Venice at night: gondola ride, walking tour and concert

What to do in Venice in the evening? A gondola ride under the bridge of sighs after sunset is always splendid but it’s just a taste of what one evening in Venice can offer you! Tonight we at VivoVenetia will be your exceptional guide for a good time in Venice at night. Not only the Rialto bridge or the doges palace, or even the basilica of San Marco, although all are undoubtedly splendid destinations, but we want to add mystery and legends to offer you an unforgettable evening. And if you’re feeling lucky, you might venture a bet at the Vendramin Calergi palace that houses a historic casino overlooking the Grand Canal!


Venice at night – some advice

The streets of Venice in the evening are in fact a very safe and quiet place, perhaps too quiet according to the youngest students or natives who usually like to meet for a spritz or a glass of wine in a wine bar in Campo Santa Margherita. After the day trippers have gone, the city tends to become really lively only during events such as the carnival or the Feast of the Redeemer.


Night tour in Venice and gondola ride

Our lagoon island, with its its labyrinths of streets and canals, is a mysterious and fascinating place at night.

On sunny days the lagoon shines, with the countless reflections created by the canals that edge the buildings. At sunset it becomes a fairytale landscape: the sun turns the sky red, everything fades and seems to become a painting by Turner.

The night instead is the moment of quiet after the assault of the crowds of tourists: it is here that brings out its unique charm.

Especially in the winter months, when you visit Venice, the fog comes down and cloaks everything in mystery.

Wandering around the city takes on a fantastic and strangely magical air. It is precisely at this moment, when you almost cannot distinguish the person who is crossing the bridge in front of you, or on a clear night when the moon illuminates the waters, that the adventure begins.

A Venice night gondola ride is a really unmissable experience !

Venice at night gondola ride photo

Ghosts tour in Venice at night

Venice at night – ghost tour

Our Venice Ghost tour will take you to unreal places with a dreamlike atmosphere in the heart of the beautiful city of Venice. Our guide and a small group of brave tourists, will enjoy a unique experience, a walking tour where the ghosts of the past will come to life! One last thing: the tour will also take place in the rain, it can only add to the atmosphere!

Venice at night – art, stories and legends

There are many legends and mystery around Venice that live in the city of Venice. Its palaces whisper ancient stories of love, betrayal and death.

Like that of Ca ’Dario, the cursed palace overlooking the Grand Canal, where an aura of bad energy has always been felt (let’s just say that all its owners came to a sticky end); or the palace of the lover merchant who had marked his home with a camel so that the beauty who had refused him could find him in Venice .. alas she never showed up. There are stories about the two surviving columns in Piazza San Marco to..

Get ready for an unusual semi private tour that we run a few times during the year … The magnificent Contarini del Bovolo staircase at night, combined with a guided tour of the Ospedaletto complex, the oldest shelter for widows, orphans and elderly people in Venetian history …

Venice by night: tours, dinners and concerts

During the day, Venice shines with the beauty of its squares and palaces – above all St. Mark’s Square with the Doge’s Palace and the St. Mark’s Basilica; there are plenty of museums to visit – such as the Peggy Guggenheim – and iconic sights not to be missed such as the Libreria Acqua Alta.

Then evening falls and the doors of Teatro La Fenice and the opera houses open. Small concerts that liven up Venice’s nightlife begin in the city’s clubs.

Night after night, Venice is always a surprise. We can create an ideal evening in venice for you! Perhaps a gondola tour at sunset with your loved one or a beautiful a classical music concert to round off your evening in style!

Or are you a gourmet expert who travels the world to taste typical dishes to write in your blog? You should know that Venetian cuisine, despite having quite basic dishes and fish, has undergone various influences from the East but also from Northern Europe and you can enjoy a dinner of typical specialties and get a true flavour of the venice Serenissima!

Venice by night - Canal Grande

A food tour in Venice is definitely one of the best keys to get in touch with the gourmet spirit of the city at night.

classical music

Venice concerts at night – the music of the lagoon.

There are frequent concerts in Venice. There are many venues including the Venetian bacari (tapas bars) where live music can be played between a spritz and a cicchetto.

Warm notes of Venice jazz, new compositions of little known but very talented musicians will colour the background while you sip your drinks.

There are some places that have evenings dedicated to the piano bar, if you love this kind of retro entertainment, there are some interesting ones and they will immerse you in the Venetian nightlife!

If you prefer classical music why not, spend an evening in the company of the ensemble of Venetian musicians who are known internationally.

There is a lot of choice for these evenings of Musica a palazzo. Their repertoires are generally centered on the Baroque and on the most famous arias of the composers who made history, with a special penchant for Vivaldi and his four seasons.

Do you want to see what kind of other activities Venice offers you?