Poli Grappa distillery: visit and grappa tasting

A guided tour of the Poli Grappa Museum to discover a totally unique spirit, and sample some of the grappas produced on site.




Full: 13 EUR/person;
Reduced: 8 EUR/person, for kids from 13 to 18 y.o.;
Free: for kids under 12 y.o.

Other practical information

Experience from a minimum of 1 participant to a maximum of 80;
The distillery is disabled friendly;
Experience suitable for minors accompanied by an adult;
Free gift given only to adults paying a full price admission.

Spoken Languages

  • Italian
  • English
  • French
  • German

Included / Excluded

Included :

Guided tour of the Grappa Museum and distillery, welcome coffee, guided tasting and free chocolate grappa bar.

Excluded :

Whatever is not specified in “Included”.

Sales Conditions

You can change the tour date free of charge up to 24 hours before chosen date.
Should you cancel up to 24 hours before the chosen tour date, a 20% fee will be withheld.
There will be no refund in case of a NO SHOW, i.e. not attending the experience at the time and place agreed for the experience to be carried out.


From Monday to Friday, from 9 am to 1 pm and from 2 pm to 6 pm.




  • Accessible to persons with reduced mobility

Visit the Grappa distillery and taste some of this special Italian spirit! The distillation of wines is an all-Italian art! Did you know that it is the Italians who invented this famous liqueur? The grappa! 

The distillation process was invented right here in the heart of the Veneto! This region is one of the main wine producers of the entire peninsula! However it should be noted that the art of distillation through the steam boilers, had already been invented around the year one thousand by the Salernitana medical school. It was the school chemists who established the concentration of alcohol in the distillation process, as alcohol was originally used only for medicinal purposes.


Cleopatra and the Poli distillery

What could possibly be the link between Cleopatra and the Poli distillery? The grappa was invented between Friuli and Veneto, by a Roman soldier, who as a reward for fighting in the war was given land to cultivate. The enterprising soldier had managed to steal from Egypt a distillation plant that the queen used to produce balsams and perfumes called “Cleopatra’s Crisiopea”. With this instrument, he started producing distilled spirits. Cleopatra’s Crisiopea takes its name from the researcher who described it, who apparently was the uncle of the most famous queen.


Poli Grappa Museum

The town of Bassano del Grappa hosts one of the most important distilleries in Italy: the Poli grappa museum. In fact, the the family of jacopo poli has been producing grappa and italian distillates for generations using traditional techniques.

The museo della grappa shows how this company stands out for its deep understanding of the region, essential for the production of Venetian grappa.


Aficianados of traditional grape pomace, or the ‘marc’ – the poli family are also innovators and scholars at the same time, and have trialled new distilling techniques themselves. In 2009 they lodged a required privacy notice or patent for a new distillation system with a bain-marie alembic still. Operating under a vacuum, this technique has an important advantage: it preserves the original floral notes of the marc.

The distillerie poli approach is always to choose the best raw materials, and immediately distill them, using the historic still. To make the famous poli grappa the family work with love and dedication, respecting the product and the consumer.


What is poli grappa barrique?

This is grappa which is aged in barrels, The tour of the poli grappa museum continues with a visit to the cellars, consisting of about 4000 barriques where the grappa rests. Finally, the best part of the visit! A guided tasting of the best grappa produced by the poli distillery. All accompanied by an aperitif of local appetizers and cheeses, to complement the flavors of grappa to the fullest. A visit to the poly distillery will definitely lift your spirits! 

The Poli Distillery is a working business, where visitors are welcome and can see every phase of the production process. The guided tour starts at the Poli Museo della Grappa, a building annexed to the distillery, where the “grappateca”, the largest collection of Italian historical grappas, is kept.

The tour continues in the distillation room, still made by hand with the ancient steam still, and continues in the cellars where the Grappa rests in about 4,000 barriques.

Finally, in the tasting room, you can taste the Poli distillates accompanied by Asiago cheese. At the end of your visit you will also receive a small gift: a delicious bar of Swiss dark chocolate filled with liquid Grappa. 


If you are interested in this experience on other days and / or times or would like to join a group already scheduled do not hesitate to contact us!

It is also possible to take part in the experience on Saturday and Sunday for groups of more than 35 people.


Additional information:

  • Experience from a minimum of 1 participant to a maximum of 80;
  • The distillery has disabled access;
  • This experience is suitable for minors accompanied by an adult


Full: 13 EUR/person;
Reduced: 8 EUR/person, for kids from 13 to 18 y.o.;
Free: for kids under 12 y.o.

For groups of 35 people and more, it is also possible to attend the experience on Saturdays and Sundays.

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