Night in Venice: things to do in Venice (Italy) at night

Venice is a beautiful city that runs to its own rhythm. It may seem that things are very quiet at night and that there isn’t much night life when you visit Venice, but a night in Venice provides its own amusements.

Many people will be drinking and talking over their day in the bars but there is also a lively music scene with people having a good time – you just need to know where to look!

Experience your night in Venice with our different experiences !

Huge concerts? No, thanks!

Twenty-six years ago, on July 15, 1989, Pink Floyd came to Venice for one of the biggest (and most disorganized) music performance in history, right for the Redentore holiday. The event was filmed by RAI, the national television channel, to show it on TV worldwide.

Due to television requirements, the show only lasted 90 minutes, with more than 200,000 people packing Piazza San Marco (St Mark’s Square) and Riva degli Schiavoni where there are the Doge’s Palace and the St. Mark’s Basilica.

The event took a heavy toll on the city, and Venice was devastated.

The geography of the city means that it is impossible  for Venice to host huge events (except for some local celebrations): the city itself does not have the right spatial structure.

Venice by night - Canal Grande

Nonetheless, people living here know pretty well where to find concerts and music events. Local music bands and artists regularly play in small bars almost every night of the week; these shows are small ones, and they may not even be widely publicized, but they enliven the city at sunset.

Hence, Venice hosts many small events that usually start around 7 pm and end before midnight, in total harmony with the Venetian pace.

In addition to the events and shows you can enjoy at Teatro La Fenice and the city’s opera houses, here is a musical tour of Venice in a list of some typical Venetian bars hosting live music events. Throughout the week, you will find a show to attend while sipping a glass of wine and taking small bites of local cuisine.

Things to do in Venice at night: bars and places with live music.

To give you an idea of the musical variety to be found, we tried to make a list per weekday. However, we recommend checking their Web site and social media.


Paradiso Perduto

A simple place in Cannaregio that is part of Venice’s history since the 80s. It serves local cuisine, and presents live music, in particular on Mondays.


Ai biliardi

Just like its name suggests, this spot first opened as a pool room. In another room, there is a stage for live events and shows, which are organized especially on Tuesdays.


Bacaràndo in Corte dell’Orso

Located near the Rialto bridge, this bar-restaurant is very typical. It proposes a wide range of activities and shows during the week. In particular, live music on Wednesday nights and piano bar on Sundays.


Al Parlamento

A stylish place that is big enough to hosts live jazz and blues bands on Friday nights, especially during summertime. It is located in Cannaregio, at about 5 minutes from Ponte delle Guglie.

Laboratorio Occupato Morion

A self-managed place from the 90s that was recently refurbished. Located far from the touristy and noisy areas of Venice, in Castello, this community centre proposes workshops, group activities and live music.


Metri Cubi

At first a political hangout spot for youth, this place has changed over the years. Nowadays, it has music events, especially during the weekend, in addition to screening movies.


Taverna al Remer

Also located in Cannaregio, this place is very popular for its happy hours with a buffet and live music during the weekend, but most of all for the beautiful view on the Grand Canal.

Every day

Venice Jazz Club

If you are fond of jazz music, this is the right place for you! Jazz concerts are held almost every night. A welcome drink is included with the cover charge.

In Mestre

On the mainland, here are some of the many places worth going to.

Spazio Aereo

It’s hard to properly define this place given that they propose a mix of music, theatre and dance. Without any well-defined schedule or commercial infrastructure, it has established itself on the Italian music scene over the years thanks to the organizers’ continuous efforts. Friday and Saturday nights are the most crowded.


The community centre of Mestre par excellence! It organizes live events of various types and once a month, it hosts Altavoz, an electronic music event with international DJs. Open mainly on Fridays and Saturdays.

Al Vapore

A great place proposing jazz, rock and blues, and hosting events almost every day except on Monday, with special consideration for emerging bands.

Forte Marghera

A local hangout for youth as well as a bar hosting live music events and DJ sets. But there is more to it: artistic events, workshops and festivals are also part of Forte Marghera’s busy agenda. In fact, social gatherings and events are organized especially during the summertime, every day except on Monday.

So forget about what you heard… that in Venice “there is nothing to do”. Night time reality is quite different. Okay, you won’t find any large-scale events, but small ones that meet everyone’s tastes, in wine bars crowded with regular customers.

As a result, you will get quality rather than quantity, and meet people who are real fans. It may certainly be easier to go from one place to another on the mainland, but nothing can match the charm of the streets of Venice!