Feltre: Pearl At Dolomites

What to do in Feltre? If you know Dolomites, you’ve probably been passing Feltre. This beautiful town is in the province of Belluno, in Belluna Valley, close to Piave river, and is one of the millennial Rhaetian settlements in the area of the Alps. Feltre is currently one of the largest town in its province, and its artistic, commercial and cultural vivacity, in conjunction with the natural beauties of the landscapes surrounding it, make it one of the favorite stops for travelers who want to derange from the crowd of typical tourist attractions and enjoy a suggestive experience. In Feltre, territory and tradition are strongly valorized: from art to wine and food, from biodiversity to local events, Feltre guarantees a good time all year round. Reaching Feltre is very easy thanks to good connection via road and trains from Venice. Once in Feltre, you’ll be in the middle of a wonderful valley for you to discover: Feltre greets every visitor on any season with countless occasions to make them fall in love with Feltre.


Feltre at all seasons

The alpine winter is cold and often snowy, but in Feltre it’s easy to find places to warm up and enjoy the skiing season, thanks to the rich succession of events in Feltre and its surroundings.

Autumn events in Feltre:

the Autumn welcomes visitors with the traditional grape fair of Fonzaso, marking an important moment for Italian wine tradition. The autumn is full of small town festivals celebrating the areas best productions, most notably cheese, chestnuts, pumpkins and honey.

In the feltrine alps, Christmas markets begin as early as November, they are mostly themed and fill up a rich calendar: you can find basically anything!

Winter events in Feltre:

When Winter comes, the valley is in full Christmas spirit with festivals and fun events. Catholic celebrations take place and after the holidays Feltre is still alive for the rest of the Winter with art exhibitions and the carnival, much felt in these regions.

Winter in Feltre - Events in Feltre

Winter in Feltre – Events in Feltre

Spring events in Feltre:

the whole spring celebrates Easter and flowers. In the Feltre area, festivals are common and usually dedicated to Spring, with a focus on the typical gastronomical specialties and the region’s traditions through games, music and dances.

Summer events in Feltre:

in the summer, the valley is at its best. Thanks to its dreamy landscape and pleasant temperature, it’s possible to escape northern Italy’s hot summer and enjoy the local festivals like the Festa in Riva al Lago (Festival by the lake) of Busche e Cesiomaggiore, around the end of June. Markets and more festivals are always available, of course!

Events in Feltre: Pedavena brewery

Events in Feltre: Pedavena brewery

Feltre and Pedavena

Pedavena brewery in Feltre needs particular attention: it is a local institution, an important commercial business, and a landmark in Italian brewing tradition. Moreover, it’s a cultural centre for the town, and a beautiful pub too. Many of the events in town are organized from Pedavena’s initiatives, like the Spring Festival and the Chestnut Festival: the park with pond in the brewery’s yard is one of the most popular places to sit and relax with a good beer all year round, and on special occasions comes alive with festivals, art exhibitions and markets.