3 of the best Activity Holidays in Italy

Mainstream places and common activities are too boring for you? Are you looking for something really worth it that will make your Venice activity holidays unforgettable? For your Venice activity holidays, don’t miss the opportunity to tour the enchanting region of Veneto with our expert tour leaders, or rent an e-bike to explore unbeaten paths at your own pace. Here are some original ideas for the perfect Venice activity holidays.

Venice activity holidays in Italy

Cycling in the Venice lagoon

Venetian islands are flat and very easy to tour both by foot and by bike. St. Erasmo island is a heavenly isle, quiet and rich in natural and historical beauties: the perfect place for your eco-friendly Venice activity holidays! Here you can explore the entire island just with a backpack: fill it with some food and beverages, and don’t forget a table cloth that you may use either for a picnic or sunbathing on the shore for a relaxing afternoon. Apart from St. Erasmo, there is another very famous island: the Lido. Forget the red carpet, and tour it with our super comfortable fat bike, which will allow you to ride even on the sandy shore!

Venice activity holiday: fat bike in Lido Island

Venice activity holiday: fat bike in Lido Island

Rowing Venice

The Venetian archipelago counts 62 islands, and many of them can only be reached using private means. Some of them are even so flat that they emerge only at low tide. The most funny and interesting way to explore the archipelago is through the typical voga veneta, or Venetian rowing. Our expert rower will navigate through canals and shallows, to reach small enchanting shores for a picnic: learn something amusing and totally unusual during your Venetian activity holidays!


Dolomites activity holidays in Italy

Dolomites are considered the most beautiful mountains of the alpine chain: explore them through a relaxing tour or a thrilling day! If your passion for natural environments combines with a search for relaxation and tranquillity, join our Dolomites bike tour: you will reach breathtaking peaks and beautiful lakes, where nature is still pure and clean. If you prefer thrilling experiences instead, don’t miss the frozen waterfall climbing on Mount Marmolada, or exciting canyoning in the Venetian alpine district!


Italian “Ferrata” in Dolomites

Are you a trained climber? Are you looking for a real challenge? In the Vajont area, you can climb some of the best alpine ferratas, with a 300-meter height difference. You can get to a famous dam by climbing rock faces. Our alpine guide will show you the best way to reach the top of the dam, and will tell you very impressive stories about the dam and the lake that used to be there.


Padova and thermal activity holidays in Italy

Castles, rivers, vineyards and abbeys: what else do you need for your Venice activity holidays? In Veneto, near Padua, there is a very peculiar hill area called Colli Euganei. Here, only a few roads are accessible by car, all the rest is just for bikes and walkers. All the e-bike tour paths that we propose are very easy to ride, and will offer you a very enjoyable time and panorama. Rent an e-bike and tour the Colli Euganei at your own pace! Choose your favourite tour among the precharged list in our GPS and… go! You can choose the Castles tour, the Hills tour, the Dams and canals tour, and many others!