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Photoshoot in Venice carnival Costumes This is an exceptional experience and we suggest it as an idea for a beautiful souvenir of your trip to Venice! In the frame of St. Mark's Square and crossing the most authentic Venice, among glimpses of infinite beauty, you can be portrayed in a beautiful historic costume. It is also possible to make the photoshoot in a gondola for a romantic gift for a couple.  More details on the page photoshoot in venice italy.

Venice Carnival Costumes: the traditional models you can find in Venice


The Venetian Carnival dresses are handcrafted models, handmade one by one in the ateliers of Venice, specializing in historical research on models, following a careful implementation with materials of excellent quality and attention to detail. Venetian carnival dresses are unique pieces and require months of work at the ateliers to be created. Their number is…

venice carnival masks

Venice Carnival Masks: history, models and workshops


  Venice Carnival: typical masks It is worth remembering that in the past the mask was an instrument used by Venetians in their daily lives, and not only at Carnival! For a certain period of the Serenissima, in fact, it was common to see people going around Venice wearing a mask in order to hide…

Venice Carnival Events 2020: discover the program!


  Venice Carnival dates 2020 edition  What are the cultural events of the world-famous Venice Carnival? What is there to know and how best to organize your stay in the city of the Doges? Let’s see it now! The dates of the Carnival change every year and we will present you the program of the…

venice events

Venice events


Il redentore: the prince of Venice events Il redentore, redeemer festival is surely the highlight of venice’s event calendar. Since 1577, it is celebrated on the third Sunday of July to commemorate the liberation of the city from a terrible plague that decimated the population by about 50,000 people (a third of it). From five…

Palazzo Zaguri Venezia

Da Vinci Venice exhibition: “Authentic Human Bodies. Leonardo da Vinci”


Palazzo Zaguri in Venice once again has got an amazing exhibition program! From May 2019 Leonardo da Vinci lands in the Doges city. The drawings of the great Renaissance master are displayed in a manner they have never been before! Exclusively for the exhibition “Authentic Human Bodies. Leonardo da Vinci”, anatomy sketches in flesh and…

Palazzo Zaguri Kandinsky

From Kandinsky to Botero. All in a Thread: one of the most interesting exhibitions in Venice right now


Zaguri Palace, famous for Venice art exhibitions, holds “From Kandinsky to Botero. All in a Thread” in Venice, an exhibition that is attracting the attention of a large number of visitors from around the world. The strength of this exhibition lies in a combination of genres and techniques. The exhibition will amaze the visitor through…

Palazzo Zaguri

Palazzo zaguri: art exhibition venice


Palazzo Zaguri in Venice is one of the most beautiful Venetian palaces that have hosted in its elegant rooms the history, culture and craftsmanship of Venice with an international scope. This palace had a troubled past among ancient splendours, trade and a recent abandonment. Today, however, Palazzo Zaguri has been reborn thanks to an impressive…

Choose your Venice tour guide !


Venice and the Veneto are packed full of wonders. That’s why it is easy to get lost among all the fabulous things there are to see! The Doge’s Palace, St Mark’s Square, the Rialto Bridge, the Jewish ghetto, St Mark’s Basilica-the “must see” spots are numerous. Choosing to discover the history of Venice through a…

Romantic things to do in Venice


A gondola ride in a romantic Venice A gondola tour is definitely one of the most romantic things you can do in this beautiful city. The views you can see from a Gondola are unique. Let the gondolier guide you up the Grand Canal and under the imposing arch of the Rialto Bridge or glide…

secret venice

Secret Venice


Secret venice: Unusual Itineraries Our guided tours are designed to surprise and inform newcomers to Venice but even those who have been here before will see a new dimension to the place through our unsual things to do in Venice! The welcome tours give a flavour of the essential Venice, a city in which to…