Via ferrata dolomites!

Climb the via ferrata in the dolomites. Take the climbing route to see the site of the Vajont Dam scene of a disaster in 1963 which killed 2000 people.


Fabulous mountain scenery

A challenge for experienced climbers

See the location of the Vajont Dam disaster



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4 pers : 50 EUR /per  person

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    Via ferrata Dolomites

    Are you an outdoor enthusiast who enjoys climbing? If you want to get into the great outdoors during your visit to Venice and the Veneto, there are many options for you, but the Dolomite mountains have got to be one of the most spectacular.
    We offer you the experience of a very special hiking journey which follows the rocky slopes of the Vajont Dam disaster in the dolomite mountains. In the 1960s, the border area in the eastern dolomites between Veneto and Friuli saw the construction of a very tall dam for the production of electricity, between the municipalities of Erto and Casso. On the evening of October 9, 1963, part of the slope of Mount Toc gave way and there was a huge landslide. After about a hundred metres it hit the dam, causing an enormous mass of water to overflow. The impact of the landslide on the reservoir raised a wave more than 70 metres high, which swept away the hamlet of Erto and brushed past the village of Casso, before rising over the dam and crashing down on the town of Longarone beneath, killing almost 2000 people..

    Despite the huge landslide, the violence of the water and the immense displacement of air, the dam remained almost intact. Apart from the area where the control room was located, overwhelmed and completely swept away. This work of great hydraulic engineering is still splendid to see with its double arched shape. It is in a fantastic position, overlooking the river Piave and the small town of Longarone.


    The Vajont Dam has become a place to visit, open to the public for the past 20 years and currently managed by the Friulian Dolomites Park Authority; it boasts over 100,000 annual visitors.


    The Cortina mountain guides wanted to commemorate the tragedy that took place in Vajont with a special memorial hiking trail. A new guided route and rock climb was opened  in October 2015, which takes the climber up the high mountain to a vantage point to see where this disaster happened. A ‘via ferrata’ or ferrata route is a protected climbing route found in the Alps and certain other locations.

    How to reach the via ferrata dolomites

    FROM LONGARONE: After reaching the area of Longarone bl, along the regional road 251 that leads from Longarone to Erto, you reach the village of Codissago. Follow the road, which climbs up to the sixth bend. Here you leave the asphalt road to take a very exposed road that leads, after about a hundred meters, to a tunnel.

    FROM ERTO: If you come from Erto, pass the dam, at the second bend, on the left you will find the sign to start the via ferrata. We advise you to wear the ferrata equipment or harness from here.


    Ferrata on Vajont: climb Mount Toc

    This experience will take you climbing new routes or vie ferrate, up to the vajont dam. A mountain guide will lead you through tunnels and rocky walls. Ideal for mountain lovers. The route is of medium difficulty, and is only recommended for climbers with some previous experience.
    Once you reach the top, the view of the dolomites is unparalleled,
    The ferrata is mainly in sun so its a pleasant climb, technically the central part is the most difficult.


    The Ferrata della Memoria

    In addition to the challenge of the climb itself, and the spectacular scenery you will see along the way it is important to remember the history of this ferrata roda . Conceived by the alpine guides to commemorate the disaster of Vajont, this excursion is also a time to  reflect on what happened here during that disaster. A particularly evocative stretch is the one that approaches the dam. Although the ascent does not occur exactly near the dam, the overall sight is that of a monumental concrete wall that dominates the scene. In such a context, it seems impossible not to reflect on the disaster of 1963, when the wall gave way to the huge wave of water. The road that leads on after the ascent is also an opportunity to observe the works and tools used during the construction of the dam.
    This is a great experience for mountain enthusiasts, and there is also the chance to try a new route inside the gorge downstream of the Vajont dam, an unprecedented access route to the open dam on the anniversary day.

    Among the many via ferrata dolomites, this is a climb of some difficulty, which will take you to explore the steep walls and the beautiful rocky landscape of this portion of the roda de Dolomites.

    We will pass through tunnels, alternating with ledges with cable, and we will climb until we reach the path that will lead us to the Vajont dam.You will see the tre cime or three peaks and the Sella group which is a plateau-shaped massif in these mountains. The Sella lies north of the Marmolada and to the east of the Langkofel.

    Technical data
    This is 600 m of climbing on the initial path followed by 60 m vertically
    Total difference in height: about 300 meters
    Difficulty: Medium / difficult
    You must be fit to do this climb and have some previous climbing exprience.

    Other practical information

    Our guides take from 1 person to a maximum of 4 people
    For larger groups, another guide will accompany you
    Suitable for children from 16 years (without parents’ support) and for adults
    Mountain sports clothing and packed lunch required (boots, wind / rain jacket, fleece or light down jacket, food and water)
    Please advise the Mountain Guide of any physical problems, allergies or other health issues you may have.
    The Mountain Guide has the right to stop the trip if the weather conditions are unsuitable. The tour will then be postponed to a later date.
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