activity holidays italy with vivovenetia

3 of the best Activity Holidays in Italy


Mainstream places and common activities are too boring for you? Are you looking for something really worth it that will make your Venice activity holidays unforgettable? For your Venice activity…

veneto holidays with vivovenetia

Veneto holidays: discover the unkwown Venice region


The Veneto region is extraordinarily rich in architectural, historical and artistic masterpieces, but there are also unique natural attractions and breathtaking landscapes to admire. Just think of the amazing ecosystem…

italy craft tour

Craft tours in Italy: deep into Venice region


Few places in the world are as rich as Veneto, in terms of age-old trades passed down through the centuries. During the Serenissima era, Veneto was a vivid hotbed of…

thermal baths

Thermal baths Italy: a relaxing holiday


Veneto is well known for its abundance of natural hot springs, with therapeutic thermal waters and luxurious health resorts and spas. The Colli Euganei area is in the centre of…

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Italy food tours


Veneto is a beautifully diverse region extending from the peaks of the Dolomites to the sandy Venetian shores. From the flatland lagoons to the hills and highlands, Veneto has it…

Поесть в Венеции необычно и вкусно чикетти и сприц

Venetian Cuisine : the Absolute Classics!


Venice Food is quite particular given that it was influenced by the various cultures to which the Serenissima was exposed during its age-old history. First course, meat or fish course,…

venice tourism problems

Venice Sustainable tourim: How to be a responsible travellers in ten rules


It is known, Venice is one of a kind: made of 121 islands and 435 bridges, the city is different from all others in the world. This uniqueness must be…

il redentore

Il redentore: the most popular Venice event


Redeemer festival origins: Venice and the end of the plague The Redeemer festival has its origins in one of the darkest and most terrifying moments for the entire Venice history:…

how to get to venice

How to get to Venice


“If Venice had no bridge, Europe would be an island.” (free translation) Mario Stefani

what to pack for venice

What to pack for Venice in your suitcase?


A suitcase, or a trolley case, might not be the most convenient luggage to bring along during your stay in Venice.