Veneto holidays: discover the unkwown Venice region

The Veneto region is extraordinarily rich in architectural, historical and artistic masterpieces, but there are also unique natural attractions and breathtaking landscapes to admire. Just think of the amazing ecosystem of the Venetian lagoon, the charm of Colli Euganei and their hot springs, the vivid panorama of the Prosecco area, the enchanting alpine foothill region, the unforgettable pink mountain tops of Dolomites, and the beauty of their sunny valleys. Veneto offers a number of appealing destinations, and the most satisfying way to reach them is trough unusual trips. These lesser-known paths will let you discover exclusive panoramas from unique viewpoints.

Veneto holidays: around the water

You can imagine, the most famous destinations like Venice, Verona and Cortina are very popular and often pretty crowded, but there are many ways to reach them while avoiding the rush. The more eclectic, versatile and eco-friendly options ensure you the pleasure of a unique experience, which is more fulfilling and satisfying. Waterways, the Adriatic Sea, Venice lagoon and canals are 3 charmous water environment.

Transport in Venice: typical alpine chalet

Transport in Venice: typical alpine chalet

Waterways used to be very popular in this region. Although in ancient times they were fundamental, they are still very important nowadays, and above all they can be sailed to reach distant pleasant places, or berth in some famous tourist destinations. The most fascinating waterways are undoubtedly those in the lagoon area: here you can admire the true variety of Venetian archipelago and the uniqueness of each island. A ferryboat allows you to admire the landscape as well, but if you choose a traditional bragozzo boat, your experience will definitely be enhanced: the slow sailing, far from official and well-known crowded waterways, lets you discover even the most remote islands while enjoying the salty breeze, delicate perfumes and softened sounds of the Venetian lagoon. An old, but restored boat is the ideal choice for a lazy and relaxing tour of distant islands: many of these secluded lands just cannot be reached with public ferryboats, e.g. San Francesco del Deserto Island.



Veneto holidays in vespa or bike

One of the best ways to enjoy Venetian territory is to rent a two-wheeler, a comfortable e-bike! With the comfort of an e-bike, you can ride through the lively streets of Chioggia and Sottomarina, two ancient seaside towns where you can admire old dams and sunny lanes. An e-bike is perfect to visit Lido Island, away from crowded streets, and breathe the pure air while riding through shady gardens and paths until you reach your destination: a natural oasis, a dam or a secluded beach, a cheerful little neighbourhood. Opting for an e-bike also allows you to enjoy the beauty of the Brenta Riverside, an elegant road that connects Venice, the cradle of luxury, to Padua, a city made famous by its devotion to culture. For years, the Brenta Riverside has been the favourite location of Venetians to build magnificent summer residences, designed by Palladio and his disciples.

Bassano del Grappa, Asolo and Valdobbiadene, the Euganean Hills, and why not, the Dolomites and the exclusive city of Cortina… all places that only cycling allows you to explore with the maximum comfort. Choose your itinerary and your pace. For long distances, you could also opt for the emotion of trying a Vespa during your holidays. The most famous Italian two-wheels is the ideal vehicle to discover the beauties of the Treviso area, the panoramic roads of the Dolomites, passages in the pine shade in the Alps area, where green lakes may appear just past each curve.


Dolomites holidays in Veneto

If you want to see what only the eagles can see, look for trails and roads that are definitely out of the ordinary! Ferrata climbing routes in the beautiful Ampezzo Valley are adventurous and breathtaking mountain paths secured with fixed equipment (wire ropes, ladders, cables, etc.) that allow you to reach peaks, alpine pasture lands, and shelters in the magnificent setting of the Dolomites. And for those who would rather like to enjoy each itinerary peacefully, houseboats are the best choice: navigating the Venetian lagoon while sleeping in a houseboat is a relaxing experience, in touch with a placid and enveloping nature that will delight your senses. You can explore small islands and discover rare birds, ancient architectures, silent monasteries, majestic palaces, sunny gardens and poetic city views.