Venice Boats: discover Venice from the water


Discover Venice by travelling along the canals which thread through the city or gliding through the green water of the peaceful lagoon. This is the way to understand the city from the water and  its marine environment. Venetian rowing, kayaking, sailing, motorboat cruises or boat tours are all ways to have alternative and fun experiences that allow you to get to know the city and the lagoon ecosystem from a watery point of view!

If you have any doubts about tours in Venice, you should definitely choose one of our  city sightseeing tours by water. A boat trip or a water based tour in your programme is very different to a walking tour. This is the only way to understand the uniqueness and peculiarity of a city that has always found its way of natural defence and food in the Lagoon.

In the city there are no cars because of the conformation of the island and its construction based on the marshy islands of he lagoon. The boat has always been used by the Venetians to move from one side to the other of the city, it was always the main mode of transport. If you are in Venice, take advantage of its aquatic nature to enjoy a nice boat ride, or maybe try your hand at rowing traditional Venetian boats or let yourself be lulled by the waves while you sail out in a boat to explore the other the islands of the lagoon.




rowing in venice

Venice boats: rowing or sailing ?

Rowing on the lagoon is an ecologically friendly way to see the waterworld of venice. Tours in the lagoon will always be part of the world of Venetian rowing, the oldest method of navigation in Venice. The Venetian vogue is an art that intertwines at various levels with the life, history and culture of Venice. Moving along the canals of a city on a gondola ride without roads has been a integral part of life since the foundation of Venice. The town’s artisan shops are the places where centuries of knowledge are handed down: even today it is possible to watch the manufacture of gondolas in the squeri and the construction of artisanal oars. These boats are still widely used as an agile, economical and above all ecological means of transport! For anyone visiting venice it is possible to learn to how to row with lessons in Venice. Expert rowers will teach you the correct positions in order to be able to manoeuvre between the canals and help you to discover the city and become familiar with these historic wooden boats.

Another way to totally immerse yourself in this typically Venetian atmosphere is to take a Venice Kayak tour. This sports tour is customizable and you can choose the route you prefer: historic, scenic, naturalistic or even at night. The routes are quite diverse but the important thing is to have fun! From this perspective, your view of the city changes completely: you will pass quickly from one side of the city to the other, discovering new sites and views that are impossible to see while walking. Don’t worry if you get lost – it happens to everyone!

Another option is a real venetian sailboat. Not a modern one, but a traditional boat with a triangular sail known as a ‘to the third.’ With this charming boat boat it is possible to sail towards the North Lagoon or towards the Southern Lagoon, and experience a Venetian DOC experience.



Venice Boat Tour: sailing in Venice

If you want to visit the historic center of the city and its main islands, you can’t miss a sailing Venice experience along the most famous places and waterways.  Don’t miss a boat tour departing from Piazza San Marco to see the architectural beauties of the Byzantine Basilica of San Marco, the Ducal Palace, the Bridge of Sighs, and the soaring Punta della Dogana. From this perspective in the middle of the San Marco Basin you will find yourself surrounded by unparalleled beauty. In the middle of the Giudecca Canal your guide will tell you all the historical reasons that led to the construction of these monumental and beautiful buildings, symbols of the city.

Another route not to be missed for a first visit to Venice is that of the small islands: Murano, Burano and Torcello. Take some day trips to have another sightseeing experience and learn what the lagoon environment is all about. Stroll around the Murano glassworks or marvel at the many colorful houses of Burano or visit the ancient church of Torcello. Be ready to take stunning photos of the views!



Sightseeing Venice from the water in kayak

There is a whole wealth of history behind the nautical lifestyle of venice and its lagoon islands. For those interested in discovering the history of this environment we propose a tour of the smaller islands, less known and not crowded but full of signs of a distant past, as well as local traditions and customs. The lagoon environment is enormous and extends both to the north and south of Venice. There are numerous islands – some are inhabited; others have been in the past; there are untouched ones and others which are still cultivated today. This itinerary is a way to get away from the hustle and bustle of the historical city center but also to broaden the knowledge of a city and its incredible ecosystem, which has always dictated the lifestyles and behaviours of its residents for hundreds of years.

Another venice lagoon cruise thematic tours are linked to the historical origins of the city, which was founded by Romans in ancient times. The traces of this Roman Venice are still found today in some islands and on the coast. We will take you to discover this past linked to ancient Rome, in search of the remains of the illustrious founders of what became Venice and home to the doges palace.

City sightseeing Venice style by water, as well as being an interesting opportunity to visit the surrounding environment is also a chance to taste some typical fish dishes. We therefore propose a spectacular evening dinner cruise on board the boat. The large distances that can be traveled right across the lagoon and allow you to navigate to the mouths of the port and then return to Venice while on board you have plenty of time to enjoy enjoy dinner. Local cuisine is focused on fish and seafood and so is well suited to a meal on board a motorboat equipped for the occasion! Discover Venice in kayak is another a nice and ecological way.

Boat tours in Venice lagoon: Special Events

To make a special event such as New Year, a special party or a date with friends unique, why not organize a private boat trip to Venice? At VivoVenetia, we organize Venice dinner cruise for two major events: New Year and the feast of the redeemer. To celebrate New Year’s Eve, the dinner will be served on board and the dishes will be strictly fish based, respecting traditional Venetian recipes. You will be able to enjoy the spectacular show of our midnight fireworks from an exclusive spot. Another occasion to see the San Marco Basin illuminated by fireworks is the Feast of the Redeemer. This religious and popular festival receives great interest and participation from residents and tourists. The boats crowd into the grand canal on this Saturday in July at the height of the summer heat along the Giudecca Canal.



Come and  get on board with us for venice site seeing from the water. Go by kayak, rowing boat or venetian bragozzo! We look forward to offering you an unforgettable excursion!

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