Kayak Venice: canals tour with a local guide!!

Venice is a city of so many facets and yet our favourite one is from the water, floating on its lagoon. Proposing kayak tour we want to support eco sustainable tourism in Venice. Admiring the city from the water, kayaking in canals of Venice is such an amazing experience. With this kayak tour in Venice, you will paddle while respecting the city and better understanding its fragile balance. It is definitely an experience to do if you want to discover another Venice, more unusual and so beautiful that you will find it strange to walk through the calli again!

Join us on a kayak tour of Venice’s canals!


  • Experiencing Venice from the water is definitely the best way to admire its extraordinary beauty!
  • The tour combines a bit of healthy activity with the discovery of the most hidden minor canals and a lot of fun!
  • You can get in touch with a more authentic Venice in a sustainable way that respects the environment that surrounds you and its fragility.



Standard tour: € 80 per person

Night Tour: € 105 per person

A deposit of € 40 per person is required at the time of booking. The balance must be paid on site on the day of the experience before the tour starts.

The tour starts with a minimum of one person and can be shared with other people.

Other practical information

  • For tour departure times, please make a booking simulation by choosing the tour type (standard or night) and day. Tours last approximately 100 minutes.
  • The activity is suitable for anyone with normal athleticism, even if they have no kayaking experience. Swimming experience is necessary.
  • We recommend sportswear and to bring a change of clothes for the end of the experience. For the activity, we recommend t-shirts, shorts and flip-flops during the summer and fleece and parkas in colder weather. Please arrive at the meeting point possibly already changed, at least 15 minutes before the start of the tour. A dressing room is available for those who cannot change beforehand. It is advisable not to take any valuables with you; however, water-proof bags are available for those who wish to take their mobile phones with them on the kayak.
  • The itinerary is determined from time to time by the instructor according to the weather conditions, the tide (monitored daily with software provided by the municipality) and the abilities of those taking part in the tour.
  • The experience is suitable for children from the age of 6; all minors will row in a double kayak together with a parent or the instructor.
  • Due to the particular type of experience, for safety reasons, the activity is not suitable for people with mobility problems and women over three months pregnant.

Spoken Languages

  • Italian
  • English

Included / Excluded

Included :

  • approved kayak;
  • ergonomic paddle;
  • anti-splash guard;
  • life jacket;
  • qualified instructor (English language).

Excluded :

  • technical clothing;
  • anything not listed under “Included”.

Sales Conditions

  • At the time of booking, a deposit will be required; the balance will be paid on site before the departure of the tour, in cash or by card.
  • Once booked, in the event of your cancellation of the tour, the deposit will not be returned.
  • In the event of cancellation of the tour by the organiser due to weather conditions, the deposit paid will be returned. The organiser can cancel the tour up to 1 hour before the start of the tour; notification of cancellation will be given by mobile phone or e-mail, so please check carefully that the data entered when booking is correct. If no communication is received, the tour is confirmed and please arrive on time (at least 15 minutes beforehand) at the meeting point indicated on the booking voucher.


Every day from April to October


100 minutes


  • Child Friendly
  • Sustainable
  • Accessible with public transport

To get in touch with the most authentic nature of Venice and fully immerse yourself in its magic, there is nothing better than sailing through its canals and canals. You can do this every day with us on a splendid kayak tour through the heart of the city!

Let’s discover it together.

Venice kayak: lots of fun in safety

One really fun thing to do when you are visiting Venice is a Venice tour on the canals by kayak! Sightseeing Venice from the water is such an unmissable experience! This activity of kayaking means you can combine entertainment and culture together in a single activity that highlights the real sense of Venice.

Join us in an entertaining and fascinating activity on Venice waters. Paddling in kayak transmits the magic of the floating city. You will paddle among the canals with expert and experienced local tour guides, born and raised in Venice

The lagoon city  is a fragile ecosystem. Kayaking in Venice means you can access everywhere on the canals without any environmental impact. Venice has been loved by people from every time and place. Its unique environment is important for the entire world.

What is so special about Venice along  with its historical palaces and its history, is the relationship that Venice has with the water of the lagoon. They co-exist as a single element.

The kayak, is particularly suitable for navigating in the smaller canals, allows you to move with good autonomy and above all is respectful of the fragile balance on which the city rests.

The emotions and sensations you will feel as you guide your kayak through the beauty of Venice with the gentle rhythm of the paddle sinking into the city’s waters will be one of the memories you will always cherish.

Kayaking in Venice Italy: day tour or night tour?

A kayak excursion in Venice is a fun and safe tour! It is also ideal to do as a family, with children from 6 years of age who will be able to board a tandem kayak together with a parent or accompanying guide/instructor.

You will paddle to discover canals and hidden corners of the city. You will truly realise the fragile balance on which Venice has built its history and on which it still rests today. You will discover many facets: not only artistic, but also historical, landscape, ecological and architectural. You will visit the hidden gems of Venice that only the locals know.

During your Venice kayak tour, you will stop from time to time to admire some of the most famous and beautiful palaces, canals and churches of the city, with some historical explanation about each place.

Kayak in Venice canals

Both tours last almost 2 hours; a fun and surprising journey that you can take in the afternoon in the sunlight or later when the evening shadows begin to fall over the city’s palaces.

  • Standard Tour: it takes place in the late afternoon – you will have the opportunity to discover and admire various architectural details that escape view from land.
  • Night Tour: it always starts about half an hour before sunset – you will experience a less hectic, almost silent city, when the sound of the water returns to guide you into atmospheres of bygone eras.

Kayak Tour in Venice

The important thing to always keep in mind when you decide you want to try an experience like this is to seek the advice of an experienced and authorised personnel. Kayaking in Venice is fun, easy and safe, but only if accompanied by a certified local instructor who knows the city.

In fact, there is important information that you need to know and, above all, rules that must be respected in order to paddle safely. These rules include the zones, canals and time slots in which you can paddle.

In particular, they cannot transit in the Grand Canal and in the vicinity of St. Mark’s, and circulation is restricted to specific time slots in certain areas such as Rio di Noale, Canale della Misericordia, Rio dei Santi Apostoli and Rio di Ca’ Foscari.

Only a local guide will know when and where to take you and, above all, will know how to guide you in complete safety, even if you have never paddled in a kayak before; because this experience is designed to be suitable even for those who have never paddled before in their lives … and to have your water baptism in Venice … well, there’s no need for many words!

Venetian culture is sustained and preserved by taking guests to local places managed by local people. So when choosing your tours in Venice, take care of the local impact it will have on the city and community! Support a travel mode to enjoy an authentic venice.

Should you be interested in joining a group, do not hesitate to contact us. We will do our best to arrange something!

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