Venice Carnival Costume Rental : delivery available!

Venice Carnival Costume Rental: delivery and pick-up at your hotel available!


Beautiful costumes to hire.

High quality outfits with authentic details.

Delivery and pick up at your hotel available !



Standard Costume: 400 EUR/pers
Luxury Costume: 600 EUR/ pers

Delivery and Pick up: 50 EUR/pers

Other practical information

Suitable for kids from 10 y.o.
Rental lasts 24 hours
Once you confirm the purchase of the desired model, we will send you a form to be filled with your measures
Possibility of delivery and final collection of the costume directly at your hotel (extra cost)

Spoken Languages

  • Italian
  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Spanish

Included / Excluded

Included :

Costume and accessories
24 hour rental
Delivery and collection (if you have booked this service – extra fee)

Excluded :

What not specifically included

Sales Conditions

In case of cancellation:

  • Up to 15 days before rental day, a cancellation fee of 50% will apply.
  • Thereafter, up to 7 days before rental day, a cancellation fee of 75% will apply.
  • No reimbursements will be possible for cancellation in the last 7 days before rental days and NO show.


Every day


24 hours


    Enjoy a unique experience for Venice Carnival and wear one of the traditional Venice Carnival Costumes ! With Venice Carnival costumes Rental you can wear gorgeous outfits authentic to the historical period and typical of Venice Carnival. You can attend parties and events, or parade in San Marco along with other stunning Venetian masked party goers! Embody a perfect lady or a gallant nobleman of the Serenissima wrapped in an aura of mystery. It is guaranteed that it will be a wonderful memory of your stay in Venice!

    What kind of Venetian Carnival Costumes are there? Here you can get a quick overview of Carnival of Venice Types of Venetian Masks

    Venice Carnival Costume Rental: how does it work?

    When Venice evokes the glories of its joyful past there are many balls, masquerades, gala dinners and celebrations! Most of them require Venetian costumes and masks as a dress code. If you’re lucky enough to attend such events, the tailor-made costumes rental will enable you to be the star of the evening! Request the costume catalogue with more than 100 models available, both for ladies and gentlemen. You can choose and wear the costume that best suits your personality and your tastes for this very special occasion.

    In our atelier every costume is hand-made to the smallest detail. The models are designed by our artists, on the base of historically accurate models.

    Try-on session at our Costume Atelier in Venice

    In order to rent your costume we ask you first to fill out a form with your exact measurements. With historical costumes we go into a lot of detail so you will have to measure your waist, chest, arms and legs. Based on these measurements you will then be shown all the available costumes. In the days before your event a costume try-on session will be fixed at atelier, just a few minutes from Rialto Bridge. During the session every little detail will be fixed for the dress to fit perfectly. Once this is done, you will be ready to promenade in the city or take part in a sumptuous Venice Carnival party event.

    To view the complete catalogue of costumes, just contact us! We will give you all the information on the costumes available for the date of your event!

    Costume Delivery and Collection service

    An extra service we offer is the delivery and collection of your costume from your accommodation in Venice. If you deceide to go for this option, on rental day the costume will be delivered directly to your hotel. It will be picked up 24 hours later and cleaned. All you have to do is focus on having your unforgettable night!

    Venice Carnival Costume Rental: how much does it cost?

    Obviously … it depends! We need to stress that Venetian costumes have little to do with the average carnival costumes that you can purchase online for a few dozen euro. These handmade products are created in the ateliers of Venice with beautiful hard wearing materials. They are unique pieces and are rich in refined details faithful to the 18th century period. These are very special costumes that represent an ancient Venetian tradition, and their design has been researched and studied by the artisans. 18th-century Venice, with Casanova and the likes telling stories of stunning parties happening at the time, has always inspired artists, artisans, creatives and lovers of beauty and splendour. Even today, tailoring makes Venice famous all over the world. Venice is a veritable capital of vintage fashion. Here you can find out more about the traditional models of Venice Carnival Masks.

    To give you an idea of price range for a 24-hour rental: the price varies from 400 to 600 euro. For particularly elaborate models, prices can be higher. The cost for delivery and collection at your hotel is 50 euro.

    Check also our other offer for Venice Carnival Outfits: 24hr rental


    Venetian carnival costume rental is available all year round. Even outside of carnevale this service allows you to take part in an amazing personal Photoshoot in Venice Italy .

    But this is not all! You can xplore the magic and the beauty of a traditional Costume Atelier like atelier tiepolo or atelier pietro longhi with a guided tour hosted  by the artisans themselves! Find out all the secrets of Venetian mask making and Venice Masquerade Costumes

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