Glass making Class: create a gorgeous Glass Bead with your own hands!

Venice glass pearl tradition meets a Senegal glass master and the result is AMAZING. Create the best souvenir for your visit to Venice: approach the lampwork technique and make your glass bead with your own hands!


  • Experience the authentical Venice and meet its glass artisans
  • Learn an artistic technique which will make you feel like an alchemist
  • Create by yourself an amazing souvenir of your trip in Venice



Hourly rate:

65€ / hour (from 1 to 4 hours)
55€ / hour (from 5 to 9 hours)
490€ 10 hours package (49€ / hour)
940€ 20 hour package (47€/ hour)
1950€ 50 hour package (39€/ hour)

If you are 2/3 participants, just book more hours.


Other practical information

This course can last from 1 to 20 hours (5 days of work). The longer the course, the more complex and rewarding your creation!
The experience suitable for kids up to 15 y.o
In case of a class of more days, it is possible to fix the first day and then schedule the next classes directly with the master.

Spoken Languages

  • Italian
  • English
  • French

Included / Excluded

Included :

All the material for the glass workshop

Excluded :

Sales Conditions

Should you cancel the experience up to 72 hours before the start, a refund will be applied with a penality of 20% on the total tariff.

Should you cancel the experience up to 24 hours before the start, a refund will be applied with a penality of 50% on the total tariff.

There will be no refund in case of NO-SHOW or cancellation in the 24 hours before the experience starts.


Every day starting from 11.00 pm


From 1h


  • Private Experience

Glass making Class: create an amazing  Glass bead in Venice

Create an amazing souvenir in Murano Glass with one of the most alternative glass masters in Venice!

Moulaye, a glass master from Senegal who lives in Venice and whose works include blown glass, will help you learn the basics to create a Murano glass bead while letting you use your own creative ideas. He will show you how to mould hot glass, how to obtain colors and shapes and produce a high-quality glass bead with your own hands. Then, the glass bead will be all yours!

Feel like a Venetian glass Master … and like an Alchemist

This Glass making Class is not just about the introduction to glass techniques, but it is designed for those who want to express their creativity while learning a skill  that most people would think was beyond them.

During the workshop you will learn how to practice the lumen technique ( – or lampwork glass technique -), with which allows you to work molten glass and create items like glass pendants, or earrings, or… why not? … a complete Murano glass jewellery set. A torch and a furnace will be the only instruments you need. No strength is needed and there are no risks. Beyond the thousand colors and all the possibilities you will have to create something special, one of the most amazing feelings will be to feel connected  even if it is just for few hours, to the century-long tradition of making beautiful things from glass.

The final result will be pleasing even if it is your first attempt. And, obviously, the glass beads you will make during this experience will be yours.

Glass making traditions: the European and African one meet in Venice

In addition to teaching you his glassmaking technique, Moulaye will also tell you about the history of glass work, both the European and the African one. We know that Venetian glass production started at least 1000 years ago, so it came as a surprise for archeologists to find out that the same thing happened in West Africa over exactly the same period, as opposed to the theory that glassmaking spread due to the trade in  beads made by European merchants.

How long should your glass workshop be?

The workshop is available for only one participant at a time but those who accompany you can certainly come with you and enjoy the atmosphere of the atelier, which is situated in the beautiful Campo della Bragora, in the Castello neighborhood, which is a meeting point for artists and artisans from the area. The glassmaking class is suitable for children aged 15 y.o. The class can last from 1 to 4 hours a day and can last up to five days. The longer the course is, the more complex your creation! For a longer class it is possible to fix the first date and then agree the other dates directly with the teacher. After the workshop, your glass work will need at least 24 hours of further preparation, so you will agree upon the appointment for the delivery of the glass product with the master in the following days. The class can take place at weekends as well on request. Don’t hesitate to contact us!


If you love glass we do suggest you make a trip to Murano island and attend a glass blowing demonstration in a Murano Glass Factory. You might also want to pay a visit to the Murano Glass Museum and admire unique pieces of art. 

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