Workshop on engraving techniques and lithography in Vicenza

The ultimate place for training and learning artistic printing! In Giancarlo’s studio, located in the heart of Vicenza, workshops for adults on lithography and various engraving techniques take place. Lower rates for school of fine arts students.





Adults: 120 EUR/participant
School of fine art students: 80 EUR/participant

Other practical information

Additional information:

From 6 to 8 participants max.
Workshop takes place in a studio (not subject to weather conditions)
No particular clothing is required; in case, it will be provided by the shop
All materials are included
Lunch break not included

Spoken Languages

  • Italian
  • English

Included / Excluded

Included :


Excluded :

Lunch break

Sales Conditions

Should you cancel the experience, a 10% fee will be withheld.
There will be no refund in case of a NO SHOW, i.e. not attending the experience at the time and place agreed for the experience to be carried out.


Saturdays and Sundays


From 9 am to 5 pm


    Art Print: matrices, inks and paper, all under the press

    This Italian etching workshop is one of the few printing works of artistic printing laboratories in Veneto. It is situated in the heart of the city of Vicenza, in a palace built in the 16th century. A fascinating place, rich in history, where you will have the opportunity to observe my artistic printer work, an ancient profession and unfortunately rare.

    This visit will help you discover the fascinating history of printing, its evolution, the different techniques and the historical importance that this invention has played in the territory of the Serenissima. And finally, you can try with your hands to produce a graphic work, an incision or lithography and bring with you a concrete souvenir of this experience.

    Here, you have always the possibility to meet artists, see archive of our previous works and spends a few hours in a peaceful place where time seems to have stopped.

    A one-day workshop to learn different engraving techniques or lithography. Giancarlo’s artistic printing shop is located in the heart of Vicenza, and represents one of the very few places where it is possible to learn by practicing with true professionals. Years of experience and teaching ensure high-quality training, for all attendees. Workshops are held during the weekend and are designed for adults and school of fine arts students (the latest are offered lower rates).The artistic printing shop is also open to guided tours – click on Art print –, and teaching activities for kids – see Kid workshops.


    How did lithography develop?

    The invention happened in a completely random way, the inventor was Austrian Alois Senefelder, in 1796. The starting point is polished stone. In fact, after having appropriately polished it and then drawn on it with a pencil, the bulk is done. Now you only need to wet the image with a mixture of water and calcium in nitrate, then pass over the ink with a rubber roller. How is the printing done? The fat mark of the lithographic pencil remains imprinted on the stone. Once placed on the press therefore, the sheet traces only the parts where the lithographic ink is present, while the wet parts do not release any image.

    Next we come to the digital press from the lithographic press. Here the whole procedure of stone lithography is extremely simplified. Do not miss the opportunity, to discover how posters and pamphlets were printed in the past. Try your hand at making your own engraving, guided by the master printer.


    How do I make a lithograph? Learn it with our course!

    Adult laboratory – Academy students

    The workshops are open to a maximum of 6/8 participants – for lithography, max. 3 participants -, Saturday or Sunday (9.00 – 17.00)

    The following workshop experiences are offered:

    Lithograph (only in this case maximum 3 participants)

    Drypoint engraving

    Etching engraving

    Engraving with the aquatint

    Engraving with ceramolle

    all engraving techniques will be carried out on zinc matrix 15×20 cm

    Participants will have one matrix per type of laboratory and at the end of the day will have two or three proofs of printing and a final copy. The workshop will also be assisted by a professional artist who will follow the participants from an artistic and composition point of view as well as offering their own experience.

    If you have discovered a world that you did not know, that of the art press, you also have a look at the art print workshop!

    Participants will have one matrix per type of laboratory and at the end of the day will have two or three proofs of printing and a final copy.


    Adult and School of Fine Arts Students Workshop

    Workshops welcome a maximum of 6 to 8 participants (3 max for lithography), Saturday or Sunday, from 9 am to 5 pm.

    Here are the various techniques you may learn:

    • Lithography (in this case only, 3 participants max.)
    • Drypoint (puntasecca)
    • Etching
    • Aquatint (acquatinta)
    • Soft wax                                                                                                                                   
    • All engraving techniques will be performed on zinc masters of 15 cm x 20 cm

    Participants will be provided with a master according to chosen workshop. At the end of the day, they should have made two or three printing test and a final copy. A professional artist will attend the workshop in order to coach participants, and share his knowledge.

    Additional information:

    • From 1 to 6 or 8 participants max.
    • No specific clothing: in case it would be provided by the print shop
    • Material included
    • Lunch break excluded


    • Adults: 120 EUR/pers
    • Students from Academy: 80 EUR/pers

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