What to see in Treviso

Treviso isn’t as famous as Venice, but it is one of the loveliest and most charming cities in Veneto. So here’s our selection of what to see in Treviso alone, with your partner, with friends or with the whole family! The motto of the province of Treviso is “If you see it … you fall in love”! The historic center of Treviso has little romantic canals, different from the grand canal in Venice, but still very scenic. Places to see are the piazza dei Signori, Piazza del Duomo, fish market and the palazzo dei Trecento. The Treviso Civic Museums are housed in Santa Caterina headquarterswith unique exhibitions organized inside the Carraresi House. There are three grand city gates which provide an entrance through the city walls. Porta San Tommaso, chiesa di san nicolò and San Vito. The Treviso region is home to the sparling Italian wine Prosecco and the Prosecco road is the first tourist attraction not to be missed! Other attractions not to miss are the Palladian villas of the Veneto, the river sile, the Serravalle area and the town of Asolo. there is so much to see in Treviso Province! You can visit Treviso in a day Day from Venice, the train journey is only  in half an hour.

1. Visit some of the nicest towns in Italy

Treviso’s province boasts 4 of the most historic towns in Veneto and all of northern Italy called “borghi più belli d’Italia”. 

Asolo, an artistic town among the hills;

Cison di Valmarino, where the  Artigianato Vivo fair takes place, is full of beautiful villas and vineyards to discover;

Follina, in the Alta Marca;

Portobuffolè, with its beautiful Prà dei Gai.

10 things to do in Treviso: Asolo, 1966. PH Paolo Monti -Fondazione BEIC at Civico Archivio Fotografico in Milano.

10 things to do in Treviso: Asolo, 1966. PH Paolo Monti -Fondazione BEIC at Civico Archivio Fotografico in Milano.

2. What to see in treviso province – the prosecco and wine road

Treviso is where Prosecco originates, and it is of course a place where wine-tasting is taken seriously. Spending a day in the Prosecco hills will allow you to combine wine tastings and visits to cultural treasures: the abbey of Follina, the castle of Conegliano which rises in the highest part of the city and has all the charm of the real medieval castle, the mill of Croda di Refrontolo, etc. You can consult the prosecco road association website to help decide your itinerary. There are lots of options.. The most comfortable way to do the route is by car or vespa! A bicycle would be ideal but the roads are very busy and there are no cycle paths.

Enjoy the local specialties with our tips:

Wine-tasting Torchiato di Fregona Piera Dolza, Boschera and Grappa di Torchiato at Fregona’s Centro di Appassimento;

Wine-tasting Prosecco at Farra di Soligo, in a biological winery

10 things to do in Treviso: try the famous tiramisù!

10 things to do in Treviso: try the famous tiramisù!

3. On the trail of taste: local specialties

Treviso has a strong culinary tradition, and enjoying its specialties is certainly. Tiramisù is one of Italy’s most beloved desserts around the world, and Treviso is where it originated, so make sure to try the real thing if you come here, you won’t be disappointed! The whole province is dedicated to the preservation of local culinary traditions, like the cold-cuts from Cison di Valmarino or the cheese from Parenzin. The area around Conegliano offers some lovely spots to stop for refreshment, why not try the local tramezzini, panini and focaccie. Here are some tips for you:

Revine Lakes: two beautiful lakes, Lago lake and Santa Maria lake, perfect for a photo opportunity

Piave river’s shores: see vast gravel beaches, with lots of picturesque spots.

10 things to do in Treviso: Revine Lake

10 things to do in Treviso: Revine Lake

4. Treviso bike tours on the Montello

Il Montello is a hill covered in woods, which used to be a wood reserved for the use of the Republic of Venice: most of the wood used to “make Venice float” comes from these very woods.
With the exception of the period of the Great War of 15-18, the Montello has always stood out as a place of spiritual peace, and even today it is possible to see fascinating relics that are found among the forest paths. Montello is ideal for cycling tours. It is considered the true paradise of the cyclist and was the home of the cycling world championships. We offer you a customized racing bike rental service! Indications are included as to the routes you can use in the area. Vehicle pick-up and drop-off services are included. The bike tour of Montello is a wonderful experience that you will definitely enjoy.

5. Sile river’s and Sile National Park

The Regional Natural Park of the Sile river is developing a green corridor that promotes slow travel (including bike, boat and walking) from Portegrandi to Treviso. Along the way there are some of the most atmospheric places in the Marca, such as the Burci Cemetery, where there are ancient boats sunk in fresh water. We advise you to visit the park by bike, kayak or maybe both. The Canadian canoe is also an excellent way to navigate the river, accompanied by an expert environmental guide. There are seven cycling routes to choose from.

10 things to do in Treviso: Try the Greenway along Sile river

10 things to do in Treviso: Try the Greenway along Sile river


6. From the Marca to the Dolomites on a Vespa

Would you like to ride along panoramic roads, see breathtaking views, valleys and fascinating mountains? You can rent a Vespa, grab a map and go with whoever you like! The valley and the Dolomites have a special charm when experienced on freedom of a motorbike. The possible options are endless!

10 things to do in Treviso: a landscape in the Marca Trevigiana

10 things to do in Treviso: a landscape in the Marca Trevigiana7

7. Treviso spa and relax

Treat yourself to a break at a local wellness center! Among the Trevisian lakes, why not try our wellness tour and pamper yourself, so you can continue your holiday completely refreshed!

8. Art and culture: Villa Tiepolo Passi

A visit to Villa Tiepolo Passi is among the top things you should do in Treviso. This is a place which seems frozen in time, and you will be guided through the villa and learn the  traditional customs  of Venetian country life.