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A reference point in the international music panorama, the music ensemble “Interpreti Veneziani” has reached its 18th Concert Season. Their current concert hall is the splendid San Vidal church, where more than 330 concerts are performed each year. Book your venice classical music concert!




TICKETS 2023 :

  • Full price: 32€
  • Reduced price: 27€ for kids, students (up to 25 years old) and seniors (over 65).
  • Free for kids under 2.

TICKETS 2024 :

  • Full price: 34€
  • Reduced price: 28€

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Every day. Starting time: 8 pm


1 hour and a half


    Venice at night offer a whole new experience. It is a city for romantics, dreamers, artists and musicians!  If you are looking for things to do in Venice at night then What better way to spend an evening than listening to concerts in Venice? Classical music is very much appreciated in the city of Venice. In fact, there are numerous musical groups that perform chamber music concerts. Venetian interpreters, Collegium ducale, Musica a Palazzo are just some of the best known.

    A very special feature of the classical genre in Venice is undoubtedly the locations where the great musical classics are played. From the church of San Vidal to the upper room of the Scuola Grande di San Rocco. Places where art is expressed in all its possible forms: music, painting, sculpture and architecture. An artistic triumph of the past, which still resonates today and comes to life through these musical events. Interpreti Veneziani, a music ensemble founded in 1987 under the management of M° Paolo Cognolato, has reached its 35th Concert Season and it continues to win over a wider international audience.

    Their program focuses mainly on the works of Antonio Vivaldi, born in Venice and one of the most renown composers of all times, as well as on Italian baroque music (Corelli, Tartini, Galuppi, Albinoni, etc.) without forgetting the compositions of great musicians such as Mozart, Bach, Haendel, Mendhelsson, Paganini, and so on.

    Our group of performers, composed of leading international musicians and coordinated by the master Congolato, will perform a program full of musical magic.
    They will perform the most famous songs of the Baroque in Venice, from the music of Vivaldi, the famous “Four season a range of music from the works of Bach. Classical music concerts are performed in exceptional locations, which makes them all the more memorable.
    In addition to the music from classical chamber instruments, international opera singers will perform. A perfect combination of sound to harmonize with the musical melodies produced by the orchestra.

    Venice classical music concerts, the Italian Baroque on stage!

    We offer you a memorable evening in the church of San Vidal, a splendid building with a Palladio style facade. The interior of the church is full of eighteenth-century works of the Piazzetta, Lama, and Gai. But above all, is the beauty of the Carpaccio altarpiece. This church, just a few steps from the Accademia bridge, is easily to get to from all over the city. Located in the district of San Marco, the heart of Venetian life.
    In fact, thanks to its vault, this church has particularly good acoustics. The building works very well for classical music concerts, from the barber of Seville to the Vivaldi sonatas.

    Venetian interpreters of the Baroque: the figure of Vivaldi

    Our musical program focuses particularly on Antonio Vivaldi, as a tribute to one of our most famous Venetian composers.Vivaldi, was a Venetian priest but also a leading figure in Italian music. A violin genius and a successful composer, he developed the concept of orchestration and reworked the fundamental technique of the violin. The opera certainly owes much to his genius, including concerts and sonata lyric music.
    Secondly, the ensemble will pay homage to Italian baroque and more generally to composers such as Corelli, Tartini, Galuppi, Albinoni. Last but not least are the compositions by Mozart, Bach, Handel, Mendhelsson and Paganini.
    Now in its XXXIII concert season, this ensemble is appreciated by an ever-growing international audience.
    The idea of ​​introducing the public into the baroque experience is enhanced by the choice of the prestigious venue of the Church of San Vidal, in Campo Santo Stefano.
    Participating in a concert of this caliber is a unique experience, in which the figurative and musical art come together. Listening to the vibrant tones of Vivaldi’s Spring, in such a perfect acoustic environment like the church of San Vidal, is an experience that will touch you to your soul.

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    San Vidal Church

    The idea of introducing the audience to a baroque experience is realized when Interpreti Veneziani chose the prestigious San Vidal church which is now a concert venue, located in campo Santo Stefano, for their concerts.

    The San Vidal church not only boasts great acoustics adapted to musical performances, it also houses various artworks from the Eighteenth century from Piazzetta, la Lama, and Gai, as well as the beautiful altarpiece from Carpaccio. Finally, its central location allows visitors to reach other historical places in Venice in no time.

    To attend a concert of Interpreti Veneziani is a unique experience, where figurative art and music perfectly blend together.

    Please don’t hesitate to contact us for any information you might want about this experience!

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