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Venice Food : an introduction


Venetian Cuisine and the local specialities Venetian cuisine is quite unique. In fact, in its old age history, the Serenissima was exposed to various cultures which influenced the local Venice food, its ingredients and recipes. Many herbs and spices were imported from abroad by the merchants in the past. Nowadays these are mixed with local…

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Cicchetti Venice and Bacari: What you need to know


Where to find Cicchetti in Venice? Bacaro is a typical place that has its roots in the recent history of Italy and the origin of the word itself revolves around wine and its different uses. Bacaro probably derives from a mixture of etymologies related to the drink, the celebrations and the food and wine commercial…

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Venice gondola: the symbol of our city


Venice and the Gondola in history The history of Venice and that of the gondola have intertwined since the XV Century, perhaps even earlier. It is however from the 1400s that we have certain evidence of this in many paintings. After all, this elegant rowing boat was the equivalent of a carriage for nobles and…

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Things to do in Dolomites


   Things to do in the City of Belluno? The provincial capital itself is very interesting to visit, as it is of Roman origin with Venetian architecture, easily recognized by the mullioned windows and doors of the buildings here. The lions of the Serenissima can be seen here too. The historic center is full of…

festa della sensa

Festa della sensa: Venice marry the sea


The feast of sensa today: the story of who was there! We were looking forward to telling you about this event:festa della sensa, to which we participate each year ! An incredible and unforgettable emotion and you know, the first time you dod it, you never forget! At the start of the construction site at…

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Venice concerts: Vivaldi and Baroque


Vivaldi in Venice Vivaldi’s figure is much loved and proudly remembered by us Venetians, perhaps also for his humble origins: the family was large and certainly not sailing in gold, but his undisputed genius knew how to make his way. Antonio Vivaldi was born in Venice in 1678 and since he was a child he…


Scala del bovolo Venice: an hidden jewel


La Scala del Bovolo Venice: a timeless charm What awaits you during your visit to the Scala del Bovolo. Not only will you feel like you are entering an ancient history, but on reaching the panoramic terrace you will have a 360° view of the city (on clear days you can even see the Dolomites…

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Punta Sabbioni : how to reach Venice from Venice beaches


Punta Sabbioni: perfect holidays between seaside and Venice lagoon Punta Sabbioni is a popular seaside resort and is particularly popular between May and September. It is an excellent choice for a beach holiday that includes relaxation, nature, sport, art, excursions and excellent cuisine! It offers many activities for all ages and is well connected with…

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Shopping in Venice: support local craftsmanship and tradition


  Venice: craftsmanship and tradition Italian craftsmanship stands out all over the world for its preciousness and is synonymous with undisputed quality. Venice, having always been a crossroads of commercial traffic, has had the opportunity, throughout history, to come into contact with various cultures, which has contributed to the development of a flourishing craft. Unfortunately,…

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Restaurants in Venice: Where to eat avoinding tourist traps?


Eating by candlelight: romantic Venice restaurants The romantic restaurants of Venice are appreciated and known for their enchanted atmosphere. Venice is a magical city and for this reason it is chosen every year as a destination for couples of all ages, who can be on holiday or on their honeymoon. It is easy to meet…