Canyoning Brent de l’ Art and Val di Botte

An easy and very fun experience that everyone can do to discover the beautiful gorges of the Brent de l’Art and let yourself slide down to the wonderful emerald pools of water in the Val di Botte.

Set off, in the company of mountain guides, along a route through characteristic canyons carved into the rock in an unspoilt natural environment that nature has created over millions of years.


  • This is easy canyoning suitable for everyone with many fun passages in one of the most beautiful and scenic canyons in the entire Veneto region.
  • You can discover and admire the celebrated Brent de l’Art gorges.
  • You can enjoy many fun passages, especially in the natural slides of the Val di Botte!



€ 60 per person

Other practical information

  • Hours: 8.30 am to 12.30 pm (may be subject to change).
  • Experience suitable for all. It is sufficient to have a minimum of confidence in the water. There are no compulsory dives in this canyon.
  • Experience from a minimum of 2 persons to a maximum of 18 persons; for more than 7 participants there will be 2 guides.
  • Experience suitable for children from 8 years of age (unaccompanied by parents) weighing between 30 and 35 kg and for adults.
  • It is necessary to send the guides the weight and height of each participant for wetsuit size.
  • Summer sports clothing (it is necessary to bring a towel, a change of underwear, a pair of trainers that can be wet, as well as one’s own – no boots – a plastic bag for wet clothing, contact lenses if you have pronounced vision problems).
  • Please inform the mountain guide of any physical problems, allergies or other.
  • During prolonged periods when there is no precipitation, the canyon is not accessible due to a lack of water.

Spoken Languages

  • Italian
  • English

Included / Excluded

Included :

  • Accompaniment Alpine Guide specialising in canyoning
  • RC clients
  • Technical equipment: helmet, harness, wetsuit and 5mm neoprene socks, buoyancy jacket.

Excluded :

  • Everything not expressly described above.

Sales Conditions

In case of cancellation up to the last two days before the performance, a 20% penalty will be withheld.

In the event of cancellation within 48 hours prior to the booking date of the experience, a refund with a 60% penalty will be granted.

In case of bad weather, the experience will be postponed or refunded with a 5% deduction.

There is no refund in case of NO-SHOW, which corresponds to not being present at the agreed place and time.

The mountain guide has the right to interrupt the outing if weather conditions are prohibitive to the continuation of the outing. In this case, the outing will be postponed to a date to be determined.


May to September


4 hours


  • Sustainable

If you are looking for a canyoning route in Veneto where you can have fun and immerse yourself in a unique landscape, Canyoning Bren de l’Art and Val di Botte is certainly one of the most beautiful proposals you can choose.

Canyoning Brent de l’ Art

Canyoning offers excitement and fun like few other outdoor activities; you walk through the rocky gorges of characteristic canyons, dive into small ponds of water and descend down adrenaline-filled natural slides. You are immersed in rock formations that have been created over millions of years. Unique sensations and scenery that only canyoning can give you! Discover the dates and set off with us!

Here we offer you a route suitable for everyone, in a unique gorge along a watercourse where you only need to have a minimum level of aquatic ability; you will be able to get to know one of the most famous and monumental environments for canyoning in the Veneto up close, from the inside: the spectacular gorges of the Brent de l’Art canyon carved out by the Ardo Torrent.

Definitely the best way to get in touch with and admire this enchanting pearl that nature has given us.

Because of the beauty of the passages it traverses, Canyoning Brent de l’Art and Val di Botte is a canyoning route recommended for everyone, loved even by the most experienced, and is particularly suitable for those who may be thinking of making their first canyon outing.

We for one know that choosing this route as your first outing means falling in love with canyoning and wanting to do more and more of it,

Accompanied by experienced alpine guides, you will cross the spectacular and monumental gorges of the Brent de l’Art and enter deep into the canyon. At the exit, after a short walk, you will encounter a beautiful series of natural slides that will make you slide into emerald pools of water: beauty and fun, this is the wonder of the Val di Botte!

Brent de l’Art: what they are

The Brent de l’Art can be found in the province of Belluno along the road between Belluno and Feltre; more precisely in Borgo Valbelluna, in the hamlet of Sant Antonio di Tortal. The area is very beautiful from a naturalistic point of view and is also enhanced in the vicinity by the presence of the famous and stupendous Grotta Azzura and the medieval Zumelle Castle.

The Brent de l’Art are majestic gorges, narrow valleys that were formed by the erosion activity of water and the debris that it brought and in part still continues to bring today.

For thousands of years they have carved through the red and whitish rocks of the canyon to bring to light a history that began millions of years ago and that we can read about today.

The name Brent de l’Art is a term from the dialect of the Valbelluna area; it refers to the type of stream (Brent) and to the name of the stream itself (Art).

Canyoning Veneto

Once you have fallen in love with canyoning, with plunging into hollowed-out canyons and following the hidden path of a watercourse, you will look forward to new adventures. The Veneto and the Dolomites have much to offer. Prepare yourself. You are sure to enjoy them:

Canyoning Nevegal – a breathtaking descent between striated white rocks shaped by water and natural pools leading to a gorge that is unique in its beauty.

Canyoning Val Maor – a long water course in one of the most beautiful canyons in the Dolomites, among rocky bottlenecks, long water corridors, thunderous waterfalls and emerald pools!

Canyoning Val Zemola – a canyoning route not far from the Vajoint dam and structured in three parts, combining a descent on foot through rocky canyons with dives into crystal-clear waterfalls.

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