What to pack for Venice in your suitcase?

A suitcase, or a trolley case, might not be the most convenient luggage to bring along during your stay in Venice.

Bridges, narrow streets, crowded streets above all could make you regret your hasty choice. Better go for a huge backpack, easier to handle and better suited to Venice:

1) Hat, shoes and comfortable clothes

No matter the season, a hat is always a good thing to bring along. It will protect you against a sunstroke in summer, and will keep you warm in winter. Sneakers, trail running shoes, shorts, comfortable pants, sweatshirts and t-shirts are must-have in order to fully enjoy a “demanding” city like Venice. Since you might walk kilometers every day, you should dress accordingly. Of course, you won’t look a million dollars, but your outfit will certainly be most appropriate.

2) Boots, umbrella and windbreaker

The weather can be quite variable, especially during intermediate seasons, and it may even change a few times during one day. So bringing along a compact umbrella or a windbreaker  in your suitcase may make the difference between getting soggy and staying dry.
Especially during winter, the high tide (“acqua alta”) phenomenon is more frequent, so having a pair of rubber boots could be quite handy to keep your feet dry. However, you can still buy a pair in Venice as many places sell them. Although they will not give you this classy look, this is what Venetians wear during “acqua alta”. For last minute emergencies, street vendors sell some low-quality colorful folding boots that do the job, but not for long…

Venice San Marco Rialto Acqua Alta

Submerged boots, photocredit Anita Venanzi

3) Camera

Although you might take great pictures even with your smartphone, if you have a camera – a digital reflex camera – you should take it along. Being equipped with a tripod will allow you to take wonderful sunsets from le “Zattere” and great perspectives that only Venice can offer you.

Pentax Canon Kodak Reflex

Digital Reflex, photocredit Fabrizio Sciami

4) Water bottle

We all know that remaining hydrated is essential to the human body. Bring a bottle of water to avoid buying many plastic bottles a day. In fact, there are many fountains located throughout the city where to refill your bottle with water. The City Council, thanks to DeTourism initiative, has indicated all the fountains in a special map called Fuorirotta.

5) Child transportation

In case you decide to take your child with you for the trip – here, we mean an infant -, you should forget about bringing the stroller too. Between crowded streets and bridges, you will soon find it most inconvenient and awkward. The best option is to carry your little one in a sling. This will enable you to be more agile, and visit the city at your pace, without restrictions.

Kangaroo Kid Kids

Baby carrier, photocredit Babybjorn

This list contains all the must-have in order to head out on a long, but pleasant journey in Venice: daypack on the back, ready to explore the city in detail!