Things to do in Verona


Finding things to do in Verona is certainly not difficult, as there are great deal of things to see both in the city and its surroundings. First of all, Verona is located in the heart of the Po Valley and is colored by the surrounding vineyards and the banks of the river Adige.
Known for its Shakespearean connection with Romeo and Juliet, Verona can be considered the most romantic city in the Veneto region.
Declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, the city offers rich and varied landscapes: from the green of the hills, to the blue of Lake Garda to the imposing mountains of Verona. Walking through the grand the historic center, however, is not the only thing to do in Verona. Boasting over two thousand years of history, Verona has evidence of Roman remains, Austrian footprints and Venetian stories throughout its territory. An excursion into the heart of Roman Verona, through its beautiful vineyards, savoring the typical Veronese wines is the ideal way to discover the traditions that are this beautiful city!


In Kürze werden wir Ihnen einige Erfahrungen in dieser schönen Region anbieten können !


Verona city of art and culture

In Venice there is every kind of guided tour available that you can imagine. You can go on a private walking tour or in a group by day or night to discover the mysteries of the Serenissima (the quarters of Venice), on foot or by boat or even by bike! It is undeniable that visiting the traditional must see in Venice like st mark basilica, the doges palace or Palazzo Ducale together with a professional guide is a much better experience. And once you're here you should not miss the bacaro tour, as food and wine in the lagoon city is also part of the local culture.

The city is pleasant to walk around, and the interesting buildings and monuments are almost all concentrated in the center, near the shopping areas. The history of the city is embodied in the architecture of the palaces, churches and Roman theater and the arena of Verona. The main entrance is from Piazza Bra with its cheerful square, where you can sit and have a coffee. Here you will be introduced into the city by the 13 arches of the Palazzo della Gran Guardia on one side and the famous Arena di Verona on the other. The main shopping streets start from here. At the end of the street you will find Piazza delle Erbe, where the city market took place, which today has been converted into souvenir shops. In the Porta Borsari dating back to the 1st century BC and the busy Corso Porta Borsari, you will find plenty of chic shops, and elegant bars.

Things to do in Verona – shopping!

Verona city of love: the city of Romeo and Juliet

Verona is a medieval, Renaissance city, home of good wine and opera, but above all the city is the essence of romance because it is here that the Shakespearean drama of Romeo and Juliet is set. Every year Juliet’s house is crowded by visitors and young lovers who come to touch the breast of the statue of the same name, hoping it will bring good luck. Go and see if it really works! Verona like Venice is a romantic and enchanting city and choosing it for a weekend break is an ideal choice. After all the blue of the river, the green of the surroundings and the magnificence of the palaces and the city streets make this a great setting for souvenir photos! If you want to follow a theme, take a guide to discover the most beautiful places of love in Verona.

If you want to do some outdoor activities in Verona, we suggest you to follow a local guide on a bike tour to visit the city area on two wheels. There are cycle paths but it is better to be guided by someone who knows the city well and its stories! If you are feeling more adventurous, why not hire a motorbike to go a little further afield?
Don’t forget to try the Veronese food and wine rich in tastes and flavors of the Veneto countryside. You can book in advance for a food and wine tasting including local dishes in a candlelit tavern on the streets of the city center.
Not far from the gates of Verona are the rolling hills of Valpolicella. Discovery the Wine Route and head off to the best Veronese wine cellars!

Things to do in Verona – cycling!

The Verona Arena and the Veronese Evening

A visit to Verona is nice to do in all seasons but in summer you can enjoy a show at the Verona Arena or a Veronese style evening. The city is always lively in the evening and you can choose to spend it in some nice little place in the center, sipping a glass of wine or enjoying an evening at the Arena: a stunning Roman amphitheater. It is the third largest after the Roman Colosseum and the Arena di Capua. There are numerous events and the surroundings are unforgettable, quite unique: this is a real journey into the Roman past of the city. Sitting on the steps you can appreciate the perfect acoustics, even at a distance from the stage. Don’t worry if you do not like opera, because there are all kinds of concerts, festivals and shows with national and international artists!

Verona is not close to the sea but, if you want to put on your swimsuit, you are close to the beautiful Lake Garda with all its activities. The lake is huge, and navigable by boat, with private boats to rent or you can just swim in it. In addition to swimming you can go windsurfing or hiking in the adjacent mountains. If you like extreme sports, you can try paragliding or canyoning. For children there are also adventure parks. There really is something for everyone. The charming villages overlooking the lake are always crowded and there you will find shops and restaurants to refresh yourself after a good day out.
If you want to relax there are beautiful spas on the shores of the lake, spas and thermal springs, where you can have a massage if you like.

What do you do in Verona? Now you know the answer!

Things to do in Verona – visit Lake Garda

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