forks and oars in Venice. “

The hallmark of this activity is passion, the passion for Venetian rowing boats! From a youthful pastime to the work of a lifetime, a passion discovered and learned by the oldest master remer of Venice. The main ingredients? Love, dedication and dexterity.

What this experience offers:

  • Introduction to the history of the work of the remer
  • An explanation of technical and artistic peculiarities
  • Practical demonstration of all the steps needed to create the oar
  • Question and answer session


This experience is quite unique to Venice, and it will help you understand the culture and history of this craft, so integral to the city of the lagoon.

Come and discover the workshops of the remer which are scattered throughout the various districts. If you contact us and let us know where you are staying, we will direct you to the nearest rowing shop!

Do not hesitate to contact us and let us know your requirements. We will be more than happy to assists you!


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    The activity will take place with a minimum of 10 participants.

    Weekly rates (from Monday to Friday): starting from € 10 per person

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    Workshop visit and explanations.

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