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      Are you looking for a day trip for you or your family?This is the perfect villa venete for you! Villa Tiepolo Passi is a Seventeenth-century Veneto villa and today is still the home of the noble Conti Passi de Preposulo family. This historic villa passi in treviso is very popular for cultural tourism and as a location for exclusive events. It offers guests the opportunity to enjoy the hospitality of bygone days, and to savor the authentic flavors of the family’s traditional recipes. Wander through frescoed salons, see works of art and a centuries-old garden park that shows the graciousness and conviviality of Villa living.

      Villa Tiepolo Passi was built by Almorò Tiepolo , procurator of San Marco and senator of the Venetian Republic , in the early seventeenth century. It rose like the other Venetian villas as an economic reference point for the agricultural activities of the surrounding area

      Subsequently the villa passed to the Venetian family of the Valiers and in the mid-nineteenth century it became property of the Counts Passi de Preposulo by inheritance: bound by the Superintendence for cultural heritage and open to visitors, it is still inhabited by the owners. Since 2010 it has been the seat of the Ville Venete Association.


      Palazzo Tiepolo passi venice

      Villa Tiepolo is located in Carbonera, in the center of Castello, in Trevigiana. The villa was built in the 17th century. Certain information documents show us that the official who commissioned the villa was Almorò Tiepolo, of San marco senata republic of Venice.  The Villa Tiepolo Passi is from the post palladian era and is the home of the Conti Passive Preposulo. If you take a tour you are actually being welcomed into their home! You can actually stay here in a part of the villa! At Villa Tiepolo Passi you can stay in a beautiful apartment overlooking a forest of  lime trees and oaks, with magnificent views of the river and the countryside. This is a beautiful place of absolute elegance perfect for those who want to enjoy the pleasure of the “Life of Villa”, merging art, culture, history and nature in a 35-hectare park.

      The garden of Villa Tiepolo Passi is divided into three parts. Opposite the villa is the Italian garden with hedges of geometric boxwood, in the center a stone fountain and on the bottom the fishpond. On two sides there is a romantic English park, with over 40 species of ancient plants.

      The historic Italian garden and the romantic park, as well as the manor house, are only accessible during a guided tour (€ 10.00 per person);Guests staying in the Villa have full access to the walks of the Agricultural Estate, being able to enjoy the beauty of nature that surrounds the Villa, including the ancient Roccolo di Caccia. Located on the first floor of the West of Villa Tiepolo Passi, the apartment has its own private bathroom and a patio with river views.

      Book your visit to Villa Tiepolo Passi: every Thursday and Sunday!


      Tiepolo Passi is a Venetian villa open to the public. The guided tour begins in the central body of the Villa, built in Venetian Baroque style. On the main floor you can view the works of Frigimelica and the wonderful frescoes by Antonio Cerva, originally from Bologna..
      The visit continues outside, where you can admire the beautiful outside paving and the spectacular scenery. Dominating the whole scene is the elegant Italian garden a true ‘parco romantico.’ This is decorated with fountains, fishponds and statues of the Torretto, created by neoclassicist sculptor Antonio Canova. The charming walk continues through the English park, among lime trees and caves.
      The last gem of the visit is the chapel ‘cappella gentilizia’ frescoed by Giambattista Canal, nephew of Canaletto.
      “We want to tell what happened to venice from the 16th century onwards and why thousands of Venetian Villas were built, and we show how that culture is still present, the ‘civiltà di villa,’  in customs, in work, in food, and in leisures … “
      The guided tour ends in fact in the Carriage Store, where you can buy jams prepared with organic fruit of the Tenuta della Villa. A tasty example of how the idea of ​​”villa civilization” remains.


      Villa Tiepolo – information for your guided tour

      The guided tour is available every Sunday at 11.00 am and, in the period from March to November, also at 15.30 for min. 4 people.

      We can run the tour on weekdays and Saturdays on request and subject to availability
      From December to February the tour is only on request and based on availability
      Languages ​​spoken are Italian, English and Spanish
      The duration of the visit is 1 hour and 20 minutes

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