Lio piccolo

Lio Piccolo: discover the splendid nature of Venice lagoon


 Lio Piccolo is an ancient village, north of Cavallino Treporti, one of the many settlements scattered around the northern part of the Venetian lagoon that are known for their unique…

venice in 2 days

2 Days in Venice: enjoy a true Venice


A magical stop in Venice Is it possible to visit Venice in two days? Sure, if you know how to move! The city is in fact an archipelago, and most…

festival cinema venezia

Venice film festival: the origins of this international event


La 77esima Mostra del Cinema si svolgerà a partire dal 2 settembre 2020 presso il Palazzo del Cinema di Venezia e diretta da Alberto Barbera. Let’s see the origins of…

dolomites cycling with vivovenetia

Dolomites cycling: hundreds of itineraries not to be missed


Dolomites cycling trail: the Venice-Munchen Mountain-biking enthusiast will discover one of the best European bike trails in northern Veneto, extending for 560 km and passing 3 states, connecting Munchen in…


Feltre: Pearl At Dolomites


What to do in Feltre? If you know Dolomites, you’ve probably been passing Feltre. This beautiful town is in the province of Belluno, in Belluna Valley, close to Piave river,…

Murano glass photo

Murano glass: discover Venice magic


The history of Murano glass The art of Venetian glassmaking has ancient roots and is based on Roman and Byzantine knowledge. When it developed it was based in Venice, but…

vogalonga venice

Venice Vogalonga


Origins of the Vogalonga: once upon a time… The Vogalonga of Venice was born among the canals of the city, when a group of friends organized a regatta on small…

easter monday in Italy

Easter Monday in Italy: discover Venice and Venetian region


Here are some fabulous proposals perfect for good and bad weather all around Venetian region for a easter monday in Italy . In this season it can be rainy or…

venice carnival masks photo

6 things you didn’t know about Venice Carnival History


If you are visiting Venice during the Carnival, you are about to live an incredible experience. The Venice Carnival is famous for its strong identity. The venetian traditional masks have…

venetian villas

Venetian Villas: discovering a World Heritage


While traveling across the Venetian countryside, you might notice some beautiful ancient Venetian villas. They are on the Unesco World Heritage list, and belong to the glorious past of the…