Intervention realized through the financement POR – Objective “Investment for growth and employment” ERDF European Regional Development Fund 2014-2020.

Cost of the project: 26 000 EUR. Amount funded by the European Union: 17 500 EUR.

Action 1.1.2 – Call for support for the purchase of innovation services by SMEs

The project was born with the aim of promoting culture, tourism and producers/craftsmen of the Veneto region in a distributed information system context. Through the technology developed by VENETO COLLABORATIVE TOURISM NETWORK, it is possible to share in the network in real time, automatically and on demand the events of the territory (free and not), the experiences and tourist activities, the operators / producers and artisans of the territory who wish to promote their activities at the network.

It allows the creation of a high added value service of integrated promotion of events in the area, aimed at “tying” the culture of the product to the image of the territory, with a view to integration with the strategies of tourist attraction in the Veneto region. The map is disseminated throughout the territory within the websites of accommodation facilities, tourism promotion, transport companies, etc… This technology also allows the dissemination and enjoyment of cultural heritage and museums through the networking of cultural events.

The Veneto collaborative tourism network map aims to give information for the fruition of the territory, both for tourists and residents: free or paid events, guided experiences/tours, museums, shops/shops/restaurants adhering to the VIVO Card.

All events/activities are positioned on a map (Google Map). The user has the possibility to select and visualize only the events that take place in a specific period (today, tomorrow, this week, etc.) and/or in a specific area.

Veneto tourism is a webservice that can be taken over by many realities. Those who are affiliated to the network can show on their website the events of the area to their users in whitelabel mode, maintaining the visibility of their brand on the page.