Fishing in Venice:Lagoon Trip with the Fisherman From Burano

One of the unusual things to do in Venice – enjoy a unique lagoon fishing experience and discover the authentic side of the city of the Doges! Relax while photographing lots of nature and birdwatching from the observatory on the island of Torcello or discover crab farming in Torcello! Thrill to the thrill of sailing on a private boat, far from the canals, to where no public transport or private tour has arrived! An hour or so is not enough to get to know Burano, because behind these colorful houses, the boats full of fishermen’s nets, the lacework, the sweets made by them and the fish dishes, there are centuries-old traditions and a respectful link with a strong and dominant nature. Come and discover the Venetian lagoon together with our real fishermen who will teach you all the secrets of fishing in Venice and many other curiosities about its history, environment, fauna, flora and typical dishes!


  • It allows you to get close to a fundamental activity practised in the lagoon: fishing for moeche (the shellless crab in its moulting phase) crab and clams!
  • The activity is great for an authentic sea experience with a passionate fisherman.
  • It is great to spend a few days in the open air and observe the very special fauna and flora of the Venetian lagoon!
  • enjoy fishing, practice photography and observe bird species



1.Fishing in Venice with nets with photo stops and birdwatching + aperitif or lunch:

Price per person:

2.5-hour tour: € 139
4-hour tour: €179
8-hour tour: €345

Children under 4 years are free of charge.

Children from 4 to 14 years of age benefit from a 25% reduction on the rate.

2. Fishing in Venice with creels or nets or a voyage of discovery of  crabs or clams

Experience with  Moeche (crabs without armour):
Boat price (up to 5 pers): € 335
EXTRA PEOPLE (up to 12 pers): 37€/pers

Experience with Real clams:
Boat price (up to 5 pers): 250€
EXTRA PEOPLE (up to 8 pers): 62€/pers

Experience with Pothole fishing:
Boat price (up to 6 pers): 225€.
EXTRA PEOPLE (up to 8 pers): 36€/pers


Other practical information

Departure from Burano preferably in the morning even for short tours.

  • Dressing comfortably
  • cap
  • sunglasses
  • sun cream
  • camera (if desired)
  • water bottle

In the case of 10 persons, there may be two boats.

Spoken Languages

  • Italian
  • English

Included / Excluded

Included :

For Fishing in Venice with nets with photo stops and birdwatching + aperitif or lunch:

  • Boat trip with fisherman
  • Photo breaks
  • explanations, trivia and practical demonstration of fishing techniques
  • visit to the birdwatching observatory (valid for longer excursions)
  • final tasting (lunch included in the 8-hour excursion)

For Fishing in Venice with creels or nets or a voyage of discovery of farm of crabs or clams:

  • Boat trip with fisherman
  • 2-3 hour fishing boat tour in the Venetian lagoon
  • Usually starts around 10.30am

Excluded :

Anything not expressly indicated.

Sales Conditions

Please book at least 2/3 days before the excursion.

In the event of cancellation, a 20% cancellation fee will be charged within 7 days of the excursion date. Within 7 days and 48 hours, a 50% penalty. After that it is no longer refundable. Before the last 24 hours, it is possible to reschedule the outing.

In the event of bad weather the experience may be cancelled by the guide. In that case you can choose between a new date or receive a full refund.






  • Child Friendly
  • Private Experience
  • Sustainable

Fishing in Venice: Our proposals

We have proposals for two types of fishing trips that we can make for you, to be chosen according to the type of fishing you want to do and the number of people you are!

1. Fishing in Venice with nets with photo stops and birdwatching + aperitif or lunch.

  • You will admire the natural environment of the Venetian lagoon,
  • you will observe from an unexpected vantage point the myriad species of birds that live and nest here,
  • you will experience artisanal fishing according to local traditions and
  • you will feel in your skin the close bond that passes between man and water nature in these places.

Fishing in Venice: 3 excursions in lagoon

This excursion is suitable for everyone and can be very interesting and educational even for children! Below are the three types of outings departing from Burano for a minimum of 2 people and a maximum of 8 guests (4 people per boat – 2 boats):

Pescaturismo - cena in barca in laguna di Venezia

Approx. 2.5-hour boat trip in the lagoon with photo stops and observation of flora and fauna + possible trial fishing with nets + tasting of prosecco and typical Buranelli sweets.

Approx. 4-hour boat trip in the lagoon with photo stops + possibility to try fishing with nets + stop for birdwatching in Torcello + aperitif with prosecco and typical Buranelli sweets

Full day 8 hours: morning boat tour in a lagoon with photo stops to admire and learn about the flora and fauna of the Venetian lagoon, trial fishing with nets; afternoon at the birdwatching observatory in Torcello with lunch of typical lagoon fish prosecco and buranelli sweets.

Andrea will tell you the distant history and explain the Venetian terms of the lagoon, such as: ghebi, barene, aromatic plants and where they grow! Andrea was born and raised in these places and knows perfectly the most beautiful spots for nature photography lovers and the fishing areas for a fruitful fishing trip! You will discover native fish species, local fishing techniques, and understand the centuries-old bond that unites the inhabitants of these islands with the life and rhythms of the lagoon.

Then Andrea will take you to his secret garden, an oasis of peace in Torcello: a real birdwatching observatory in the middle of the green. A moment of relaxation, where you can stop to rest under a rustic pompeiana with a glass of wine in your hand and some samples to taste, produced in this environment in perfect balance between land and water!

2. Fishing in Venice with creels or nets or a voyage of discovery of moeca and crabs or clams.

Fishing in Venice is a very special activity and has been the specialty of many inhabitants of Burano since the dawn of time! There are 3 fishing tourism proposals we can make for you, to be chosen according to the type of fishing you want to do and the number of people you are!

  • Fishing trip in search of moeca and crabs with Domenico
  • In search of clams with Damiano and Stefano
  • Fishing with creels or fishing nets with Sebastiano

These fishing boat trips in the Venetian lagoon will allow you to discover the charm of the Venetian lagoon, its fauna and flora, and its salt marshes beyond the type of fishing that everyone is passionate about. 

Here are the 3 detailed proposals:

Fishing in Venice. net

Clam and veracious farms

With this excursion you can immerse yourself in the world of clam farming and harvesting. Stefano and Damiano will be able to take you on an insight into the world of fishing and the specific seasonal catch of the moment you visit them. Their boat offers a very intimate experience for up to 4 people.

Immersion in the world of Moeca with the typical sweet aperitif

The tour on board the small bragozzo will take you around the northern lagoon of Venice to unknown places… You will discover sandbanks and hidden places guided by young fisherman Domenico. You will be welcomed with a glass of prosecco and the famous Burano biscuit, the bussolao. 

After sailing, you will stop in Torcello, where Domenico has a crab and moeche farm and will explain everything about this specific fishery that has been around for centuries since the times of the Serenissima. There will be hints and stories to discover the history and culture behind this skillful profession.

Fishing trip with creels and nets

If you choose to leave with Sebastiano, a multi-talented fisherman who will introduce you to both lagoon and sea fishing. Aboard a small wooden boat that can only accommodate up to 6 people, you will enjoy an intimate experience and have the chance to participate in fishing with fishing nets or pots

But do you know what moeche are? They are small crabs from the Venetian lagoon that, during the autumn and spring period (usually between April and May and October and November), go through a transformation phase (moulting period), losing their carapace in anticipation of a new, larger and stronger shell. They are one of the delicacies of Venetian cuisine as they are very tender. The fried moeche are prepared in boiling oil while still alive.

However, this experience is available all year round, outside the moleche (Venetian dialect) period.

Contact us for special requests or any changes to the excursion!


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