Palazzo zaguri: art exhibition venice

Palazzo Zaguri in Venice is one of the most beautiful Venetian palaces that have hosted in its elegant rooms the history, culture and craftsmanship of Venice with an international scope. This palace had a troubled past among ancient splendours, trade and a recent abandonment. Today, however, Palazzo Zaguri has been reborn thanks to an impressive restoration work and an interesting program of exhibitions transforming it in the must see attraction for art exhibition in Venice. Right now, the halls of the Palace host the exhibition “From Kandinsky to Botero”. The Palace is easy to reach for it is located in the heart of Venice, a few minutes away from St. Mark’s Square. It can be reached on foot or by public transportation. Would you like to know more about the exhibitions held in here? Keep reading!

palazzo zaguri

palazzo zaguri

Where is located Palazzo Zaguri Venice?

Palazzo Zaguri in Venice is located in the sestiere of San Marco. Such a high-level exhibition centre could only take place among illustrious art galleries, old artisan shops and famous international brands. Walking through the most luxurious Venice streets, or “calle”, is already a pleasure in itself. Palazzo Zaguri is located in Campo San Maurizio, right between Campo Santo Stefano and the famous La Fenice Theatre and Via XXII Marzo. If you come on foot you have to walk through one of these places to reach the exhibition. For those who prefer taking public transportation, there are two options:

  • the vaporetto line 1, stop Santa Maria del Giglio,

  • the vaporetto line 2, stop Accademia.

The line 1 stops at every station along the Grand Canal. It’s a bit slower, but on the other hand it can be an opportunity to take a look at the beautiful buildings overlooking Canal Grande, like a mini cruise in the historic centre! Check the Venice navigation timetable here! If you take the Accademia stop, which takes its name from the school of fine arts, you will have to cross the grand Canal in order to reach Palazzo Zaguri, through the large wooden bridge called Accademia. It is a fantastic spot to take the best photos of Venice. You are in a city where you will walk a lot, so don’t feel discouraged by the idea of crossing a bridge–for you will meet a lot of them along the way!


The best Art exhibition in Venice 

Palazzo Zaguri Kandinsky

Palazzo Zaguri is the place you have to visit if you are interested in Venice art exhibitions. The Palace has been restored and designed as an amazing exhibition space with 2500 square metres of space on 5 floors and 36 rooms. The space is large enough to host both exceptional temporary exhibitions and permanent ones. This place is definitely extraordinary, both for its choice of exhibitions and the ingenuity of the arrangements. A lot of space is dedicated to creativity and experimentation, without forgetting the reality, the history and the urban context in which the building is set. Palazzo Zaguri is the Reference for art exhibition in Venice. Through a mixture of art and research, they propose a calendar of authentic and atypical cultural events that is a reference in Venice. The subjects of the exhibitions range from past to present, from the history of the Serenissima to contemporary art. Invisible threads connect past experiences to everyday reality and different exhibition supports are combined to make the visitor feel unique and unforgettable emotions!


Da Kandinsky a Botero

From Kandinsky to Botero: the best exhibition in Venice right now

From Kandinsky to Botero, the exhibition now held in the halls of Palazzo Zaguri is open until September 30, 2019. Don’t miss this occasion to see the most important works of international masters such as Paul Klee, De Chirico, Henri Matisse, Joan Mirò and even Renzo Piano. This exhibition will surprise you because it is not about looking at paintings of inestimable value but the actual declination of these works on canvas. The tapestries on display were mostly produced in one of the last Italian tapestries. These works were born from the creativity of a craft workshop and school of weaving, founded in 1960 by Ugo Scassa. This is an exclusive exhibition, a mingling of genres that goes beyond the normal path of museums. On top of that, the experience is even more complete if you choose to be guided by the words of Vittorio Sgarbi. The audio guides are free!

Art exhibition Venice, what is on the program? Leonardo da Vinci Palazzo Zaguri

In the near future, what exhibitions will be held at Palazzo Zaguri? Palazzo Zaguri in Venice is a hotbed of ideas and innovation. The next exhibitions on the calendar will certainly be extraordinary as well! From May 18, 2019 the exhibition “Leonardo da Vinci, Anatomy” will open. This is an event with a strong impact linked to the 500th anniversary of Da Vinci’s death. Various disciplines intermingle–science, art and new academic techniques used during courses of anatomy. Although there have already been many exhibitions on the great Renaissance genius in the past, Palazzo Zaguri will amaze its visitors with the innovation and originality of the exhibition. What will actually be displayed in the halls of the palace, will not be so much the sketches of the human body of Leonardo da Vinci, but their practical implementation. In other words, through the technique of plastination you will see some of his drawings translated into three-dimensional format, so that you will be able to touch them with your own hands. This is an absolute novelty that combines art and study of the human body for a unique and exclusive experience. Do not miss on that!

In addition to temporary exhibitions Palazzo Zaguri already has some ideas for the realisation of a permanent exhibition program! Among the next novelties, there is Giacomo Casanova and the works of the sculptor Gianni Aricò, that will be set in a wing of the Palace. Stay tuned for that!

Are you ready to be surprised by the many novelties, the creativity and originality of Palazzo Zaguri art exhibitions in Venice? More is coming!