Venice Unusual things to do: 3 paths for 3 different styles

The most unusual views of Venice are hidden in plain sight, that’s why you need to know how to navigate to disover a Secret Venice.

Unusual things to do in Venice: the photographer's path

Unusual things to do in Venice: the photographer’s path

Fishing in Venice: experience in the lagoon as a local fisherman

On the islands of Venice, outside mass tourism and near Torcello, there are several fishing valleys. In this lagoon area between embankments and sandbanks, fish are bred in a natural environment, without the need for feed. If you wish to fish in the Venetian lagoon, the most famous fishermen are the Burano fishermen. They offer Venice fishing boat trips (small boats) to get to know the lagoon and the world of fishing, moeche (venetian small crabs without carapace during the moulting period), net fishing, clams,

Unusual things to do in Venice: the gourmet path

Fish cuisine

Fish is considered serious business in Venice, so if you like food & wine, you should start with the best fish restaurants in Venice, which only serve fresh catch from the local markets, but if you rather go fishing for your food, try the Lagoon Experience in Cavallino Treporti, which includes a whole day on the sea with fishing sessions and grilling on the beach!

Kosher cuisine

Kosher cuisine is a big part of Venice’s food culture because of the stable Jewish minority that resided in the world’s first Ghetto. Today you can enjoy the peculiar fusion cuisine originated by kosher diet and Venetian tradition!

The food of Sant’Erasmo’s gardens

If you are visiting Sant’Erasmo, take a chance to taste an unexpected and authentic venetian cuisine. The tour starts from Cavallino, and a boat will take you to the famous “Garden of Venice” where you can enjoy local delicacies as the violet artichoke, Sant’Erasmo’s honey and the island’s typical Prosecco.


Bacaro is a popular kind of Venetian bar, a favourite among the locals, where you can find the best choice of food and wines. The cool part about these bars is that you can reach them by boat, and that’s why we tailored a nice tour of the Bacari by boat! Enjoy Venice’s nightlife and our food and wine tour!

Unusual things to do in Venice: the gourmet path

Unusual things to do in Venice: the gourmet path

Unusual things to do in Venice: the historical-artistic path

This path will let you discover the countless faces of Venetian history, art and handicraft, three threads that made Venice one of the most beautiful cities of the world.
To start your itinerary, you can choose a very complete introduction which embraces all of these three aspects, held by Domenico, about the secret paths of Venice, from literature to music, from theatres to the historical gardens. For a classic path, the Churches Pass will grant you free access to the most beautiful churches. Lastly, for an introduction to Venetian handcraft, there’s nothing more real than seeing venetian artisans at work in their historical workshops, where knowledge is passed on generation after generation. The workshops and ateliers in Venice are many and you’ll find yourself spoilt by choice! If you want to enter this world, we suggest the paper-maker’s laboratory on Giudecca island, and the shiny Gold Workshop of Battiloro family.