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Row Venice: learn to row Venetian style !

You’ve always wanted to know how to row a gondola? What a dream come true! Book your rowing class now and become an authentic Venetian for one or two hours!


The authentic Venice experienced by water

It is an experience that allows you to relate to the environment of the lagoon

Crossing the beautiful area of Cannaregio and surprises on the water are much more than imagined



Do you want to learn to row venetian style  in venice? Then we highly recommend a rowing lesson to learn how to navigate the the canals of Venice and discover how life is in the city from the water.
The rowing lesson will last 90 minutes, during which you can escape the crowds, learn from a great instructor and enjoy this unique experience. Discover the city through its hidden waterways and above all learn how to row like a real gondolier!

Venetian rowing will have no more secrets for you and in the calm waters of the lagoon it will be easy for you to practice, immersed in one of the most poetic landscapes in the world. Will will truly learn to row in venice!
The traditional venetian rowing lessons in Venice are available every day on request, both for individuals and groups, with one or more boats.

Where the Vogue Courses are held in Venice

From the Cannaregio district to we will take you to sail the waters of the lagoon, just outside the center of Venice and the grand canal. You will go off the beaten path and will soon experience the calm of the lagoon and the amazing colours of the water and sky. We meet at ​​Fondamenta degli Ormesini, one of the most authentic corners of the city, which in the evening attracts many Venetians for the classic aperitif.

Learning to row Venetian style, is one thing but you must also learn how to eat Venetian style! After your lesson you will be in an area popular with many venetians for an aperitif! There are many bàcari here where you can taste a ciché and reflect on your lesson and enjoy the authentic Venetian life! There are so many bacari in this area that it is sometimes called cichetto row!

For those arriving from the train station or from Piazzale Roma it is about a 10 – 15 minute walk.

Learn to row venice like a Venetian!

The technique of Venetian rowing is really peculiar and was developed for reasons related to the particular geography of the lagoon. Standing up while rowing allows you to scrutinize the bottom of the canals and avoid running aground. The forcola or the long oarlock is a very special element of the rowing boat that allows you to move the oar quickly (recall the movements of the gondolier during a gondola ride, who naturally leads his gondola in the traffic through the most crowded canals.)

The voga alla veneta rowing style is used to navigate the iconic gondola, along with every other version of keel-less, rudder-less, flat-bottomed Venetian craft. The most distinctive feature of Venetian rowing is its style, standing and facing forward, enabled by an oarlock of unique design: known as the forcola, it has evolved into an exquisitely carved piece of walnut or cherry wood with an open cradle which supports the oar for the main stroke. While there are many strokes at the disposal of an accomplished vogatore, it is the shape of the forcola that facilitates their execution, allowing the poppiere to maneuver the craft through complex navigational situations that the intricate work of Venetian waterways presents.

With the rowing course you will try to master this this technique yourself, taught by young and enthusiastic Venetian instructors.

This unique experience, perhaps even more than various visits to the city, will help you to understand the nature of the Venetian environment and will allow you to fully appreciate the events in the lagoon that every year attract the Venetians, such as the Vogalonga or the Historical Regatta.

Voga Venezia – Book your lesson when you want

You can book this experience online with vivovenetia.To book a lesson you just send us an email through this page
The row venice experience can be any day in the months from April to October, except Mondays. Courses are held from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm and you can arrange the most suitable time for yourself. If you are planning a trip to Venice and you would like to try the activity, we invite you to contact us a few days in advance: it will be easier to confirm your rowing lesson in Venice!
From one to five participants, the lesson is held with an instructor. For groups of more than 5 people the lesson will be extended to 2 hours, including a larger boat and a second instructor.
The lesson is also suitable for  teenagers, accompanied by an adult, starting from about 15 years of age.




    60 EUR/pers ( per 2 hours)




    Every day on request - except on monday

    Spoken Languages

    • Italian
    • English

    Included / Excluded

    Included :

    Private row lesson

    Excluded :

    Sales Conditions

    Should you cancel the experience up to 48 hours before the experience, a 10% fee will be withheld.
    Should you cancel the experience between 48 hours and 24 hours before the experience, a 40% fee will be withheld.
    There will be no refund in case of a NO SHOW or cancellation within 24 hours from the experience start.
    In case of bad weather, the experience could be cancelled by the organizers. Therefore, you would get a 100% refund.

    Other practical information

    Experience available every day from April to October, from 9am to 6pm, depending on the disponibility
    For a minimum of 1 / maximum of 5 participants
    Instructor present during the experience
    Parental presence requested for minors
    Experience of 2 hours for groups of 5 with a bigger gondola and a second instructor

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