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Venice tours: choose a unique experience !


That Venice is an open-air museum is unquestionable: but it is not enough to simply look at it - you need to live it! Now you have chosen such a unique and enchanting destination don’t you want to have the full experience in the floating city?

Take a few minutes to let yourself be inspired by our suggestions in Visit Venice: let's start here by telling you how to get the most out of your Venice tours, not only through the places of interest to see Check out what to see in Venice  but through the variety of things to do.

Are you ready to take an unforgettable journey? And do not miss our day trips from Venice! Veneto Region is charming.



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Venice treasure hunt


In Venice there is every kind of guided tour available that you can imagine. You can go on a private walking tour or in a group by day or night to discover the mysteries of the Serenissima (the quarters of Venice), on foot or by boat or even by bike! It is undeniable that visiting the traditional must see in Venice like st mark basilica, the doges palace or Palazzo Ducale together with a professional guide is a much better experience. And once you're here you should not miss the bacaro tour, as food and wine in the lagoon city is also part of the local culture.

We often hear that there is nothing to do in Venice at night. Of course, although it may not be a party city, to say that there is nothing to do just is not true. The city of the doges has been for centuries a capital of theatre and music and we Venetians are passionate about the performing arts. Going to a classical music concert is an experience that should not be missed from your itinerary. You will find music not only in theaters and concert halls, but even the traditional bars often organize free concerts. Spend evenings with friends listening to jazz, bossa nova, afro beat, rockabilly and other musical genres. We are sailors, but also musicians and artists! And afterwards, do not forget to take a walk in the piazza san marco and along the Grand Canal to take in the amazing views!

To say that Venice is not a city for children, is just not true. One important point is that there are no cars in Venice which makes it a safe and child-friendly city: our children still play on the street!  What are good things to do in Venice with kids? The Museum of Natural History is still one of the most popular attractions for families, but there are lots of other things too. (PF link)? Why not decorate your own carnival mask or take a boat tour to the islands of the northern lagoon and try a Venetian rowing lesson! Or maybe a fun treasure hunt to learn the story of the Serenissima (the republic of Venice) in an interactive way.  We have lots of ideas for you and for all ages!

The queen of the Adriatic is a marble and mosaic Venus rising from the water that is beautiful to see from land but venice sightseeing from the water is just fascinating.  You must try a ride by vaporetto or private water taxi. You might also want to take a gondola ride or even take a rowing lesson for a couple of hours. Venetian rowing is an ancient technique and this will help you understand the culture of Venice.

Taking a tour to some of Venice’s other islands like murano and burano by boat is also an excellent excursion.

There is more to Venice than the classic destinations and we have a few surprises for you! We are sure that we will be able to delight even the most sceptical and curious of you with a special private tour. You can go to see local artisans at work, or maybe a visit to a squero (where gondolas are made), visit some secret gardens or take a palace tour to see places frequented by great writers of the past like Byron, d'Annunzio and Hemingway. Or why not take an excursion to the island of San Francesco del Deserto or to the island of Sant'Erasmo. You could even take a helicopter ride or a bike ride on the golden sands of the Lido ... we have lots of proposals to visit the Secret Venice !

Venice is a city of romance. Many couples marry here or renew their vows in this city, considered by many as the most romantic in the world! The charm of Venice will win over even the most sceptical of you. But what are the best places to make a couple's trip really unforgettable? Where can you organize a romantic dinner? How do you plan that really special surprise for your love? Look at our Romantic Venice section to get some idea!  

Why not try some courses while you are here? We have pleinty of Venice art workshops to offer. You could try a sailing course in the lagoon, or maybe do a painting course outside! Do you want to try your hand at cooking with a Venetian lady or maybe visit a glass factory and enjoy a course creating classic glass Murano pearls? You can learn how to make your own priceless souvenir. Visit our section Venice art courses: you will be surprised of the diversity of experiences you will find!

Living in a city is the best way to really learn the language of that country: learn italian in Italy is then a must! It is only by trying to speak it that you can really master a foreign language ... and we want you to have fun! Not just conversation classes, but you can choose from numerous other activities such as cooking classes, and art history classes as you walk around the city. Always guided in Italian and by Venetians! The courses that we propose are matched to your level of ability and to want you are hoping to achieve, You can choose to study for a week or for a few months! 

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