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Wine tasting in Venice with a sommelier

Take a journey into the world of Italian wines, in the heart of Venice! The wine tasting is guided by a Fisar sommelier and it comes with gourmet snacks of Veneto region. The experience is perfect for both beginners and wine tasting experts!



Wine tasting Venice – enjoy and learn!


Wine is the life blood of Italy and the Veneto is a huge wine producing area which includes the very popular prosecco, which is the region’s biggest export! The wines produced here are very diverse as well as prosecco Amarone and Soave both come from here.

There are many styles of wine and there is a high concentration of native grape varieties such as Glera, Corvina and Garganega. The region is protected from the harsh northern European climate by the Alps and the cooler climate of these foothills are well suited to the production of white wines. The warm Adriatic coastal plains rivers and valleys are the places where the warm red wines, Valipolicella, Amarone and Bardolino are produced.

Wine tasting Venice – try an aperitif!


The time just before the sun sets is the time for local venetians to indulge in an aperitif, and Venice comes alive!

The aperitif is drunk in the bacari di venezia, a kind of local wine bar where small tapas are served.. An osteria in Italy was originally a place serving wine and simple food. Lately, the emphasis has shifted to the food, but menus tend to be short, with the emphasis on venetian cuisine – local specialities. These small dishes are called cicchetti. The bacari are usually quite stylish and eclectic in their decor and each has its own personality. But one thing they will all have in common and that is to give you the opportunity to sample a large selection of wines from the region! Whatever your preference, wine tasting in Venice is something you simply must do!

Wine tasting in Venice: be guided by an expert sommelier!

If you are staying in venice, how would you like to spend a special evening in the historic center, perhaps with friends and  accompanied by a friendly local guide and the chance to try some important wines from this special region? It is as essential a thing to do as a walking tour of venice or a gondola ride!

We offer you the chance to do just that, in a well-known local bar in Venice, in Campo San Stefano, the heart of the elegant sestiere of San Marco.
What better combination can there be than the charm of Venice at sunset sampling the best red wine and white wine that the Veneto region has to offer. In fact, this region has an internationally renowned winemaking reputation. An expert sommelier will be with you to explain about the different wines and help you to appreciate them. Relax with the locals on this entertaining guided tour.


Wine tasting Venice: the best wines of the region to savor

The Veneto region has a wide selection of vineyards, which produce the very best Italian wines! From full-bodied reds such as amarone to light and sparkling ones, such as prosecco. We offer you, in a small group, an exclusive tasting experience that you will not forget! A gem for wine lovers, this food and wine tour is a wonderful opportunity to learn  tasting techniques accompanied by an expert sommelier! Treat yourself to an evening dedicated to tasting and appreciating the wealth of wines which are produced from the grapes which grow on the fertile land of the Veneto.
In the heart of Venice, just steps from the Academy, an exciting evening awaits you that will bring all your senses into play. In the company of a FISAR ( Federazione Italiana Sommeliers Albergatori Ristoratori) sommelier you will learn how to use taste, smell, sight and yes, even hearing and touch. You will be shown to enter the world of wines and understand the various qualities of each vintage contained in your glass.


Why is the Veneto wine region so special?

Because venice has always been a trading region with a thriving economy it meant that there was money around. With money comes an appreciation of fine things – like wine! With people willing to pay a good price for fine wines the Veneto wineries responded and the region quickly became known for producing the highest quality wines.Furthermore the temperate climate of veneto makes it easy to grow grape vines of many different varieties.  Take the opportunity to try some wine tasting in Venice and see for yourself!

How the Wine Tasting takes place in Venice

The experience lasts about an hour and a half and is structured into a series of wine tastings and a food tour combined at a well-known restaurant. To accompany you will be a Fisar sommelier who will guide the tastings of the traditional venetian wine selection.
The tasting includes:
A sample tasting of three glasses of wine: a red, a white and a vintage prosecco.
Tasting of traditional venetian food along with each wine.
The sommelier will guide you through the combinations of food and wine, showing how to enhance the fruity and sweet notes of some reds. Side dishes will be: cheeses, cold cuts and gourmet aperitifs. We will start from the basics of the tasting technique and examine the particularities of each wine, even through typical tastings. There will be space for questions, curiosities, insights on specific products.

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37 euros per person


  • indoor_experience



37 E per person
German or Russian interpreter: 60 euro


1 hour and a half


On Thursday and Sunday at 5.30 pm

Spoken Languages

  • Italian
  • English
  • German
  • Spanish

Included / Excluded

Included :

Guided tasting of three wines and traditional products

Excluded :

Extra consumption
Interpreting service available in Russian and German at an extra cost of €60.00

Sales Conditions

In case of cancellation up to 48 hours before, reimbursement of 90%. Up to 48 hours before the activity it is possible to request a date change.
No refund for cancellation in the 48 hours before the activity and for NO SHOW.

Other practical information

The experience is held in a restaurant in Campo Santo Stefano (a few minutes from Ponte dell’Accademia).
For min. 2 people

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