Venice airport transfer

In Venice, if you want to you can transfer from the airport by boat! Venice’s Marco Polo airport rests on the edge of the lagoon facing towards the city itself. The airport is a modern structure that reflects the Venetian traditions of glass and water. There are two access routes to the airport, one by land, the other by water.
The port of the airport (the dock) is about 400 meters from the arrivals hall and the piers are connected to the air departures easily reached by a covered moving walk way. This is where you can catch your water bus!
Both private motorboats (taxi service) and the Alilaguna public water buses arrive at the dock. Alilaguna has three lines (Blue, Orange and Red) that connect the airport to the historic center and to the other major islands throughout the year. The ticket price is € 15 and the journey time is on average 1 hour and a half.


Taking the bus from Venice to the airport – all you need to know

We Venetians choose another type of shuttle to the Venice airport: the bus. This is one rare occasion where we prefer to travel over land! This is because taking the bus service from Venice to the airport is so much quicker! You will have to change in Venice Piazzale Roma (from vaporetto to bus), but it is half the journey time.


Which bus should I take from Venice to the airport?

The ATVO Express bus is a direct shuttle (without intermediate stops from Piazzale Roma) with free Wi – Fi for all travelers, the journey takes 20 minutes and there are 2 buses per hour (check the timetable). Prices are € 8 single fare or € 15 return ticket (1 suitcase is included in the ticket)
ACTV line 5: urban transport bus (all stops from Piazzale Roma to the airport), the journey takes more than 30 minutes and it runs every half an hour. (Check the updated timetable). € 8 single ticket or € 15 return ticket (1 suitcase is  included in the ticket).

Piazzale Roma


From Venezia Mestre to Marco Polo airport by bus

The ACTV line 15 or line 45 every 30 minutes: line 15 goes south to Mestre train station (also valid for those who reach Marghera), while line 45 serves Mestre Nord (via Favaro); the journey takes about 30 minutes, traffic permitting;

The ATVO express service to Mestre, runs two buses every hour: and you reach the train station in just 17 minutes stopping on request in Corso del Popolo and Via Forte Marghera.

Starting from Mestre, the cost of the shuttle ticket to the Venice airport is the same for ACTV and ATVO: € 8 for a one-way trip and € 15 for a return (baggage included). The difference is that with ACTV you will take a trip on a normal urban bus, while with ATVO with a modern and comfortable coach with free and unlimited wifi and travel times are halved!
You can always take a taxi if you prefer. The basic price from the city center of Mestre to the Marco Polo airport during the day is 35 € and we advise you to book in advance as there are a limited number of cars.


From Venice station to the airport which transfer should you take?

First of all, remember that the city of Venice has two train stops: Venezia Santa Lucia (on the island) and Venezia Mestre (on the mainland).
In both cases there is no train line that reaches the Marco Polo airport so you need to get there by private taxi or public transport.
If the taxi explains itself, let’s see which shuttle should you choose from the Venice stations.

From Venezia Santa Lucia: just a few minutes walk from Piazzale Roma  you have to take an ACTV or ATVO bus 
From Venezia Mestre: the ATVO stop is a 3 minute walk away, to the right of the station entrance and the ACTV stop is just at the foot of the entrance stairway.
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