Venice with kids – things to see and do with the family

Venice is an ancient city rich in history and culture, with a million stories to tell. There are many tours in Venice you can do with the family. Perhaps a treasure hunt; or a workshop where you can try decorating carnival masks, or maybe making paper. Venice with kids is great fun! 


Venice attractions for kids and fun activities

What are the best attractions and activities with kids? You can go on a treasure hunt; or you can join a workshop and decorate carnival masks, or maybe you can learn how to make paper.  First of all, we can offer child-friendly tours to explain historical facts and describe Venice’s buildings in an interactive way so that the little ones will be interested and can understand. Our museums are ready to welcome you with family friendly guided tours. Out on the water why not take a gondola ride, a vaporetto (water bus) a boat cruise. Or maybe take a bike tour along the coast or on the island of Sant’Erasmo.

Venice does have greenery and gardens, although many are private and difficult to access, but there are also public green spaces, such as Sant’Elena or the airy gardens of the Biennale which have with a playground for small children!

Sunday, is the family day in Italy: so keep in mind that there may be more things to do for you at the weekend.

Venice with kids: Courses and Workshops

venice with kids

If you are in Venice with children, why not let them take a craft workshop related to the history and customs of the lagoon city. How about a workshop with a mask maker where kids can enjoy painting and colouring typical carnival masks? It’s good fun but also a chance to learn what is behind this tradition in Venice. Another fascinating workshop we suggest is a course with a master paper maker to create your own sheet of paper!

Workshops, are a great way for kids to learn how to love Venice! Parents can stay and join the activity or take the opportunity to go for a walk! They will have time to see some more of the city or to enjoy an aperitif at Pescheria, near the Rialto Bridge!

Things to do in Venice with kids: Treasure hunt!

This is great fun for children – a treasure hunt in Venice!  Venice lends itself to a treasure hunt with its maze of streets which have surprises around every corner! Adults will love it too because by solving the puzzles you will be directed to places you would not normally know about! You will find yourself having to solve questions and find clues in the streets of this complex city! In addition, Venice is the perfect place for treasure hunts because there are no cars at all so kids can run about without risk. The city is quiet and safe for children. Normally Venetian children can be found with schoolmates and friends out and about or in the campiello in front of their house, playing hide-and-seek, football, jump rope or riding a scooter!

Or choose a guided walk where you can explore the city searching for the symbols of the Serenissima, such as the winged  lion of St Mark’s Square.

kids treasure huntThings to do in Venice with family – museum tours

The city is full of museums, as it is itself a great museum to marvel at. Why not take a guided tour of Venice for children. Plan your family visits to the museum. To start with take a dip into the history of the Serenissima Republic, by visiting the grand Palazzo Ducale in Piazza San Marco. An expert guide will accompany you to discover the dungeons, the places of judgment and the Piombi cells in which Casanova, famous for his fantastical escape, was imprisoned! Finally there is the arms room and the passage across the Bridge of Sighs where you can look out at the world  so many prisoners did on their way to jail!

Also in Piazza San Marco you can take your children on a visit to the Correr Museum, where the little ones will surely be impressed by the palatial rooms and artifacts on show!

A great museum to take kids to is undoubtedly the Museum of Natural History. At the entrance, is an enormous skeleton of a tyrannosaurus rex!

For those who like to learn more about the history of wars and boats of Venice, a visit to the Naval History Museum cannot be missed.

All the civic museums organize activities, guided tours and discounts for families and children, so keep an eye on the calendar! Check out the Kids Day at the Peggy Guggenheim Collection in Venice. Look at our article on Venice for children

Venice with kids – Lagoon Trips!

Kids will love a trip to the Venice Lagoon!  The lagoon is a unique environment and you can choose one of our tours to the islands of Murano, Burano or Torcello, independently or with a guide. You will learn how Venice has became a maritime and trade power throughout the Mediterranean. Children will love the fun boat ride, through the waves to discover small colourful islands like Burano or the garden island of Sant’Erasmo.

Otherwise, a trip on the Grand Canal in Venice on board a vaporetto will allow you to see all the most sumptuous palaces and to listen to stories about the noble families who lived there, up to the Basilica of Santa Maria della Salute and finally Piazza San Marco. If you want children to remember this tour for a lifetime then just take them on a gondola for a tour of the canals of Venice. You will not forget this ride on the famous traditional venetian transport!

kids in gondola

Even in Venice it is possible to take a bike ride outside the historic center. If you go to the Lido of Venice you can rent bicycles and exploring the coast. At the Lido of Venice you can choose from many beach facilities for families and take a dip in the sea!

Venice facts for kids – where to stay

In Venice there is a lot of accommodation and many hotels will provide cots or kettles to heat milk for little ones. Check the location of the hotel and that it is easy to reach by public transport because Venice is not easy to get about with buggies. There’s always lots of  walking in Venice and there are many bridges! Even choosing to stay in Mestre can be an idea, because this part of Venice mainland is certainly cheaper, and well connected to the city by buses and trams.

As you can see there is a huge choice of things to do in Venice with Kids!


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